BANGKOK: City of Angels and The Land of Smiles | Travel Diary

After Ho Chi Minh Vietnam and Siem Reap Cambodia, our last city for IndoChina tour is Bangkok Thailand. Via airplane we arrived at Bangkok at 3 in the afternoon. Our hotel which is the Twin Towers Hotel was just a few minutes from the airport. 

After checking in and drinking the welcome drinks we passed out inside our room and slept til 9pm. Its already late in the evening so we stay in the room, didn't eat our dinner and went back to sleep to get ready for the next day of travel. 

We had our breakfast at the hotel and after that I asked the lobby personel if I can book a dinner at the cruise that same day. Good thing you can book your tours at the hotel as well. 

For today's trip which is still a DYI trip we wanted to visit the Wat in Thailand.  They are the Grand Palace and The Temple of the Emerald Buddha.

From our hotel, I booked a grab car to the Grand Palace. We arrived around 8 am so we actually waited for about 30 minutes for it to open. 

The entrance fee costs 500baht only. 

The only downside of our trip is that we don't have any tour guide this time to tell us the stories of the different buildings inside which serves us the house of the King of Siam and its whole government until 1932. 

But nonetheless, you'll stop every now and then to take a picture from all the places in the Palace, the entrance, the sides of the buildings, the front, everything in this site will astound you. 

You'll be amaze about the whole place which is consists of buildings, pavilions, gardens and halls in one complex structure and its designs which was inspired and derived from different sources. 

I'm impressed with how this whole Palace was built. 

I also make it to the point that I wear a proper clothes to enter the Palace with respect. I should not show my shoulders and my skirt just above the knee but not that high. We bought the dress from the night market in Siem Reap and just mix and match it with a floral design cardigan. 

We didn't miss every single spot and corner to take pictures, but we were so tired I think we didn't finish touring the whole Palace because its so big. 

We have this saying that when a bird poop over you, it will be a blessing. 

I super love every trip that I'm with my twin, I love to see her enjoy life by travelling. 

After touring the Wat, we went to Platinum mall because my mom and my sister doesn't have any clothes to wear for the dinner. The jumpsuit that my sister and the coordinates that my mom wore that night was bought in there.  

We booked a Thai Cruise Dinner at our hotel lobby and arranged everything for us so I guess any other hotel have the same arrangement for you. 

But if not you can check on this link Thai Cruise Dinner

So there is a van that fetched us at our hotel and the other guest's hotel as well. We arrived there a bit early so we need to wait for our cruise number to decked. Our driver told us that he will be waiting for us at the same spot and that's good. 

Its raining a bit so the open deck of the ship doesn't allow guest to eat there. 

I don't have enough photos of the food but all of it taste so good and I even wanted to go back for more. My mom even went in front when she was called by the entertainer to dance with her. 

It was a really nice experience and a must to do in Thailand. 

I searched for the food to eat in Thailand even before coming here so I really wanted to try there Barbecue and Coconut Ice Cream. 

I was lit and so delicious! You can find them almost everywhere in the famous streets of Bangkok but especially at the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. 

The ice cream is so unique, it has a coconut meat, vanilla ice cream(can vary depending to the vendor) sticky rice, peanuts, and other toppings that is so good. while the barbecue is so meaty and juicy and with that sauce too? It everything I ever wanted!

Damonoen Saduak Floating Market is a bit far but we have our Day 2 for that we also book at our hotel lobby for this. Its a traditional market that lots of tourists wanted to try and experience.  So we just rode the boat but don't buy anything. Well its still a good feeling tho. 

Our tickets include a free ride with an elephant at Chang Puak Camp. 

We have free water when we arrived there that's why I want to rate them 5/5 because its a really hot day. HAHA!

Riding an elephant is a bucket list! And I checked mine off now. At first I was so scared because I'm riding alone and the elephant is so big and tall and I feel that I'm so high from the ground. But it is safe and they walk slowly. 

The elephants can have a rest too, they have lots of elephant there so I think they are not forced to work so hard. 

Down to our last agenda, the shopping. 

So our driver is so good to drive us at the biggest jewelry store in Asia which is actually in Bangkok. Its not actually in our itinerary but he's so good to wait for us. So my mom bought a birth stone necklace for me and earring for my sister . He(driver) even drop us to Platinum Mall after and so we went to shop clothes again and spent almost all our allowance. (So before our trip our mom gave me and my sister individual money to spend on our own things). 

BTW, I also ate a lot there, like the Pablo Cheesecake which is popular in the Philippines as well, the pomegranate juice drink, the SB coffee and the friend quail eggs. Don't miss them in Bangkok. 

You can watch my YT videos as well. 

