Unexpectedly hoard books at the Book Fair hosted by Bendigo Art Gallery today. In all honesty, its my first time to attend a book fair selling old books for a small price. I usually go to bookstore fairs in our school way back in the Philippines. Its actually a very exciting experience. I really thought I won't buy much but me and D found lots of books that we need, mostly about investing, life and few books that has been listed as a must read. I bought a cooking recipe book too. If you go to my social media account I've been cooking a lot more nowadays. Going back, we bought books for investment and property development thing. We re interested on how to properly take care of our money too. I've read lots of novels before so I'm into something life informative now, something I can learn and use not just for myself. 

I remember posting this book before on my Instagram way back 2014 but haven't actually read it cause its my friend's. This is actually the first book that I wanted to buy from the book fair. I've been holding it since then. And D had read it and recommended it too. 

They do have lots of novels and these particularly is a good read. Been wanting to buy and read all but I feel like I've passed my time reading romance novels? or I mean teenage novels if you know what I mean. If I am younger I will definitely buy them all.

Not just that, they have books for your hobbies, business, finance, crafts, biography, history and a lot more. They have magazined and talking books too. Yes they do have a lot to sell. And they have the books for us only $2 each. 

After buying all these books we loved to relax around with coffee at the Cafe Gallery which is open from Mon-Fri 10am onwards but open at 8:30 onwards during weekends. Their coffee is amazing too! 

Yup this is my everyday date looking so good even if I woke him up to join me at this fair and ending up buying more book than me. 

The Art Gallery is free admission but its good if you can donate for entering. 

They hold Book Fair every year so I hope you can visit next year. 


Cafe Baci | EnnFoodHunt

One of the places you can eat early in the morning at Crown Melbourne is the Cafe Baci. I am not really a fan of Continental breakfast but this cafe serve good food. I've been living here in Australia for only 8 months and this will be my first food blog update, and I will take this as an opportunity to say that there serving is a lot and big for me here. I always cannot finish it. I am a small eater but eats so many times a day. Most people say its actually good. I haven't research so much about it. 

One of my partner favorite food is the Eggs Benedict. I even told him that he can go to different restaurant just to taste them and blog about it. Most of the time that is the only thing he orders. 
The one is Crown serves it with 2 poached egg, ham with Hollandaise sauce on a toast. I really love their sauce I don't know if its homemade. 

What my partner got is just like my Eggs Benedict but instead of ham he chose salmon. I don't taste it because as of my previous food blog you know I don't eat uncooked meals (or not thoroughly cook ones). But he loves it and finishes it, so I bet it tasted good. 

My mom got a big one that she almost didn't finish it. She ordered omelette that have ham, tomato, cheese and spinach on it, but they are also serve with a toast. It is cheesy and creamy at the same time. 

I can say that if you really need a big and full breakfast to explore Melbourne you can go at this Cafe.


The Taproom - Castlemaine Brewing Company 

Before uni started last March, or even the Orientation week last February, the on-campus accomodation planned different events for the on-campus students to attend just before the class starts. 

One of these is the Chill @ The Mill. 
We visited a brewery at Castlemaine and tried 4 kinds of beers and 4 flavors of pizza. And as far as I can remember this event is for free. 


What I like about the place is how cozy the interior and the calendar of free music let you plan your next visit to them again. They also have nice and pleasing attendants that you can talk and joke around with. 

My favorite of all the beers and pizzas we tasted is the Honey Beer and the Pesto and Cheese Pizza. I am craving for it every now and then for its taste. I always wonder when I can go back. 

Last thing that is for free that day is an ice cream. One scoop of salted caramel for me. Now I changed my favorite ice cream flavor. 

This blog can be a bit lacking for some but I hope you can check The Taproom - Castemaine Brewing Company


3790 Miles Away from HOME

Many of you does't know that I am now living in Australia. I will take this opportunity to let my readers know my life update, here on my first blog since moving 3790 miles away. As I am very busy with all the life adjustments, I can't even save enough content for my youtube channel that is why I thought that maybe I can focus more on posting something for my blog as a monthly basis. Writing is easier for me than filming and editing for my channel. (But still, I will take every opportunity to still post on youtube) 

I didn't really struggle on my first week here but I felt alone (not sad) as people my age who's gonna study at the same uni hasn't arrived yet. But after two weeks, I met people and some of them became my trusted friends in an instant. There are also some of them who I just met and we clicked in just a second with no feeling of awkwardness. How good was that? I felt lucky that we shared the same feelings of being miles apart from our home country. So we treat each other like family. 

I live 2 hours away from Melbourne and the food choices here is not that many. I craved for milk tea, Korean bbq and Starbucks coffee (tho its not popular here). I'm also looking for the familiar designer brand of clothing I want to shop. 

With the weather, I get easily cold but in Bendigo mornings and nights are pretty cold but sometimes afternoon can be very hot so you should always be ready to wear versatile outfits. 

At first I always convert currency but as time goes by I should stop doing it as I'll think everything here is expensive (which it is 'cause I still I don't earn money from here). 

The thing is every corner of this city is Instagram worthy place. So even if I'm just going out for grocery, to uni, to attend events, I'll just post somewhere and then I can update for you guys. (As I've mentioned before, blogging is my way of relieving stress. Plus having great photographer and supportive friends is a must! 


I am wearing Beanie, Sunnies, Top and Shorts from Jay Jays
Shoes - Adidas Superstar


Ciudad Food Avenue | ENNFOODHUNT

Ciudad Food Avenue is home to 11 large restaurants serving a wide variety of dishes plus 17 food carts which serve refreshments, pika pika and light to heavy snacks. It its located along Diversion road, Batangas City. 

