MEAL REPLACEMENT | Formulated For You | Product Review

I got this product months ago but its only now I will give my review. First, I planned to make a sit down review about it on my youtube channel but ended up not being able to film and the product being consumed. 

(I will be posting the videos of my unboxing and updates at the end of this blog.)

F4U is the company name which also means Formulated For You, a company based in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. They specialises on healthy meal replacements meaning committed in using nutritious ingredients instead of food fillers. (More about this on their website). 

My very first time to try meal replacement and I recommend you guys to do some research first if its okay for you to try it. For me, it definitely fit my lifestyle. As I work and study sometimes preparing breakfast or dinner can be very hard or tiring for me. But with this replacement, I just need to grab my protein shaker, put 250mL of icy water or milk then 2 scoops of the powder. Then a shake here and there and my one meal is done. 

Remember to replace only one meal a day, either breakfast, lunch or dinner. It cannot be your total diet replacement. 


I don't notice it at first but basically it helps with my metabolism. I tried using it before work at it become a hassle for me to do my thing at my workplace. I then used it after gym or after work when I am not really hungry or if I am tired to cook and I think that is the best time for me. 

Flavor wise I love it. Its not too sweet and so addictive. I want to have my second one right after I first tasted it but that is not allowed. It taste so natural and very refreshing too. 

The packaged I got can make 10 meals and that would cost you $49.90 AUD but then they gave me two 1 meal to try first. 1 meal of Choc Cacao and 1 meal of Vanilla Malt which cost $5.95AUD each. 





Botanical Trader

This company have a GREEN BEAUTY standard in their products. 

What do they meant by Green Beauty? Basically their products are CLEAN and is totally free from non-toxic ingredients. It also comes from NATURAL and breathing sources. They use glass, tin cans, bamboo, and cardboard which is very SUSTAINABLE. ETHICALLY SOURCED by doing proper research in where they get the product sources. They do not use animals to test there product, certified VEGAN AND CRUELTY FREE. Though not certified ORGANIC how they grow the plant sources is on its natural way. This company is SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE by believing that ethical consumerism can impact a big change. 

First is these 30 mL hand and body lotion and 30 ml hand and body wash. 

The lotion is to nourish and hydrate the skin. The aroma is woody, herbaceous, grounding. Totally agreed to that, I am very familiar with the scent of Jojoba. Before using it feels like the smell is minty? You might think that if you put it into your skin it has the minty feeling but nah. I love the smell and I love the feeling. My hands get totally dry that is why I am using it a lot of times. Totally recommend this one. 

The body wash looks like a gel. Smells peppermint and rosemary which gives me a refreshing feeling after shower. Just sad with its small packaging but would love to try the bigger one. 

You might think guys its so small its because if you want you can try them out first with the sample sizes which is 30ml for $4.00 and the 500ml for $29.95

To be honest with you guys I am not a fan of using perfume. I am allergic to strong smell giving me sinusitis attack and headache but surprisingly I love to use this one. With its very nice packaging, I mean in a glass and bamboo, I love bringing it anywhere I go. Its actually long lasting so I'm just using it once a day. 

I got the 30mL of the Tuscan Sun scent but they also have 10mL for this. What I love about this smell is the floral and citrus scent combine in one. Its a scent that can calm and relax you down when everything stresses you. 

10ml: $19.95
30ml: $29.95

The other scent they gave me to try is the Rose Thief which I am actually not a fan. Its more of older women would love to use. It actually have a elegant and feminine smell into it. 

The sun-kissed have a yummy smell for me. It have that delicious food smell which I cannot figure out what. It is very sweet and exotic. 


It is not recommended for the pregnant and breastfeeding because of the high concentration of natural oils used. 

And if irritation occurs stop using. 


You can actually check there website BOTANICAL TRADER and have a good read to all the products that I mention plus the other products that they offer. I really love how they care for the environment and nature and to all human-kind. Thumbs up to this company for that. 


You really need a lot of effort in taking care of one's skin. Nowadays people love to take care of their skin more. And that includes me, before I never use anything on my skin but I really do regret that for having dirty skin and pimples. That is why this is really my first time in using facial oils. as an addition to my skincare. I am scared to use this because I have such an oily face but with proper research and knowledge, adding oils to your skincare routine isn't that bad at all. 