SIEM REAP: Great Gate to Angkor | Travel Diary

We took a bus from HCM to Siem Reap on the 3rd of June for our IndoChina tour, its a DYI tour so from 8am we were travelling already.  Its our first time for this so we're having mixed emotions and feelings. Day time travel doesn't offer sleeping bus which my mom wanted so we're seated for so many hours. 

Arrived at Hotel Somdevi Angkor Resort and Spa for our accomodation past midnight and woke up at around 3am to fixed ourselves for the Angkor Wat Tour with sunrise that I actually booked online. 

Got out tickets after a long queue of tourists.  

We crossed this man-made bridge because the old one was being renovated for the tourists to use. I'm super excited to see what Angkor Wat offers which I can only see at different travel vlog on youtube until that moment. Its a good thing that during June-July there isn't much tourists travelling in Cambodia so it isn't that crowded for picture takings. 

We shouldn't miss any instagrammable spot to take a picture on. 

This was taken right before the main entrance of the Angkor Wat. The sun was just starting to shine so we can also see the orange sky in the background. We should hurry to go inside the largest religious monument in the world (according to the net says). 

This was taken at the left side of the Angkor Wat and also of the lake in front. Lots of tourists even though not that crowded gather to capture the moment of the sunrise just above the temple. It was really a surreal feeling to be able to see such a beauty. 

Because it was national election in Cambodia, before we continue our tour we need to head back to the hotel to eat our complimentary breakfast.  And wait for our driver again to continue our tour. 

This was the south gate to the Angkor Thom, which was the last city of the Khmer empire, it houses different monuments like the Bayon, the temple with smiling faces among it's towers. As you can see the gate have faces pointing to different directions and if you'll see a closer look two elephant was on each side of the gate. They say that elephant was the means of transportation during the era. 

We shouldn't miss taking photo with them in the background cause riding one costs a lot! 

Just after a took a sip of the water I realize that the product name was so funny I can also post on my instagram. 

Our guide let as take lots of pictures while touring the place while lecturing us the history of the temples. Here is the link of the tour Happy Angkor Tour, you can request Mr. Khouch as your tour guide as well. 

Kissing the face was the idea of our guide. He told us that many tourists were trying this. 

We visited have many areas and monuments inside the Angkor Thom and one of these was the famous Tomb Raider named after the famous movie scenes were shot in here. 

We didn't finish the tour because of exhaustion from lack of sleep the night before but we was supposed to head back to Angkor for our afternoon tour. 

The driver and the guide drop us off our hotel and we gave them tips for a very nice tour. 

You can watch my YT video of our tour on the link below. 

HO CHI MINH CITY | Paris of Asia | Travel Diary

We arrived at Ho Chi Minh City around 1 in the morning because the flight from MNL to HCM were always at 10pm. We booked at Sunland Saigon Riverside Hotel 2 nights but had our early check-in that day. 

We took a nap (actually I'm not feeling well the whole flight, luckily I feel much better afterwards) and fixed ourselves around 6am. The whole purpose of this vacation is to visit our Vietnamese grandmother, uncles and cousins whom we haven't seen for the past 12 years. 

The view at the hotel's restaurant for breakfast was so amazing! It could fill you up already. 

The famous pho! This one was my favorite. You should not miss this for the world! Plus, its an authentic local food. Must try? The one on the streets. 

Travelling was not hard especially if you had an advance research for your vacation. Plus the fact that they also have Grab like in the Philippines. It was a lot easier and safer. 

Less than an hour of travel and we were so nervous. We only have the old letter that was sent from us tons of years ago from our grandmother that contains their address. Hoping that they still live there was our only wish. 

Giving glory to God that our Uncle and his family still lives at that address! The moment they saw us both of us got teary eyes! I can't believe we finally meet again and be with them again! 

The next local food I tasted was this Vietnamese coffee! They sell this around their neighbor and I was literally blown away by the taste! You know I live for caffeine right? 

And of course, to commemorate this happening we have to take pictures. Sadly, our grandma lives with her sister a long drive from the city so we can't see her but we will schedule another trip just to be with her. 

We head to eat lunch at Seoul Garden that houses cheap Korean style buffet with extra Vietnamese cuisines. Most of the group of people who eat here were families because of the cozy and friendly atmosphere. 

My mom told me that way back in 2005 Uncle Phi really protects her so much. Look at the both of them? I wished our grandfather can see this. 

After eating our lunch we need to seperate ways because this was an unexpected meeting and they also have work so we planned to meet at 6pm that day. 

Back at the hotel with Ate Beben (our oldest cousin) we were so bored that we wanted to head out for some bonding thru shopping! 