The first among the restaurants is the Cafe de Alps which actually is the first and currently the only bus cafe in Batangas. They serves rice meals, all-day American breakfasts and pasta. They are the only one that serves coffee, both hot and cold, inside CFA. 

The Java chips doesn't differ from the other cafe we've known. I love how they focus on its taste it doesn't have a lot chips together with the frappe. 

An all new pasta for me, this one is the Kaldereta pasta. It was with the idea that Batangas is well-known for its kaldereta taste and since Alps bus company originated from Batangas itself its a perfect invention to discover our very own. I didn't know that the taste will fit the pasta so I'm really shocked on how delicious it is. 

The Twins Wild Wings is the only one allowed to serve different chicken wings preparations among the customers. They have desserts which you'll surely love. 

They have platter which have chicken wings, sausage and nachos. They have different wings flavors depending on your choice and desserts! Trivia: Its homemade and its their very own recipe. 

I super love the mud pie. Its chocolate ice cream and the toppings was super good. 

Big Boned Restobar focuses its menu on back ribs steak but it gives it's dish a twist with its Batanguenyo fushion. They serves us this Spicy Kaldereta Ribs which has the true flavor of Batangas Kaldereta. I super love the spice and how soft the meat it can easily be deboned. 

Next is the Frozen Hub which is a true instagram-worthy place. Not only the interior itself but also the food that they serve. Gelato, drinks or even the pasta and other ala carte dishes they have. 

I personally loved the Unicorn drinks that has the secret ingredients to have glitters on it. You can have them on different flavors. 

Filipino resto shouldn't be absent here. The Arcat serves different "lutong-bahay" dishes that can satisfy ones' cravings. The seafood pancit isn't that fishy at all which I love, they made the buffalo chicken into a lollipop because other resto serves wings already. And the favorite of all, the sizzling brownies which I don't imagine at all but I think this can be their signature menu! Once the ice cream melts? Its the bomb! 

I've been to Pier 151 I think 4x already cause I love their seafood dishes that was full of flavor, plus they serves super fast! The resto has a unique set-up that will look like an actual ship. 

So I don't actually like raw foods and this is what they served us but my co-bloggers says that it taste really fresh tho. They also have the Singapore crab with a sauce of your choice, I prefer the spicy one. 

Bulls and Booze by its name they offer different type of steaks and drinks to booze its guest. Their signature dish which is the burger that is made with potato and banana patty taste really good and healthy. I love how they cook their fries, its not toasted and not undercook as well. 

TJ Sizzle Restobar is a container-truck design that offers Filipino favorite dishes into sizzling plates. (Top to Bottom) Bulalo, Crispy Bituka ng Manok, Kare-Kare and Sisig were one of those. They also offer drinks on their mini bar that can satisfy your night depends on your mood. 

Last but not the least is the Casa del Rey that serves native dishes. If you're into the platter Filipino meals this one is for you. They have all sorts of Pinoy faves, the Pritong Tilapia, Pritong Manok, Nilasing na Hipon, Pritong Tanigge, Liempo at Gulay. 

From all the resto, CFA also have a Food Cart Area that serves ice cream, lemonades, pizza, fruit shakes, dimsum and dumpling, potato fries, Mexican food, Shawarma, Hotdog, Isaw, Nachos, Lugaw and so much more that you shouldn't miss as well. 

You should also drop by their bazaar just beside their parking lot. It has unique items other than the clothes, bags and shoes, they have paintings and vintage items as well. 

That is all of the Ciudad Food Avenue review. Its the dream food hub for the Batanguenyo like us. Visit now!

3:16 Food and Chill Out Park | ENNFOODHUNT

Good food is good mood!

Indeed, its true, especially to the girls who loves to eat. 
Let's talk about the #ENNFOODHUNT at 3:16 Food and Chill Out Park that opened last December 9, 2017 located Diversion Road, Balagtas, Batangas City (behind Figaro Batangas). 

Food stalls are at the ground floor while KTV rooms at the second. You can choose a wide variety of food with the different cravings in your family and friends. 

*Shou out to the prints on their tshirts. It can be seen on the video I'll link below. 

GOBBLE UP is a family business. 
They want to let the customer have the original taste they invent. Actually they were inspired by the Taiwanese street food crispy chicken cutlet. By then they came to a really nice idea to have 4 kinds of meat (pork, beef, chicken, fish) and different sauce as well (chili cheese, garlic ranch, flaming red, hickory bbq). They have soft drinks, UPpetizers and beers too. 

While EGGCETERA are owned by a group of friends from Batangas and Manila. 
The Eggs Benedict was the bomb! It's filled with muffin bun, onions, canadian ham, egg, hollandaise sauce  just like the original benedict's only for 149 pesos. Loved the texture of the muffin, its perfect for my taste. 
While the other recipe is a scrambled egg, both cooked with Virgin Oil. 

BULDORI from the word BUL means FRIED and DORI means BLESSED. 

The reason for choosing the menu to offer is that they want to let the customers know that Korean Food doesn't have to be complicated. 

For the Bibimbap, I love how the original spiciness and the authentic Korean flavor is there. The only downside is the bones together with the meat into the ingredients. The wings is salty for me, I love the wing part but not the sauce. Ramyun? Thumbs up for the toppings for the very cheap price! Love its spiciness. 

KA MEO derived from the owner's father name offers PINOY foods. Its the best for all the balikbayan who missed these kind of foods abroad. And there Ensaladang Pipino? Its the best! 