For me I have an oily skin but nowadays it seems to be very dry. So I used them in both of my morning and night routine. But they say if you have such an oily skin just use it during night because our face is the oiliest during the day so you don't need to put more. 

What I love about the oils is that it keeps my skin moisturise throughout the day. Especially if I used a skincare that makes me peel, my oils is such a big help for me.

It can also helps protecting our skin from redness or irritations. In saying that I can really see how healthy my skin is when I start using these oils.

SKINSOSS is a new skincare company based in Melbourne, Australia. I received four oils from them, the Ylang R Blend, Pure Rosehip, Pure Jojoba, and the Patchouli R. Blend.

Ylang R. Blend which actually is my favorite but I have to give to my mom, contains mixture of different oils(Rosehip, Almond, Lavender, Apricot Kernel, Ylang Ylang, Gerenium, Bergamot with Vitamin E and A that can helps with the signs of ageing.

Pure Rosehip with Vitamin C helps to make your skin brighter and younger. This one contains only Rosehip oil. For me it smells like wood on my face but I still like using it for its benefit. I really have scars which rosehip can reduce with its antioxidant property.

Pure Jojoba with Vitamin E is also a pure oil from a Jojoba plant. This one have a plant smell but not as strong as the Pure Rosehip. Jojoba is the one that really makes my skin hydrated and looks healthier for its property.

Patchoulu R Blend have a mixture of Rosehip oil, Macadamia oil, Almond oil, Patchouli oil, Cedarwood oil, Lavender oil with Vitamin C. This one have a lot of benefits especially to our skin. It can HELP with the treatment (not alone) of skin problems like eczema, acne, dandruff or oily scalp. I haven't tried on my hair but will update you guys when I did.

That is all for this review. To sum it up, with a right research about your skin type, using a facial oil won't hurt to add on your skincare routine. Just remember,
*Discontinue use if irritation occurs.



I am so excited when I received my tea for a collaboration with Sassy Organics cause love to drink tea and any other methylxantines like coffee. My blog review about their tea took up a month before I am able to put it up because of me moving houses and be able to settled everything down. But I've been working on it from tasting and figuring how it works on me. I don't drink them all at ones but I did during the times when I need it to be able to have a proper review. 

A little introduction about the company, SASSY ORGANICS have a wide variety of products, from make-up, hair and body care, health, for men, for babies and so much more. They have lots of different brands which is also certified organics. You can head over their website to check their organic certifications. 

Let's get down with the tea that I got. They sent me the Organic Merchant's Restful Tea, Chakra Tea, Energy Tea and Cleansing Tea. They are all organics and doesn't have toxins or any additives  and flavorings. I actually agree with that cause I've already tasted it before even knowing all of these about their tea. 

These tea are actually in one box packaging that you can buy. Its called the Organic Wellness Tea Gift Box with a tea infuser. They say this set is for people who needs some relaxation and treat for themselves. I've been drinking this tea together with those times of moving and cleaning and I can say it really is a big help for my system. 

Purifying plus Renewing

What I noticed is that it is minty and gummy. Then I found out that it really contains spearmint, ginger, dandelion root, lemon peel and others giving it a floral minty flavor. Its looks like every other tea but have a strong yellow color. It can be served as hot or cold. Good for detoxifying your body and really made for cleansing the organs in our body. 

Uplifting plus Revitalising

This is what I first tasted. Very unfamiliar for me to see a red colored tea. It has a sweet taste at the end of every sip. Then I asked my partner if he can taste it and determine what is something I'm tasting that is so unfamiliar with my buds. And he said, "I can taste cinnamon". I don't like eating it but with the tea I can actually drink it. Then I went to their website to look up the ingredients, it really contains cinnamon together with hibiscus that makes the red color, liqourice, orange peel and others. This one can help regulate your blood sugar levels that can help you during toxic days. What I drink during the crazy times of moving house. 

Harmony plus Healing

When I first tasted this one want I jotted down that its taste like chamomile with a mint at the end. But it smells floral. And when I checked the ingredients, it contains chamomile flower, peppermint, basil, lavender, rose and others. The thing they really gave distinct characteristics. This is actually my favorite of all the tea I received. I drink this one during normal days. 