Along this street that we went around to shop lays this cafe called Paris Baguette. It was so cozy and I'm actually regretting not to take photos of the shop. I really love how the coffee tasted plus their pudding too! 

Presenting to you guys my #ENNsemble that costs 270,000VND a bit pricey but it was okay! I wanted to shop more! 

Two of the menus I love when we ate our first dinner as a fam here. We ordered many but then I had it filmed and not shot so I'm a bummer guys.  

You can't deny the fact that we're cousins right? Except for the two boys seated they're our cousins' husband. Anyway, we have the same eyes that were actually proud of. 

Our family picture. It was really a fun night. Language barrier is not a hindrance for us to communicate when our hearts were bind as one. 

For the next day, its time to tour the city by feet (not actually we took a cab). But what I meant was the tourist spots were close to each other at District 1. 

First destination, the Notre Dame Cathedral Basilica Saigon, no wonder its called the Paris of Asia. They hold mass every Sunday and first Friday of the month. Don't forget to take shots like the one we did. 

Our #AApose feat. The Saigon Post Office. The inside was actually giving me a melancholic vibe. I mean you can send post cards to anyone all over the world. I wish post cards last forever. 

Just a few steps and then you can find the Independence Palace, use google maps friends, its really useful. 

We just roam the place on our own, took shots everywhere. Actually my mom enjoyed this place and took lots of pictures. 

We went inside the Palace and I was in awe of the place. You can imagine the happenings and the people that went here. 

Lunch time came and we're super hungry. But before that we went to Ben Thanh market to check some souvenirs to bring back home. And just a few walking you'll end at Saigon Center and buy more more more cheap stuffs to buy.

We went to Saigon Plaza to eat lunch and choose a Chinese cuisine. The same taste as the one I've tasted in the Philippines but thumbs up for the noodles, its new to me. 

Lastly is the dinner with the whole fam, the only two missing is my two older boy cousins whose in Military and an Artist here in Vietnam, but all in all it was indeed a night of fun with tears cause we will miss each other again. 

The good thing is that there is social media now so we can talk with each other from time to time. 

Well, we will see each other soon! 

Don't forget to watch our travel videos
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Ho Chi Minh In Just 3 Minutes

Indo-China Travel Diary

Exploring the City in the Forest

My trip to Puerto Princesa, Palawan is a much awaited one. I booked it on January this year for the reason that Pharmacy Natcon has a 5000 participants limit. It was also a chance for me to be with my friends after being busy with our life after board exam. Plus the mere fact that I'm always missing out our group dates. Days passed and eventually months passed, I even posted count off days until my D-day vacay. 

All of us booked early flights to sign attendance as early as possible. We want to have more time doing city tours for that day. We actually have 1 but made it 2 days free time before the days of the seminars. After having our lunch, of we go to visit the hidden gem of Palawan. 

We hired a tricycle driver for only 200php each of us. The locals were so kind and you can have a much cheaper rate depending how you talk with them. Our first destination was the Butterfly Eco-Garden and the Tribal Village. 

They houses not only butterflies as we expected but also different insects as well. Some of it was my only the first time seeing them. Especially this "Tuko" (last pic), who the keeper told us, doesn't make a single sound. We even cracked a joke that maybe because this one is an english gecko. 

The rain poured that afternoon so the keeper told us that the butterflies we're seeing were just a few among all they have. Luckily as all of us were busy capturing moments I saw this butterfly resting on this bowl of flowers. What a wonderful moment of freedom. Sadly they only have weeks of a life span. 

A chance to meet the native locals of Palawan, the Palaw'an. They still treasure and preserve their culture and having a chance to actually meet them is a one in a million moment. Philippines' tribe were getting fewer each year, as many of them adapts to the modernization. 

We then set off to visit the crocodiles of Palawan. (Didn't posts pictures of them tho). This is just me beating the heat off with my smile as we finished sight-seeing the crocodiles. 

The places houses week olds crocodile until they were ready to be released into the wild on the different part of the country. 

Picture of me and my girls as we were about to exit and go to our next tourists spot. Look at the queue of people at our back waiting for their turns to go inside. We even took this picture as for you to see the mountains at our back (sadly the picture doesn't justify its beauty).  

A bit scared but faced my fears on riding this horse without kuya the helper. Hahaha! Actually felt I'm at Tagaytay as I ride on it. While we the singles enjoy riding the lovers went to explore the ranch on feet. Sweet! 

Last destination for me was the Baker's Hill which actually looks like Korea's Everland! I really loved it here, many tourists took turns on taking their travel photos beautifully. Well, I got mine enough tho. Thanks to my friends. 

My friends head off to Palawan's baywalk as I set off to the airport to fetch my cousin who's going with me on this trip. 