Plus. More foods will be offered from them soon. 


Its their second branch here in Batangas, the main is at Lipa. Their best seller is the Beast Mode Burger which costs 290php good for 2-4 person. Consists of 1/4 kilo of patty and overall its a 17inches burger. They have a wide variety of Stigma burger you can pick. 
You can also choose their classic burger which is by one take one. 
The Extreme Milkshakes were inspired by a chemistry lab theme. And the milkshake is pure ice cream. 

COLD SNAP say hi to the ice cream lovers. 
I super love how creamy all of these are. The banana chocolate, strawberry and mango graham are all superb! I'm not a fun of strawberry but I fell in love with this one. Its super creamy! I can't explain how delicious these are but its a must try!

SKEWERS! For just 25php you can have 3 sticks of this streetfood that we, Filipino love! The reason why they choose to offer these kind of food because Pinoy love these as a "pulutan" and 3:16 stalls offers different kind of beers and drinks. So thumbs up for this idea! And their vinegar? Its sour, salty and sweet and spice in one! its 4S! 

Time for some sizzling from SIZ'L SIZ'L DU. Their Pork and Tofu combo is not salty and have a perfect taste for me. I also love their achara, it makes me eat more. While for the famous sisig, I'm not a fan but I tasted it. Can be a "pulutan also".


That's all for the Food Review of the 3:16 Food and Chill Out Park. 
It still depends on your tastebud if it is likely for your own taste. 
All of these were from my POV.


Open every Tuesday to Sunday
From 3pm to 12MN
Sunday up to 10pm

The first meal I had in Puerto Princesa is this Yellow Fin cooked in butter with lemon, I usually don't like to eat seafoods due to its fishy taste but I approved this one. It comes with one serving of rice. 

Because we have no time and we were super tired that day we ate at the hotel's restaurant.
(Acacia Tree Garden Hotel)

I must sa that McCoy's Pizza House is a must place to eat in Puerto Princesa. Basically I'm not into pizza (yea right) but I can say that my friends enjoy this the most. Tasty and not that greasy. While I focused on the pasta, the red sauce was my favorite between the two. I'm not really fun of white sauce. The only downside was the bread, I hope they serve garlic ones to match the menu. 

I got sick the following days but sill have to attend the convention. I don't have a great appetite but my cousin ordered food for me. The tinola (chicken cooked with papaya and ginger soup) helps in making me feel better, it has a strong taste that kicks you right inside, the spiciness was just right for me. While I also have a taste of the grilled stuffed squid he ordered, its filled with onions and tomato and I love how spicy it is. 

We just had a room service for this one. 

Ps. I would like to thank the staff who bought bioflu for me. 


If you have been busy on studying or perhaps getting toxicated from work you should make yourself stress free even just in a while. There are a lot of weekend places to go to relax especially around Manila. With that Bonifacio Global City can be on the top list, malls everywhere like SM Aura and Market Market, night clubs like The Palace Pool Club and Valkyrie, parks like Track 30th and Turf BGC, its like a mini country after all and well you can imagine living in Singapore while you're in BGC (own opinion). 

Back to business, High Street have it all if you want to unwind and you can even start it off in the afternoon. Lots of restaurants to choose from and different cuisines that can satisfy your tastebuds. Even roaming around the place can loosen you up a bit. Plus you can watch an event happening if you got the perfect timing. And meet a lot of familiar people a long the way. 

Its already 4pm when we arrived at BGC and I can already feel my stomach grumbling. Actually I really wanted to go to Sunnies Cafe cause you know I've been a fanatic of the It Girls and my barkada chooses one each to be our equal, mine is Bea Soriano. Anyway from Sunnies Studios which I really loved to buy an eye wear they opened up its cafe. They have a motto that says "Brunch to Dinner, Coffee to Cocktails" just by reading it you know the versatility of the place.  

As I make my coffee my water (cause I can't live without it) no wonder I ordered an Iced latte because you know that I always order latte on a cafe. And one cappuccino please for your partner. 

If you're dating a fit person who watch his/her diet they can order the Shrimp Quinoa Salad with a powerful citrus dressing! Yum! But for me? It can't satisfy my big stomach. No diet please. Hahaha! 

Not for breakfast but for an afternoon delight, the Chicken and Pancake is just for me! Now I can go back to roam around High Street with full energy! 

After all the twisting and turning throughout High Street (kidding) I felt so tired and need to fuel up again! Now I needed a full meal! And as we go back the perfect place beside Sunnies Cafe catches my tummy I meant my eyes, The Pound by Todd English. And correct me if I'm wrong but Eric Dee (husband of my love Bea Soriano) is one of the person that made Todd English Food Hall possible here in Manila. 

The Pound is for Burgers and Sliders; Poutine and Fries. 

For me you can order just the Crispy Chicken Sliders (2pcs). You won't imagine that these two mini buns can make you full already. Plus matching it up with a wine of your choice and its a 100% and a 5 star rating. 

And the Todd English Poutine won't be off the list. The fries and caramelized onion and ground beef plus the gravy and cheese are all superb! I never visualized it tho. I ordered a ladies wine fit for me. 

And you can end a night with a drink with your partner. You can also call few of your friends to join both of you. Lots of restaurants in BGC can be a dining and drinking place and one of them is the Kabisera. They have a place for an open window area with fresh air or the air conditioned one plus a second floor. 

I have my tequila sunrise and I ordered fish ball on their street food menu for my appetizer. Don't get shock on their prices people. 