Relaxing and Restoring

What I love about this tea is how it actually helps me calm down at night. Especially when I can't sleep at night thinking about random things. This contains chamomile, lavender, lemon balm, passionflower and others. I know that chamomile, lemon balm and passionflower are some of the teas that can help relieve anxiety.  And all together makes it perfect for me. I would definitely be buying the big packaging one. 

All I've said about is my honest review about the products I've receive. Check their website link above, for many more exciting products for you. 


Belo Sun Expert Tinted Sunscreen | Honest Product Review

I got really excited once I received the products from Sample Room PH regarding the Belo Sun Expert Tinted Sunscreen with SPF 50, Face Cover with SPF 40 and Body with SPF 60. 

I made an honest review on snapchat and put it on my instagram stories as well. Watch the video below that I uploaded on my Youtube channel. 

Please do subscribe on my channel and hit the thumbs up button, comment for any video suggestions too. Thank you. 

Cleopatra's Secret Skin Care Product Review 

Another trusted skin care products I know is from Cleopatra's Secret Skincare. It is inspired by Cleopatra (The Last Pharoah of Egypt) natural and effective beauty rituals and practices. Cleopatra's fame because of her exceptional beauty and for loving herself is still alive until our generation. 

"All our skincare products are proudly manufactured in the Philippines using luxurious organic ingredients, combined with the latest premium quality cosmetic active ingredients issued from plant cell cultures."

It is actually my first time to have a product that has an ingredients coming from a plant cell culture, at least that is what I know. Nonetheless, that means their products is at high quality. Their organic ingredients is also FDA-approved so you don't need to worry. 

I got the the Antioxidant Boost Green Tea & Milk Soap, Pore Minimizing Face Mask, Pimple Soothing Face Mask, Pimple Soothing Facial Cleanser and Gentle Cleansing Milk. I planned to make a review for the pimple soothing mask and facial cleanser because I want to tests it effectivity on my pimple break out due to my hormonal imbalance and the rest for the giveaway, so stay tuned! 

Antioxidant Boost Green Tea & Milk Soap 

Grean tea leaf surely have an antioxidant property because it is rich in polyphenols that is good for rejuvenating the skin. It can also improve one's skin complexion and makes it healthier by flushing out toxins and reducing inflammation. The green tea itself can act as a toner that can help in drawing out impurities. It also contains catechin which is an antibacterial agent fighting acne-causing bacteria.  It surely have amazing benefits for everyone. 

Pore Minimizing Face Mask

Lots of feedback came out that the pore minimizing mask has been very effective for them. 
They say it has a minty effect on your skin and it is also advisable to use it only once a week. The fact that it absorbs oil links to the benefits that it can reduce the size of the pores. But for my readers and blog followers I wanted to give this to them so I don't use it. I was even tempted to try it cause one of my face problems is that I do have open pores plus my very oily skin leading to pimple break outs. 

Pimple Soothing Face Mask

For this one I used it. Pimple break outs are getting worse than ever. I enjoyed applying the mask every night and realized that the redness of my pimples lessen. It has a poking or even itchy sensation when its time to wash them out.  Smoothen face came after that. But because my pimples were from hormonal imbalance I need to stop using it and take antibiotic medication to stop the break through. However, the mask is still effective for me for lessing swelling and inflammation. 

Gentle Cleansing Milk

Its my first time to see a cleansing milk, yes its true! It is indeed cleopatra's secret, because as different articles say, Cleopatra preserve her beauty by washing with milk and honey. Milk contains acid that can helps in gently cleansing then soften the skin called aplha-hydroxy. Can be used to achieve a healthy skin even after a whole day using make-up for work and other stuffs. 

Pimple Soothing Facial Cleanser

 Every night I wash my face with the cleanser before I put the facial mask that come up as a pair with this. They were a perfect combination actually. I love its fruity smell and its foaming effect. (I love using products with foams it easier for me to wash my face.) No salicylic acid for the acne treatment but the tea tree oil does the job for it. Will still use this one after my antibiotic and medical treatment for hormonal imbalance. 