Watch my Puerto, Princesa travel clips here. 

Pangasinan: Home of the Hundred Islands

We went to Hundred Islands last June 2016. But its never too late to blog about it especially that summer 2017 is coming. So here is our story and few tips when you want to visit these VIEWtiful islands. 

First thing first we went there a bit late, its already afternoon, our travel time is from Baguio City. If you want to visit the islands from the main land of Alaminos you should be there as early as 6am as possible. So we planned to push through the island visitation the next day. 

We looked for a place to stay, many locals will offer apartments for rents but they also have resorts in the area. My family decided for a apartment for rent for 24 hours with a very good accommodation. 

Up early and we get ready for our whole day trip on the Hundred Islands. 

Some of the houses for rent offer a boat service also. So its like hitting two birds with one stone. 

We Filipinos studied it when we were in our elementary but seeing it for the first time gave me a surreal feeling. With every islands' uniqueness from its name to whatever it features. 

Governor's Island

For the first island, we chose the Governor's Island which the PBB house is located. It was featured during Kim and Gerald's season, back then I really wanted to go here. Btw you can rent the house overnight if you want. They also have a zip line in here. 

Can't let the chance to have a touch down shot and even forgot that I'm still wearing my life vest. 

It took my breathe away! Everything was perfectly located like a jigsaw puzzle made by God. The water and the clear blue sky, the green surrounding and the white sand. I can even live to a peaceful place like this. 

On Governor's Island you can check and have a good look on the other islands near you. You can climb like you're in a hike but no matter how tiring it is it will be worth it after seeing the end point of it. 

It was really a breathtaking sight. The one you keep on seeing on lecture books during elementary was right in front of your own eyes! And it was even memorable that I shared this experience with my family. 

Marcos Island

You can find the Imelda's Cave in Marcos Island. You'll climb up again but it was easier compared to the ascend you'll make to the Governor's Island.  The Cave was at the end of the the steps and right there and then you can experience cliff diving! And end up exiting at the sea. You'll be amaze on how it was made. 

I won't let another chance to slip away to try jumping so I decided to try it even though I'm a bit nervous plus the fact that I don't know what is under the cave (the water is clear tho). When almost all of us jump, my mom took forever to decide but ended up having no courage to jump in the water. 

Quezon Island

All of us were already starving from all the activities we made. So we decided to head to another island where almost everyone go to eat, the Quezon island. A three-storey building will welcome you that holds a venue for the tourist to eat. You can bring your own food (their food is slightly pricey). You can also try different sport activities there like the banana boat (php 250 per person), zip line, kayaking, jet ski and many other water sport activities. It was also a great spot for the picture takings. 

We even visited the Children's Island where the water is not deep and was great for all the kids to swim. That's why it's called the children's island. 

Cuenco Island

The last island was a very unique one. First we thought that it was also a cave, but then as the entrance from where our boat deck, it was connected to a place which you can also eat plus try cliff diving as well. We were the happiest when we're here because my mom tried jumping! Well after all our efforts to convince her. 

You can check our youtube video regarding our trip. 


The team woke up early and prepared just in time for the full pack second day in Baguio. 

The first stop was the one we heard at the news recently. The Valley of Colors along the highway of La Trinidad Benguet. It was just the houses of the locals painted with different colors and if you will look at it, the aerial shot will be a beautiful flower. 

Welcome to my farm! The Strawberry Field at La Trinidad. Sadly, there is no strawberry to harvest that moment but a red and green cabbage. Nonetheless strawberries were already picked and ready to sell. 

Still, I got a chance to taste what the locals here are proud of. This time its not a Strawberry taho or strawberry ice cream but a strawberry bread. A must try everyone. 

After La Trinidad farm you can stop by the Bell Chinese Church, Baguio City one of the tourist destination here. You can add it up in your itinerary once you plan to visit Baguio City. It has a very beautiful garden worth your Instagram feed. 

Check our OOTD. We really planned to have matching shirts which we bought at the store in front of our place to stay. It also matched our preferred titles. 

Marines, Army, Navy, Airforce was all the available titles you can pick. 

As we continue our trip, we passed by at Lourdes Grotto. A place you can meditate in Baguio. You can reach the top while climbing the 252 steps but you can also use your car and drive all the way up. We also left prayer intentions on the church right beside the grotto. 

You can even see a beautiful sight from the top on our background in this photo. It was a peaceful place to be. To stop by and relax. 

Just then on our way down, you can't just go to Baguio without trying the Ifugao Costume. So the team decided to try it and have our photo taken with the Locals. 