But the fish ball was not enough so you can add the Street Food Basket. And you can end the weekend of unwinding with a blast. 

You can enjoy BGC with your own choice of activities and places to relax. 
Here is the website of BGC so you can check it out and plan for your weekend date.

For Sunnies Cafe
Branches at BGC and SM Megamall



I love having set of thing organize by its uses. Like here is for my make up, another one for my scrapbooking or my art tools, chargers are also separated. I am for that blessed enough to collaborate with Robin Casey statement pouches. Did you know that she is only 16 years old now and started the business when she was 15 years old. According to her website she like the thought of having real life moods and words that inspire her to be expressed in a creative way. 

I like to share with you guys what I did with the pouches I got and maybe provide you tips on how you can use them as well. 

For the first pouch I used it for my everyday make-up. I care for my make-up a lot and I always bring them whenever I go. I did not want them to scatter all around my bag and have a hard time finding them and even damage them. Take care of your make-up they are precious. 

Toiletries are essential for traveling and I do make it to the point that all the things I need to use is complete and in one storage to easily get and use it when needed. You should try it too. 

Most important thing is our chargers! For me all my chargers were in one pouch and even my headset to easily search for them when I'm going to use my chargers. Plus I take good care of them so much because they are part of my daily life.  In addition you won't damage the cord too. 

For people who loves to do crafts like me, you can use this pouch too for stash your art tools. If you make journals, pens can easily fit in also. 

Do not forget that emergency medicines are essential for tripping. You should always be ready and prepared by bring them and putting them in one place like the pouches for example. To easily find them in different situations. 

Thank you for reading my blog on how I use my different statement pouches. You can check Robin Casey Instagram account at @robincaseyph for more. 


Chapter 5 of Book 2016

Trip to Manaoag with the Squad



#AxA #ArianneXAeri

Blogger couple

Lunch date at Gumbo



6 weeks left before the board exam. Done with the in house review. Me and my friends planned to go to Manaoag Church in Pangasinan last May 7, 2016. The only downside of this was we forgot that people will go back to the province because they will vote for the election on the 9th of may. So when we arrived at the bus station to Pangasinan we were shocked on how crowded the place was of the passengers waiting for the bus. No guards or person we can ask on where is the line for Manaoag, Pangasinan route. So we changed station, good thing it have a better off lineup. The travel time was more or less 3 hours. When we arrived there we ate our late breakfast then went inside the church to pray. We even wait for the blessings of religious articles plus our pencils, eraser, sharpener, calculator and everything needed for the board exam. 
We ate our lunch at Hardin sa Paraiso, just a tricycle ride from the church. The food taste so good plus the ambiance is so calming. And cheap price for the menu. 

After a night of relaxation with Leo, my friend and his friends. My sister really loves to take different shots of something good in her eyes, luckily she loves photography and he captured picture of Leo and my shoes. #Adidas.We planned to have a lunch plus coffee date with my sister who happened to be fetching me in MNL to BTG. We ate at Pho Hoa (Clint and Leo treat) and had our coffee at UCC Cafe at Robinsons Magnolia (I super love their iced latte). Then off he went with his friend to meet the others at Greenhills for a Boys Night Out while me and my sister went to Batangas. (May 15) . 

Trio date again. During the review time for the board exam it was really hard for me to be in Batangas for the weekend. So my mom and my sister were the one visiting me. This time we went to UP Town Center to eat at Wingstop because WE LOVE WINGS! We ordered the Meals to share, Wings + Tender set that cost 899, because we were 5 that time together with our driver and body guard we ordered extra rice and drinks. 
We love to pose our signature one. We wear our Twinnie Jumpshort from the Bershka Collection, that time. 

Time for relaxation once again. May 21, 2016 we spent Saturday night again at Greenbelt 3. Shot taken at our elevator and loving our #bloggercouple pose. The good thing of having Leo is that he is so supportive on whatever I do in life. He is so calm while I stress out on everything. He became my stress absorb-er and reliever. We went out that night to wind down from the stress the coming board exam gave. We had our few drinks at Nu-Vo then went to Cafe Havana to dance the night along. 

It is his sister-in-law's birthday so we went to Robinsons Magnolia Gumbo to have our lunch. Fresh from Batangas I am with my favorite cousins Remart and Nicole and we just meet them there. Good food and good company leads to a very good day for all of us. 
A candid shot was taken by my cousin Remart at the very same day when we were about to leave the mall. I am wearing the jumpsuit me and her sister-in-law bought together. A style update for it soon. 

Done with the month of May 2016

Chapter 4 of Book 2016

Shopping for the Baccalaureate mass and Graduation Day

The Supportive sissy and the OOTD


The supermom

1/2 Accomplishment done

The supporting actress goes to.


The 90's and 20's baby up for the Rave party

MRN plus James



Who's not excited about graduating? The weekend before graduation my mom head to MNL to do shopping spree with me and my sister. We went to Rob Mag and check different boutiques for the whole day. I chose to buy one black dress in Mango and another black dress in H&M. Sorry for loving black so much, can't resist tho. My mom bought herself a Dorothy Perkins black dress for my graduation day. For my shoes I just bought a heels at Payless. And that's it. 
Ps. Its me a my sister doing our sister pose. 