Done with my review for Cleopatra's Secret Skin Care. I hope you can check their instagram account at @celopatrassecretph

Natura Organics Product Review

There are many beauty and skin care products in our market right now. But for me you should be careful in choosing products for yourself. Most of it contains chemicals that were really harmful for one's skin. Good thing there are many companies that focuses on the health of the clients, one of them is the Natura Organics. They have been in the industry for six years bringing us SAFE and EFFECTIVE products. They does not use any ingredients that causes damages to our skin. 

(For more details about the company you can check their about us section here.)

As you can see its not only that they have SAFE products but their packaging really catches your attention. You can say that its really packed clean and with care for the clients to use. First impression really lasts on this matter. As they put lots of effort for their market. Its 100% score from me then. 

For what is inside, I received the Dream Love Soap, the Lokal Matte Lipsticks and Tints. You can watch my Youtube Unboxing Video Volume 1 for my reaction you can click here. I was really in awe when I first saw what is inside. I was in deep thought whether I'll give this away or keep it for myself. I love lippies so sorry guys it is for me. 

You'll think that they send me same shades of lippies but NO. Actually I love lipsticks, they're LIFE! That is why I'm so happy they sent me two of what they call LOKAL MATTE LIPSTICKS. One is the BATANES and the other one is the ISABELA. I love how unique they were as they named them from the different provinces or cities in the Philippines. Their lipsticks were ORGANIC and LEAD_FREE! 

These were the shades, Batanes have darker pigments than Isabela but they both look beautiful! They also smells fruity unlike other lipstick brands. I want to try more shades! I actually where them mostly these days. I think its minty when applied cause it has a cooling effect for your lips. 

For the soap, here is the details according to the website:

√ Fragrance free – natural fresh- soap-scent
√ Visible instant and long term whitening results 
√ Gives youthful and radiant glow 
√ Decreases melanin formation & even out brown spots and skin blemishes 
√ With natural moisturizer that makes skin smooth and silky

Well for me, first thing I noticed is that it really smells good, its natural scent is really refreshing. It has SPF30 which is quite good for sun protection. I did not use it for the purpose that the soap will also be included on the month of May's Giveaway together with other brands. I hope the winner will have a good review about this and compare it to other papaya soap in the market. 

You can follow them on their instagram account @realnaturaorganics. Check their website as well. 


Another products from Ms. Rowena of Bareskin. I've collaborated with them before and had a giveaway among all the soaps she gave me. And now I got more of the trending products they offer in the market. 

First is for the lips nurturing and styling, the lip scrub and the lip & cheek tint in one. I just realize that the lip scrub can be useful when you have a chapped lips and for those people who wanted to achieve the Korean gradient lips with that glossy appearance. While the lip & cheek tint did not let me down as well. I love how pigmented it was. But the only downside to it for me is that is is not on liquid time so it can be a little hassle for some one in a rush to put it. However, the color is more long lasting that the liquid one due to its form.


I heard a lot of feedback from this latest banana soap. So I got interested and researched about what is the benefit of it, so basically banana have lots of powerful nutrients. First is the potassium that hydrates and moisturize the skin. The Vit B protects the skin from the free radicals that cause the premature aging and oxidative stress. Vitamin A heals dry and withered skin, fades the acne marks and dark spot plus smooths aging skin. While Zinc fights against germs causing acne. Vit C is necessary for the production of collagen and the control of oily skin. For the UV protection and slows down aging the Vit E took work on that. And the Amino Acids nourishes our skin. Wow that's a lot. No wonder the banana soap has been the talk of the town lately.

Another full of benefits product is the Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub that we all know can treat different type of skin damages. It moisturize our skin, fight germs and gives you glowing skin that reduces that signs of aging.

Two more products for the giveaway. The Ionic Keratin Shampoo and the Sensibles Hyaluronic Body Lotion.

Hyaluronic Acid hydrates and plumps dry as it acts as best moisturizers and for the aging skin because loss of hyaluronic acid is one causes of wrinkles. Ionic Keratin Shampoo replenishes keratin and lost moisture it also eliminates the frizz and strengthens hair. Volumizing to smoothing and moisturizing to color-protecting lots of benefits can be offered.


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Welcome to my Monthly Giveaway for the month of APRIL!
Goodluck guys and thank you! Winners will be announce after the Holy Week. 