Another tourist spot well-known in Baguio was the Mines View Park. The view showcased the gold and copper mine of Benguet. The entrance to the park sells different flowers and plants, restaurants were also there, and the famous dog COCO. As you can see we bought our matchy matchy cardigan before we ascend the Lourdes Grotto. 

During Forevermore airing at ABSCBN we don't have time to visit Baguio, plus the idea that it will be so crowded and won't be a relaxing sight to see. But still we wanted to see what La Presa would look like and experience how cold it would be on the Highest Peak in Baguio City. You can see the fog behind us as we stopped by a store on the way to the top. It was indeed cold and freezing at the moment but the warm smile and laugh during our bonding moments lessen it. 

Last stop for the day was the Burnham Park. The place was a bit warm so we decided to remove our cardigan as we play the race riding our wheels. We won't leave the park if we don't try the rowing a boat here. The unripe mango or what I mean was the green one was also a must try. 

That sums up our second full day in Baguio City. 
I hope it helped you with the itinerary you can visit in the Summer Capital of the Philippines.



Travel Diary: Summer Capital of the Philippines BAGUIO

Baguio City was everyone's favorite destination especially every summer and Christmas holidays to experienced its cold breeze. But our summer was a bit late, I spent my entire summer reviewing for the board exam. June 14 when the result of the board exam came. As a gift my parents decided to have a vacation trip for me. But I wanted to have lots of people with me. So instead of Coron Trip I asked for a Baguio and Pangasinan trip. 

They set off to Manila around 2am to fetch me and my aunt. Then off to Pangasinan for a sunday mass at Manaoag church, which is just a few drive to Kennon Road. From Kennon Road we arrived here at the famous Lion's head. Good thing its already June, few people were travelling and its not a crowded place to relax. 

First destination to Baguio City Proper was the Camp John Hay. Guys its my first time in Baguio and I'm super excited about this trip. Actually it was not too cold in Baguio that time so I'm not wearing any jacket. It was just cool but it was just perfect. 

Second stop was the Philippine Military Academy. It was my dream to join the military. Good thing during our visit, there is a ceremony on-going to welcome the new sets of students, or what you call them, joining the military. 

After watching them, we found a tree house made of stone inside the PMA. It was a good spot for travel photos. So we grab a chance to have a few shots, even my mom and aunt climbed up. The view was even refreshing.

Then off we went to the place we will be staying for the next few days. At the Baguio TipTop Vacation Homes.

Watch my travel diary blog.

Travel Diary: Bohol 

Around 6:10 am in the morning of the next day me and my sister were already done fixing our selves and getting ready for today's adventure. We have our full meal at the hotel's restaurant and then off to Pier 1 to buy ticket to Bohol. We chose the Ocean Jet and bought the tourist ticket for a price of 800 pesos only for the reason that they have a Balikbayan promo. The price of the tourist is 600 one-way and for the business class was 1000 for one-way. Off to go to Bohol for our 1 day adventure.

At 10:07 am we were already at the Tagbilaran City Pier. We rent a van with the driver that turns out to be our guide. If you forgot to book an advance tourist guide service don't worry they have so many drivers roaming around the Tagbilaran port. 2k each of us three. Our first destination is the Loboc River Cruise for our lunch.

 What I ate during the buffet meal. It was all delicious. Some of the foods were so different or I can say, unfamiliar to us but the taste was all worth my taste buds.  So I have here the pancit, rice, chicken, sweet and sour fish and BBQ. Lots and lots of BBQ! 

As the cruise goes along, you can take a picture with the tribes singing and dancing Filipino Local Songs when the cruise stop by. You can even dance with them. The cruise will take you about 1 whole hour. 

Souvenirs and Gift shop were around the area, you can buy "pasalubong" for your love ones.

After the lunch at Loboc, We went to Carmen for the famous Chocolate Hills. How legit it is that when I was young I only saw it inside the books that we study but now? Face to face! I want to eat it! Kidding! hahaha! It was surreal to be even be here! 

That is how my sister took photograph of the landscape. 

On our way back, we passed by this Ship Haus at the Butuan - Poblacion Norte. This was owned by a seaman. You know my Dad is a captain so my mom love it here. This can also be a hotel, you can check it at their Captain's Cabin, First Mate Cabin and many other room inside a ship. 

On our way back is this Man-made Forest. This was an unexpected tourist destination because our tour guide told us that this was only a tree planting project of a student, but then as time passed by it grows so legit. It was so extraordinary. Yes guys, we are still in PH. But at first you may think that we were not. 

We went to see the tarsiers first before heading to this Twin Hanging Bridge. I was so afraid walking into this, really. Unlike my mom who was so fast in walking. Me and my sister were holding the handle of the bridge and we walk I think 30 second each step. hahahah! I felt the butterfly in my stomach while crossing this back and forth. 