April 5, 2016 our Baccalaureate mass and the CEU Sampaguita Interlude. Good thing my mom allowed my sister to stay at our condo this summer so she attended the ceremony. Sampaguita Interlude is an annual formation of sampaguita and the passing of responsibility of graduating students to the incoming seniors that started since 1938. 
My OOTD that day, dress from Mango and shoes from Payless. HMUA: Me.
And of course with the mains. Lerrice Tanyag and Alyssa Marie Ong

April 8, 2016 together with the supermom on my graduation day. #ACHIEVE After all the hardship in college at last I'm officially unemployed plus the board exam. Yes, 1/2 accomplishment done. Praise God for unending blessing He gave me. And this blessing of course is for my mom who has been there for me from the beginning. The person who never stop understanding me. And to the very supportive sister I have that will always be there to cheer me up whenever I'm down. 

Home for the weekend for my Thanksgiving dinner. Me and my sister wearing a matchy matchy dress from Burberry which my my bought in Subic last year. And our sister pose the AxA or ArianneXAeri.

After the dinner is of course the party. Good thing there is a Rave Event at Euphoria Bar and Resto in Batangas City, in front of SM Batangas. My cousins head there first because the dinner was not yet finished and then after that my dad drop me after. It was a blast party for us because it is the first rave event we attended. The 90's and now few of the 20's came with us. SOON, more rave event for us. 
It became more memorable when two of my favorite cousin came with me. Remart and Nicole with our photobomber Kuya James. A night to remember right??

The next day before heading back to MNL which is slightly a sad thing for me I attend the Basketball opening in our baranggay. With my little sister who wear another matching outfit with me. AxA slash ArianneXAeri


Thanks for dropping by my blog. 
See on the next update

Chapter 3 of Book 2016

Passed all the subjects at PharmSem

Last Class in Dispensing with Sir Crisfel

Last class at Toxicology with Mrs. Echano

Last class at Mandarin with Ms. Lee

Last class at Philo with Sir Garcia

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

Last class with our dearest adviser Sir Bryan De Padua

Reviewing at Starbucks Harbor Square. #wheninMNL

With be, bi, and babe.



#SQUADGOALS, so happy that all of us four passed the Pharmsem seminar. It was a subject that most of the graduating students struggled. All the major subject since first year was given one day (3hrs) intended for a review and the next scheduled day was for the exam for that subject. It has a 85% passing rate. 

March and another school year was about to end. And yes, the last year for us, the hoping graduating students. The last class with Sir Crisfel Del Mundo our dispensing class professor. While the next class picture was with our Toxicology lecture professor Mrs. Ivy Echano. Few students for Mr. Josephine Lee our Mandarin subject professor. While only me and my babe Trizza Nebres with our Philosophy Prof Mr. Merylle Garcia. Downside of my section this year, the coding system malfunction and got us all irregular schedules. 

No matter what the obstacle is right now you should focus on your goal. Few days until the last shot before getting on the next road, from #roadtoManilaHotel to #RoadtoRPh. It will always be your choice. If you choose to stay focus no matter who or what makes you down you can reach to your destination in no time. Just have the courage and believe in yourself. 

The class adviser surprise birthday bash with the advisory class. BSP4I. With all your encouraging words, THANK YOU. It makes me drive myself and be more determined on this road I'm taking. All those inspirational comments that makes all of us "gapang kung gapang talaga". 

The relaxing view while reviewing for the finals. Balancing the sedating thick books and the calming sunset view. It feels good that you and your friends help each other towards the same goal. And every sacrifices will pay off. 

Representing my 4th year 2nd semester squad who's been a great help in me especially in my last sem in college. Never know we'll become this close. So blessed that I can have someone to share the tears of joy and pain towards the #RoadtoRPh

And at last summer has already started. Passed the 4th year and just waiting for the graduation day. But the review for the board exam started so I need to focus on getting that 3 letter word added to my name. To God be the Glory. 


Chapter 2 of Book 2016

First day of PharmaFest

With the interpretative dancers (SENIORS) 


Family date at He.Brews Cafe

Facial w/ mom

At 8 street bites

Barcelo Cafe Big Fish Piri-piri


It was hopefully my last year blogging about the Pharmacy Festival (And yes it did happen). The above photo consisting of my SQUAD with our dearest adviser Sir Bryan De Padua. There is a street dancing competition in the morning after the opening ceremony. After the squad ate lunch we separate ways because we have different assigned things to do. Me? I have a practice for the interpretative dance until 2am. 

The SENIORS interpretative dancers before the competition. It was really hard for us to have practices because almost all of us were graduating students, thesis, pharmsem exams and quiz festival. But with so much dedication we still make it and manage to finish the dance steps as well as the props and everything. Plus I met new set of friends few months before graduation. 

Stress eating, calling out the squad, Where to eat?? I found this new place at University Tower II near UST Espana. So after all our classes we went straight to Espana. The boutique have shop inside plus the restaurant, so you can eat and shop from you favorite online shops. 

A great weekend to be back home to Batangas, after the mass we went to the city to have our dinner. We rushed to this restaurant we wanted to eat, they were already closed but then I asked the crew to please let us in because I'm still from Manila and I really wanted to try their food, God is good and they let us all in and serve the very tasty menu they have. 
Korean Chicken, Liempo BBQ, Chicken Lollipop, Carbonara and their Honey Lemonade. Plus their red velvet taste so goooooood! Thumbs up He Brews Cafe.

Happiness is a Choice. It was indeed a choice. You can never depend your own happiness to someone, they can be a help but still it will always be your own will. 
The next day before I went back to Manila, me and my mom bond and have our facial done, because Macrina was close (our favorite facial salon) we tried Lynderm at Nuciti Batangas, I can say that their service was also good. I feel refreshed and cleaned. After that my mom treated me and my sister to PoshNails for our hand and feet pampering session. 