Due to hormonal imbalance, my face is experiencing a total break out and it was one of my big problem right now. So last September 27 2016 I received a package from SVR Infinity sponsoring me their Sofia's Glutathione Soap and Toner. Once I got home I immediately washed my face and used it. The first thing I recognized was the scent of it, it really smells so good. Right after washing, my face feels so smooth. Then I put on the toner, which surprise me because it doesn't sting! I used a lot of toners before but this one is really different. Then I told myself okay I'm going to make a 1 week review about it that became a month review. Day by day I saw the difference on my face. Even tho I still have pimples once I used the soap, it immediately dried it up, leaving the marks. 

So I was thinking what it was made of and why it's like that? Let's see.

The Big Three, Glutathione, Kojic and Collagen.
Other Ingredients, Active Whitening, Vit. C and E, Glycerin, Mineral and Vegetable Oil.

Glutathione is a substance produced naturally by the liver. It is also found in fruits, vegetables, and meats. Glutathione is involved in many processes in the body, including tissue building and repair, making chemicals and proteins needed in the body, and for the immune system. It is the body's most powerful antioxidant, unknown by most. It is popular when used as a way to help whiten skin. It helps people achieve the skin pigmentation they desire with no harmful side effects when taken in proper dosages.

Kojic acid functions primarily as a skin-lightening agent. This powerful ingredient assists in the exfoliation of dead skin cells, removing oil, dirt, and organisms that might be thriving on the skin.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies. It’s found in our muscles, bones, skin and tendons. It’s the “glue” that helps hold the body together. It gives our skin strength and elasticity, and helps replace dead skin cells. Increasing collagen levels can help your skin look firmer, increase smoothness, and help your skin cells keep renewing and repairing normally.

For the toner, it is water based and ALCOHOL FREE! That is why it does not sting! They also added up Organic Aloe Vera that helps fight the stubborn pimples and acne on our skin. 

A little background on their company. 

"Online Shop founded in 2009 by Mrs. Sofia Relosa. It started out as selling Glutathione Injections on the side while working as an employee. It was on 2012 when she discovered and customized a soap that was made to address all concerns of a busy Filipina.By 2013, Ms. Sofia Launched Sofia's Glutathione Soap and later on founded SVR Infinity. Today, Ms. Sofia has more than 100 resellers all over the Philippines and abroad. Making sure that SVR products are accessible to every Filipina." - Based on their FB site

You can check their social media accounts for more details. 

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Thank you and lots of love

ZenaMatt Personalized Shop Necklace

If you want something personalise to give on Christmas you can check @zenamattpersonalise on instagram. They personalise necklace and even bracelets. Plus jewelry set consisting of necklace, earrings and a ring. 

If you want the Silver necklace it will cost you 850 php, while the stainless gold cost 550 php and the stainless silver cost 450 php. 

Anouk Natural Skincare Products

I was given a chance again to collaborate to another shop with a very unique product, the Anouk Natural Skincare. 

Milk Bath Luxurious Soap is one of the three series of the milk bath soaps. It was consists of Pink Himalayan salt, epsom salt, milk, oatmeal and essential oils. It can stimulate circulation and relax body, even soothe, and relieve sore muscle plus it whitens and moisturise skin.

This one is a beer soap, extraordinary right? So the "BEER has the ability to clean skin because of its alcoholic nature, it acts a natural SKIN ASTRINGENT and also contributes to refined looking skin, smaller pores. BEER can clear up your complexion." -(from their IG post). This one is all natural, made by the hand with no artificial additives. 

Having cracked lips? Help your lips heal with the Green Tea Lip Exfoliator. Your lips can be have more moisture and healthy looking. Trust this that it was chemical free. 

For their account check


Time Capsule

Just like a Pandora bracelet you can have a time capsule filled with your own choice of CHARMS. It was a good thing that Personalized Accessories which started on 2011 came to this product. They started with personalized keychains but then they decided to add products to their store in order to maximize it. 

How did I came to this time capsule?

First, I chose my own capsule, the gold with rhinestones. They have 3 colors, silver, gold and the rosegold. Then you can choose your chain. btw it can be a bracelet also. I have the Gold Rosary for me. 