Bohol was surrounded with so many Church that you can see in every city. Every church has its own story. This was the Baclayon Church at Tagbilaran, the only church that we dropped by. It was ruined during the earthquake last 2013. The tourist was allowed to go inside the church and tour around the museum. 

Right after we went to Panglao Island to stay just for a night, but that is in another story. 

The next morning we went back to Cebu.
For that, Thank you Bohol. I have a lot of fun. 

BTW, check my youtube account (ennvlogs) for our CEBU/Bohol tracel vlog.


Travel Diary: Queen City of the South CEBU 

Our flight to Cebu is at 5:40 in the morning. We landed at Mactan International Airport at around 8:10 in the morning because of the delayed flight. But nonetheless our flight was good. I was really excited for this trip and because this will be our first trio trip, referring to me, my mom and my sister. We don't book any tour package cause we want to have our own time in every places we will visit. 

We went straight to Basilica Menor de Santo Nino in San Roque Cebu and arrive there at 8:50 am, thanks God there is already Grab Taxi in Cebu cause the line to the cab was really long. It was really planned that the first thing that we will do is visit these Church. My mom wanted to go back to Sinulog. Hahaha

At 10 am we are already in Lahug, for La Vie Parisienne, the best winery and bakery in Cebu. We didn't dine in to have lunch but we do bought breads to experience the taste of it. And yes, the bread is worth every penny. Then went straight to our hotel to leave our luggage because the Mandarin Plaza Hotel was fully-booked we can't have an early check-in. But we left our luggage at there concierge. We have our lunch at Hukad sa Golden Cowrie located in Ayala Center Cebu and it was the best lutong bahay I've tasted of course next to my mom's cooking. 

We also have a little shopping spree at H&M and Mango before going back to our hotel which is a 5 minute drive away from Mandarin Plaza Hotel. Why do we even brought so much clothes when we will just shop here in Cebu. We had our check-in at around 2pm and then fell asleep. 

Around 4:30 in the afternoon we are on our way to the Mactan Shrine and arrived there at 5:10 pm. After visiting Mr. Lapu-lapu and touring around the shrine, we went to SM Seaside the biggest mall in Asia as of 2015 to have our dinner. Only few boutiques were open, maybe because the mall opened last Dec. 19, 2015. We also do a shopping spree at F21 and Mossimo. Then went back to the hotel to rest.


Travel Blog: Holy Week at Subic

It was one great day staying at home during the Good Friday of 2015. While me and my mom were talking about how we could spend moments with my dad because he was assigned to change port from Batangas to Subic. So then we had an unplanned trip to Subic that day. 

So we arrived at Subic around 4 pm to 5pm. But then we had a hard time looking for a hotel because it was Holy Week and we don't have any bookings. So I really recommend you guys that you should really book ahead of time, well this is an exemption because as I've said it was unplanned. Lucky us we found the last one room at Buma Hotel and Restaurant. 

My sister and I spend time swimming and then have dinner at the restaurant of the hotel, they served seafood pasta, seafood soup, shrimp and many more seafoods. hahaha! Late that night we spend time by the beach and just have a small chitchat. 

I woke up early that day  to take shots of the lovely view around the hotel that morning. I watched the breathtaking sunrise. After that I took a quick dip on the pool with my sister of course. My mom is still resting at our hotel room. We wanted to swim into the beach but then me and my sister changed our minds about it. 

I have here few of my OOTD. FYI I am using my mom dress during her "payat days". I so love this one, I saw mom used this when I was I think 6 or 7 years old. And now I am 19 and this fits me. She even told me this one is from Bangkok. 

Everything from the hotel was good. The kind and warm staffs, the relaxing room, the peaceful location, it was all so perfect. 

This was my OOTD after my morning swim. My top was from @stylestunnermanila (IG account). 

The hotel has a good wifi reception too. The lobby was so big and super cute! It was also not that crowded even though the hotel was fully booked. See guys? I have this shot in solo? 

Then after few hours of waiting my father ship arrived and then we had a chance of bonding with him. We had a grocery and pasalubong shopping at Puregold. I bought or I mean my my bought two Burberry Dress for me and sis, each of my mom sibling also have pasalubong for the family. And then eat lunch at Gerry's Grill. But we felt like it we wanted to stay for another night before heading back to Batangas on the early morning of Sunday.

Anyway, we had a great stay at Buma Hotel. I wanted to go back!

EKstreme EKsmas EKsperience

Last Dec. 20, 2014 me and my cousins went to Enchanted Kingdom. A check on our #cousinsbucketlist. We really love going on different trip so when each and everyone of us had a money then the plan was always pushed through. That is one of the thing I love about our family. We always make it to the point that being together is the most important thing that we should always put in mind. 