After the duty at Quezon City General Hospital, me and my co-intern wanted to have lunch at SM North EDSA. Here we are at 8 street bites. For me, Spicy BBQ Fried Chicken Fillet and for her Carbonara, we have our Cheesy Nachos for sharing plus the Frostea, craving for it right now cause it tasted so good. 

Lunch time, and we are all craving for fish piri-piri of Barcelo Cafe near our school, located ta La Consolacion College Mendiola. I even remember celebrating my 19th birthday with the Bebs Official here. I really recommen their Piri-piri it can be chicken or big fish. As well as their pork with kangkong and the sinigang. NOMNOMNOM! 

So much love for the love month. 

Chapter 1 of Book 2016

Wall post at SM Batangas

Roadtrip to Tagaytay

Conti's Breakfast C and D

Job Fair at CEU 2016
"If I listened earlier, I wouldn't be here. But that's just the trouble with me. -A"
The caption for the 1st photo? It goes by like these..
I've been fighting for a relationship to work for the past few months and it made me a broken woman. My heart is broken into pieces and it felt like it was in a powdered form already. I prayed to God that If he wasn't really for me let my heart rest ans save it for the right person. 
So when it finally gave up I felt like there is something in my chest that has been removed. I can now smile and laugh from within. And I can say that I'm not hurt but instead I feel so hearten. 
I have the supportive Family ever. My mom who's been my best friend ever since and my sister who the best supporting actress goes to. Actually we are triplets. hahaha!

If you keep updated on my blog post you can see that I always love to be with my cousins. We been very gutsy whenever we are together. This time after our Auntie's burial we were so overwhelm that we were almost complete, being this family oriented so much the first thing that came afterwards was "Saan tayo pupunta?" "Ano plano" "Bihis lang then kita-kita na" Without any specific itinerary our plan was pushed through. 4 cars was already set for this roadtrip to Tagaytay. We stop by the Fantasy World to take a few pictures then again we're all set but then some vendors told us that the way to Tagaytay from there was closed and we still have to go back to Lemery in able to go to Tagaytay which will take us more than an hour. The next thing we do was to find a place to eat before heading back home. We got home around 7pm and I'm still going back to Manila. 
(To tell you another story related to the road trip, our family got mad to us because "Takas lang talaga kami" plus the news came of the high school graduating students who died because of the car crashed in Tagaytay. "Lalo kami napagalitan lahat" Almost half of us were graduating that time" God is really Good to blessed the all of us) 

Weekend in MNL with the family again referring to my mom and my sister. We went to Robinson's Magnolia for our breakfast and ordered the Conti's breakfast C and D. Breakfast C consist of Chicken sausage with Caramelized onion, Pork Tocino, Bangus Belly Adobo, Scrambled Egg, Tomato Slices, Garlic Rice and Pickled Ubod for 600 php. While for Breakfast D have Hamonado Longganisa, Beef Flakes, Salmon Belly in Olive Oil, Egg Salad, Tomato Slices, Garlic Rice and Atchara for 650 php. 

CEU held an annual job fair every 2nd semester. And our college required us to wear a Green Top to have a distinction among different courses. I am wearing a necklace from @prettylittleblings that matches the corporate I am wearing. It was really an fun and exciting experience for all of the graduating student. We just passed resume and business cards (consist of our name, contact number and the url of our online resume). 


Busy as a Bee Life as of December 2014

Juniors Gone Wild #pharmight

Cake Jar

What I bought at BU8

CDG Shirts

Shopping time

Flyknit max

Christmas Day

Black and White Party #ittakesgutztobeaPEREZ

Level 8 HS Mini reunion

It is again the time of the year when all the Pharmacy students of CEU take a break from tons of school works and have fun. I have a solo blog about it for the last two years. This time we don't "Dress to Impress" but we had our shirt made. Our Pharmacy days happened for 2 days. Quite impossible but yes, it happened. On the first day was the Zumba and different games. The 2nd was the Pharm Night with of course our DJ, DJ Tom Taus. 

This old fashioned cake jar was from the BU8. I was about to go home when this caught my eye. I thought it was a typical cake jar but it wasn't! I have a chance to bake it on my own. To eat it hot and freshly baked! It was very easy to prepare. Just a 3 step away. Step 1. Add the pocket Step 3. Microwave for 1 minute MEDIUM HIGH (without the lid) & then VOILA!!! ENJOY YOUR FRESHLY BAKED JAR CAKE from @voilajars. 

I do lots of shopping at BU8 for only 2000 pesos. Included was my fare and my meals. I had 3 pull overs. 3 shorts. 1 bag. 1 high knee socks. This was my most awaited time of the year because I do meet different and my favorite bloggers. 

Yey! For the reason that Christmas vibe was really near. My mom and I planned to start buying gifts for our family and friends. We went to SM Batangas, Robinsons Lipa and SM Lipa. We have tons of gift that was bought but we also have a lot of gifts that we still need to buy. Still, I'm blessed that I spend a weekend with my famILY. 

I can't buy gift for my MOM, DAD and SIS when I am with them. It won't be a surprise anymore. So I spend my gift shopping with my best friend. I buy an H&M knitted pullover for my sister, Aeropostale shirt for my dad and and a Mango formal cardigan for my mom. I also bought a Sunnies by Charlie shirt for my cousin. And I bought myself a shoes from So Fab!

I really wanted to have a roshe run. But my Dad being my Superdad gave me more than what I want. He gave me a flyknit max! His 2nd gift for me other than the personalized ring he let us have. 