Next is the plates. I choose the Gold one also. Colors was just like the colors mentioned for the capsules.

For my lockets I can choose whatever charms I want. I chose a passport cause I love to travel, lipstick for being obsessed with make-ups especially red lippies, shoes for being a fashion blogger plus the fact that I'm really into shoes, a phone cause of being a social media babe (according to my friend cause of being so addicted to it) a heart cause I'm not gonna lie I'm such a loving person, and a doctor/medicine symbol cause it will always be my dream to be one. 

All I can feel right now is that I've been so blessed with everything that is what I chose to have a gold plate with a lettering of BLESSED onto it. 

Check their website for more details.


This is my own time capsule but I will also be giving one for the giveaway in collaboration with Personalized Accessories. 

My Bare Skin Specialist Beauty Soap 

These beauty soap is from Ms. Rowena Los Banos the CEO/Founder of My Bareskin Specialist and BeautyCrest Inc. I have here 4 different soaps, the bleach perfect, licorice brisk, pure white and glow and revitalize skye. 

First and foremost the company was registered at the Food and Drug Administration Philippines - cosmetic center. 

Each of them weighs 150 g.  

Let us talk about Licorice Brisk first, it inhibits pigmentation by preventing tyrosinase activation. It also provides a considerable skin brightening effect and has anti-inflammatory property to clear the skin of blemishes and dark spot. 

For the licorice benefits on the skin, it have an ability to help treat eczema and fight acne. It also have an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant property. Good for dark elbow spots, stretch marks and good for whitening and lightening :)

Contents: Virgin Coconut Oil, Vegetable Glycerine, Aqua, Licorice Extracts, Papain, Fragrance.

For the Pure White and Glow Soap that consist of Kogic, Placenta and Glutathione all in one has an extra strength in whitening and will surely give your skin a pure and white glowing comlexion. 

For those who want an extra glow and young looking skin. 

Contents: Virgin Coconut Oil, Vegetable Glycerine, Aqua, Kojic acid Dipalamate, Papain, L-Glutathione, Placentol, Fragrance.

Revitalize Skye Beauty Soap is a non-irritating soap that is powered with a naturally derived peptide complex which helps ward off the visible signs of aging and helps firm skin.

Who wants to look younger and have a firmer skin.

Contents: Virgin Coconut Oil, Vegetable Glycerine, Aqua, Papaya Extract, Placentol, Papain, ,Citric Acid, Fragrance.

Bleach Perfect Soap is their best seller soap, it has very effective bleaching action and contains high level of Vitamin E,essential fatty acids and Vitamin A which is used for its regenerating properties that is known to help dry,damaged,scarred skin,pigmentation,blemishes and stretch marks.

Helps regenerate damaged skins. 

Contents: Virgin Coconut Oil, Vegetable Glycerine, Aqua, Glutathione, Rosehip extract, Papain, Fragrance.

Follow their account online
Instagram: @rowena_beautycrest

Thank you and more powers! 


Stay tuned guys. On the 12th of December 2016 is my 4 years anniversary for the blog so I'll be having an #AnniversaryGiveaway. 

Lots of love guys.

Product Review: Handle Wraps from 
"Oh My Bag Ph"

I have a bag collection ever since, plus the bag collection of my mom which some of them I love to borrow. I have been thinking of what I can do to the bags to make it look more fashionably cool in every season. 

I'm such a lucky lady to find out about Oh My Bag Ph, that offers you different items for your bags. They sent me their handle wraps that cost 299 php. It is 2 in width and 37.5 in in length. What I love about this handle wraps, first and foremost,  is the protection it can give on my bag, our hands releases acids when it sweat and that causes damage on the handle of our bags.

This summer most of the theme is BOHEMIAN, you see if you don't have a boho bag you can just wrapped around handle wrap just like what I did on the above photos. That means it can also be very TRENDY.

Next is the identification it can give to your bag, I just realized that when I go to the mall I am not sure that I don't have somebody with the same bag as mine and with this handle wraps I can easily distinguish the uniqueness my bag from the others. It can also serve as luggage wraps when traveling.


Thank you Oh My Bag Ph.

Please check the link of their site for other products.

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