Our first ride was on EK Ekstreme, haha! let me correct that their first ride was the EK EKstreme while me, Aeri, Vince and John Rave was the Roller Coaster. I rode the Ekstreme once but I know to myself that it won't happen again. It felt like my soul was left above the ride. Swear! After the rides, now off we go to Anchor's Away. Of course I know the feeling but then I rode it because it will always be the favorite! 

After that, picture taking will never be forgotten. Nowadays? it is a must! Plus the fact that we love to take pictures. Even most of my baby cousins are boys, they love taking picture more than us. 

We also tried this newest attraction which is KUBOT! I was super scared during the whole time. I just hug my cousins. Sometimes I peaked but I was just so scared so I end up hiding from their back. Lots of screaming and laughing happened. And then when we comes out of the attraction we burst out laughing. Even while walking we continued talking about what a memorable thing just happened. 

NYC with LOVE. 
After KUBOT is the RIALTO. Just you know, a little relaxing ride for us. But then can you imagine having some pictorials and there was a costumed-man trying to scare the hell out of you! Really it happened! We also end up laughing because of my reaction. You can check my youtube account (ennaira perez) for the video of our EK trip. 

After FLYING FIESTA we end up getting really really hungry. So its time to EAT! I bought the rice mixed with pork adobo, I really don't know what you called it. Then some of my cousin buy hotdog on stick and hotdog sandwiches plus softdrinks.  
 (The you can't sit with us photo). 

We spend time at EK until 12 midnight. We watched the fireworks during 10pm. The best thing right? They rode the JUNGLE LOG JAM before we rode the RIO GRANDE 3x. You read it right. 3x! And then Flying Fiesta again and then the boys rode the Space Shuttle. Last ride? The WHEEL of FATE. 

Few of my OOTD's A jumper with a lacey top and my flyknit max shoes. 

Credit to my cousin Tram for taking my OOTD. 


Travel Diary: Clark, Pampanga

This trip happened last year, during my sister educational trip. And because this year, her field trip is getting nearer I planned to blog and share our sister bonding moments at Pampanga. 

We arrived at Clark before 7am. Our first stop is the ZOOCOBIA. This one houses different animals, wild or farm animals (you can found in The Barn). They also have birds (Birds in the Paradise) and we are also allowed to feed them. They have different activities to try on also, like zip lining, gravity car racing (The Zooc) , horse back riding, giants slides and many other more. 

I also get the chance to feed this Ostrich, I'm a little bit scared because he might eat my whole hand but the experience was all worth it. It was really nice and exciting. 

Or course we all try this gravity car racing, my sister is scared to try it alone so yes, we are together in one car. Her teachers also tried it, and her classmates and their mothers. It was the only gravity car racing in the Philippines as of that time. 

My sister and I won the race. We finished it first, though it doesn't have a price it is fun to try. 

I also tried the longest zip line in the Philippines. This is my very first time ever to try zip lining and guys, it is really long, and very high! Plus, you will also have the chance to ride a kalabaw when you will go back to the starting point. So from that view I see the lahar that ones covered the whole north when the volcano erupted. 

Next destination, NAYONG PILIPINO. We watched the musical play presented by the locals before we tour the whole place. 

This museum showcase the different Tribes or different Filipino groups living then and now. They show us how they live and what kind of house they stay. Ifugao, Kalinga, Aeta and the Tagalog. 

Nayong Pilipino is really big, locals also sell souvenirs. You can also eat in their restaurant inside. And many youth choose this place to practice school activities. 

Last stop, is the Dinosaurs Island, World of Fun at Clark Land. This was the best part, I never imagined a world where dinosaurs are still  walking with us. But this place really amazed me cause the dino are in there life size and they move if the sense people watching! 

Can you see the dinos? Sad to say we have few videos of them moving. And its on my sister IG account. (@bebeelicious_220820). 

And we took a picture to the ones that don't move. Hahaha! We think they will eat us. Kidding! 

I hope you guys have fun while browsing this trip and I also hope you notice my different ways of using the scarf. 

Thank you guys.

Singapore Travel Diary: Sentosa and Universal Studios

At my 3rd day of stay, I told my uncle that I will visit Sentosa but sad to say he can't accompany me. So I went there riding a bus. It is a 45 mins ride away from where I stay. 

But before I enter Universal Studios I tour the whole Sentosa first. 

And yes, I also take a chance to have a obligatory picture at this Universal Studios Statue before I enter the theme park. 



Far Away Land

I ask an american if he can take a picture of me and look like his kids want to join. 

The Mummy Returns


The family I meet at the USS. 