Christmas Day! Us, being family oriented spent the Holidays together with lots of fun. We visited each other house together and asked gifts from our Aunts and Uncles, Lolos and Lolas. After that, we spend the night having christmas caroling at the ships currently anear our brgy beach. It was our first time and it was an amazing experience. We had 6k from the 4 ships we visited. 

Because we have 6k in our pocket. Instead of dividing it. We spend the money in preparing foods, drinks, prices for our Christmas party, specifically the 90s. We themed it the Black and White Party. Last year, we celebrated it at a resort. Now, we just have it at Ate Jen's place. But the house was filled of fun and very memorable experience. I really love spending quality time with this kind, my kind of famILY. #ittakesgutztobeaPEREZ

After 5 years, I spent time having a mini get together with my 2nd year HS classmates. It was not really planned. And even though we are just 12, it was fun. We eat at Tyron's restaurant. And then went to Airbase Lipa after to visit Calip's house and watch movies. It was fun because we reminisce the things that happened during those days. Hoping that when this happens again, we are complete or almost complete.


My last for 2014. Thank you guys.!


Busy as a Bee Life as of November 2014

Goodbye BATANGAS once again.

Mendiola Party


Welcome back party

Premier night at SM Aura

Happy Thanksgiving

Let's do this for the planner.

My tattoo choker.

Sembreak was over. It really went by so fast. Though I really had a blast, I have to face the reality that I have to go back to Manila. The break that pass by was really the best so far. Me and my cousin spent most of the time together. And I really spend my break wisely to relax myself. So it is really hard to leave. But Manila is a part of my life too. And I love it here. 

Something that I look forward every 2nd sem is the Mendiola Party. It was supposed to be San Beda Party because the reason of this is them being a 6-peat CHAMPIONS. But then, a lot of people from different schools especially from the four schools here in Mendiola attended the STREET PARTY. So we rather called it the MendYOLO Party. This year was not like the past years because they have live band now. It was really a fun party.

My mom attended a meeting on DOE at Taguig so she asked me to come over so we can go shopping after. So I waited her at Market Market before her driver and 2 bodyguards fetched me. After that we went to SM Aura to eat at Magnum PH. I helped my mom in buying 1 pullover at F21 and 1 formal jacket at Uniqlo. I also bought 1 highwaisted jeans and a cropped top at F21.

I got sick and was hospitalized for 2 weeks so I got stuck up in there and just watched movies/series/tv shows. So when I went back in MNL. Everyone was like "Okay ka na?" "Bakit ang tagal mong nawala?" "Akala namin di ka na babalik" "Walang maingay sa corridor" Seriously? It am glad to be back so because we are a coffee lovers, not just starbucks lovers, and I miss the opening of Cafe UK co. Mendiola Branch to open we and few of my friends have a simple welcome back party catching up at the Cafe UK.

So my friend Reg invited me to watch the Premiere Night of Horrible Bosses 2. I haven't watch a premiere night lately and I think the last time was Wolverine which I think was almost a year ago. So I went over to her house and she drove us to SM Aura. It was the first time that the premiere night was held there. I forgot the work of her dad but they always have tickets for premiere night. The movie was great and I really laugh hard.

Happy Thanksgiving! Sad to say PH doesn't celebrate thanksgiving. I wanna eat turkey! So when I saw this picture on twitter, I copied it and post it on my IG account. CTO. I really wish I can eat a turkey tho.

It was again the season of collecting stickers for the Starbucks planner. I wish I can finish collecting. I really love their planner this year. And I want to try their holiday coffees. My favorite was Caramel Macchiato but I can have only 9 of it and 9 of the Christmas beverages. Goodluck to me.

I found a tattoo choker as a really cute accessories. I also have one as an anklet. This was trending on blogger world and even few teenagers have this. I saw a lot of girls having differen kinds and colors of chokers. And I found myself smiling on that.


Just one more busy month for 2014 and I'm going to start blogging for 2015. Sorry for the super late updates,


Busy as a Bee Life as of October 2014

Report in P.Chem 1

Wine Presentation in Pharmacognosy

My sister Aeri Mae

Finals Review

My twinny. My Mom

#ittakesgutztobeaPEREZ at Lola Rose's 70th birthday

My mom's birthday 

license #ootd

Night Sky Cinema #ittakesgutztobeaPEREZ

Yey! It is october already and as the month started it means that sembreak is near. So reports and school works were over here and there. My report was all about Oxidation Involving Carbon Hetero-atom System. E! I really had a hard time explaining it tho because I'm a lil bit nervous and I got a mental blocked! But atleast I got a good grades on this subject. 

Our wine presentation, so as you read my blog post last June 2014 we prepared a wine for the last few days of the sem. And the time has came for us to present it. We named it Juarmidade, which came from our name. Julienne, Arianne, Mikka, Dayan, Deniel. Our wine was a Melon Apple flavor. And we got the best wine and best presentation. So all in all we got the number 1 grade. 

I went home for the weekend and we spent our Sunday afternoon on my grandparents' grave. It was my grandmother's 10th death anniversary. So I'm teaching my family how to become slim on a picture using your face. Don't smile wide! haha! 

Finals came and it is again our time not to sleep. YES! Every examination, we seldom get a sleep of 3hours. We got a max of 2 hours or less. And still, we don't think we have a lot of information learned, because of tons we have read. And it is harder for me who have a pictographic memory. 

 This was also taken last Sunday, she's my twinny mom. Hahaha! She asked "Sino mas mapayat samin" so they took us a photo. And of course I have a technique to look slim! hahaha! And when she saw the photo she exclaimed "MADAYA KA!" hahaha. See? 