Then we go to Sentosa.

I know it's not right to wear a sweat shirt at a beach but I don't know there is a beach in Sentosa. haha! I should bring extra swim wear too. 


Sweat Shirt - Tomato : Bag - Charles and Keith

Singapore Travel Diary: Singapore Zoo and River Safari

During my 2nd day, I don't have anybody to tour with around Singapore. Good thing my uncle orient me on the what about and where about of the city. So even I am solo I still manage to go to Singapore Zoo. I just searched for the bus number I should ride from my place, Choa Chu Kang to the zoo. Then off I go. 

As I arrived, I bought ticket for the River Safari and the main zoo.

So I went to try River Sarafi first, look I am with this Singaporean kiddos who were having their field trip. The little boy beside me says HI.

Then I went to see the Rivers of the world. Take note guys that I am a solo travel. All my photos are taken from different people I came to cross with. 

Few photos of me inside the River Safari. 

Then I saw this female Panda, unlucky me the male panda is out for his weekly check up.

This is what I ate. Chocolate filled panda pao and a lemon ice tea. 

I really meet a lot of people along the way. But I am happy with that. People in Singapore have a good heart. It is very easy to ask them to take a picture of me.

After eating I am off to try the River Quest. I will ride a boat that will be wandering around the wild amazon. There you can see different animals wild or tame. 

I am ready to try it SOLO. 

I made it! At first I am a little bit fearful because I am thinking that the animals maybe super close to me while I ride the boat. 
Right after my boat ride at River Safari I went to check the sights at Singapore Zoo. 

I wonder if I can still manage to smile and take a picture If I get close to a live polar bear. 

It is really tiring so I planned on going back to our flat and take some nap first. I enjoyed this experience and I hope sometime I will be back here together with my mom and family. 


Singapore Travel Diary: National University of Singapore

Do you ever travel to any place alone? Well for me, it is my first time to travel abroad, and I even traveled solo. My purpose in Singapore is to process my application at National University of Singapore. So as my uncle fetch me at the Changi Airport we ate first at his flat, I retouch my face, and I left my luggage. Then went to the school. 

The school is really big that is why you have to wait for a bus or a school shuttle service to help you to your destination. We arrived at the University town where the Admission Office were located. The UT have restaurant for the students, and there were also few of things you can buy at the ground proper. 

Wishing that I pass their qualifications so I can stay here for good. Anyway, we went to Lucky Plaza after the processing and my uncle told me that most Filipinos go here every Sunday for meetings and get together. 

PS. Sorry for being so fat. I forgot how to diet and stay fit for the last few monnths. 


On the third day we planned to explore the island by FEET! We went from Station 2 to station 3 then back to Station 2 and then to Station 1. By walking through all the stations you will meet a lot of people with different races. I love how boracay is one of the tourist spot they went through. Lots of KOREAN and AMERICAN were there and enjoying their stay. 

I even love my skin color, exploring boracay just for 2 and a half day made me tan already. But it looks good for me. 

Lots of events were happening that week also because LABORACAY were coming. Sad to say we were leaving on the 29th of april :( so near yet so far right? But soon I'll be back and ofcourse experience LABORACAY. 


Who wouldn't be excited on the second day? Well we went on the beach around 8 am already. I don't know what the plan is only to know that we will explore bora by ISLAND HOPPING. YEY! Yes I am super excited because the fact that is it my first time plus we can also try the snorkeling. So much for a first timer like me. 

Exploring Bora was so fun. Plus we do snorkeling and feeding the fishes, like a kid! hahahaha. We stop by I think the middle part of the island to eat lunch and the food was also good, I think it is at M and E restaurant. You should try it! 

After the two to three hours of Island Hopping we walked again by FEET now at the station 2, we planned to have a Henna Tattoo. Mine means ENNAIRA. This is actually my second time having a henna tattoo. 
After that we went back to the hotel and tried the wave pool. Order some refresher course like MANGO SHAKE that was so yummy! 

See you on my next blog post guys for our third day. 


We arrived at Boracay around 10am in the morning leaving Batangas Port at 6pm in the evening. We checked in at Boracay Regency Resort at Station 2. We just stayed inside our room and have our lunch before taking some rest. After a long nap we planned to swim at the beach so we put on our swim wears and what we saw is the super breathtaking view of the BORACAY SUNSET! 

Actually this is my first time in Boracay that everything for me is so LEGIT! After taking a few dip, we went back to the hotel to take a bath and get dress. We ate at Station 2 and after dinner me, Erika and Gem went for a walk. We even had a drink, mine is the Tequila Sunrise! 

I can't wait what will happen on our 2nd day here in Boracay! 

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