My lolo's sister celebrated her 70th birthday and because we are really family-oriented and we treasure our family first I went home to have fun with them even when my exam is not yet over. We even spent the night together in our lola's house. We have tons of cousins groupie with her. She's super close to all of us and we love her so much! 

My most awaited happening every october is of course my mother's birthday. We celebrate 3 days in a row! And we call it Brgy. Days! This year was indeed very fun because I have my cousins with me plus my bestfriend in MNL spent her vacay here in Batangas. There is the blessing of the brgy chapel which is my mother's project, the celebration of her birthday, the october fest, the singing contest, and guest singer Nikki Gil and Kris Lawrence, the brgy dance contest with guest Joshua Garcia and the Ms. Teen SRA 2k14.

Learning how to drive legally plus getting a license is the highlight of my sembreak! My cousin was the one who taught me how to drive and our driver was the one who accompanied me to get a license. Hopefully my dad buy a matic car for me. It is really hard to drive a manual one. Plus the 2 cars he brought early this year was rented by a company so I can't use it! I want my own. 

And before November 1 we watched a Night Sky Cinema held at Nuvali Sta. Rosa Laguna. Bucketlist checked! We watched 3 horror movies. It was really a fun experience because we just lay down 2 mat, we have tons of food plus a lot of stories and trippings happened! Hopefully on our next Night Sky Cinema we are complete. 

So this sums up my october. Cheers and Gonna blog November happenings soon. 


Busy as a Bee Life as of September 2014

Twelve Cupcake Lucky Chinatown Branch.

Milk in a cookie mug. 

Oil extract. 

Sunnies studios Robinsons Magnolia Branch


Cake Tasting.

Plain shirt with love. 

My family.

Studying while pigging. 

Yey! I got really happy when I saw in my Instagram explore feed that there is already a branch of twelve cupcake here in MNL. It was one of my favorite cupcakes I ate when I was in Singapore. I crave at that very moment to taste it again because I ca't go travel back to SG just to ate a cupcake right? But I wanna put it on my bucket list! hahaha. I also search for the nearest branch and I was happy that there is a Lucky Chinatown branch, one jeepney away from where I stay. 1 cupcake cost 85php, 250php for the box of three, 480php for the box of six and 900php for the box o 12. 

Another thing I saw in my instagram explore feed is this cookie mug! I really got fascinated by it and a little bit curious. Plus it is really unique. So even though Marikina is really far from Mendiola and take note, we were almost in Antipolo, we still manage to get there. You can choose the size of the cookie mug you want then it goes with a size of bottle of milk/chocolate/mocha/caramel that match with the mug.

I was amazed by our experiment in our Cogno lab subject, Can you see the oil above the peanut? Well, to tell you guys this is my life as a pharmacy student. I always do different experiments that takes as more than 3 hours in a lab class. It is also one of the reasons why I don't do style blog often.

A new Sunnies Studios' branch just opened at Robinsons Magnolia and I am lucky to be given a free sunnies. Ps. I am the first one in the line. But sad to say none of them (Bea, George, Martin, Eric) is there. They just went the night before to fix things but they have different errands to do that day so they didn't make it. But I really hope to meet them soon.

Disney Land was brought to CEU Mendiola by the NHM department last September. So as you can see I am sitting at the white witch throne. They also have the frozen castle, peter pan, of course mickey mouse is there in the entrance and many other disney characters. It was one of a kind and hands up to the NHM Department, they're really good at that.

Cakes and Desserts. So the semester is about to end and we really have so many things to do on different subjects. Luckily I have my close friends to be with me as a group. We have to do the Microbiology case analysis plus the the Cogno report plus the Pchem journal. We planned to do it at Cafe UK at P. Noval near UST. But we end up to be taste buddies and I don't think we are productive. So I choose the Rainbow Cake and it tastes so good. We even ordered a carbonara plus our coffees. Hahaha.

I fell in love with plain tees. So when I went home to Batangas for a weekend I bought two plain tees from bench 1 white and 1 black and it really looks good on me. I even used it that same day, hahaha! Then we went to buy a coffee at SB Lipa, my treat. I am with my sister and 2 cousins that day. So I recommend you to try those shirt from bench because it is so comfy.

So as you will notice I am still wearing my comfy plain shirt from bench because I am so tired and ended up sleeping and waking up the next day. I am going back to MNL that morning so before my sister go to school we took a very cute family picture. Look at me in there, I was having a SEPANX or the separation anxiety even though I am not yet leaving! hahaha.

I love Starbucks! Who didn't? haha. I love to study while having may favorite Caramel Machiatto. It was when we were having a Quiz Festival (yeah, pharma student call it festival) so we really need to stay awake until morning comes. Cry cry!!

And that's all for my September. Sorry for late blogging. October will be posted so sooooooon!


Busy as a Bee Life as of August 2014

Crafts from @theladiesclub 

#19thENN celebration at Frolic

Taal getaway

My birthday lunch celebration with my bebs.

Few of the gifts I received. 

A good book to read.

Our almost complete bebs photo.

The TGIS girls

My selfie 101

Another thing I saw on my IG explore feed is this cute little letter standy. I checked their account and found this cute washy tapes that I got obsessed with since I was in elementary. So I ordered the animal prints and the travel prints one plus the name standy of course. I put some on my ballpens so it will look cute, it also helps me to do well in school. hahahha. ! My purpose also is to design my study table and put a life on it. And I also put one on my pocket wifi but then I removed it after 1 month. I'm planning to buy another design of the tape. Soon!

Yey! I turned 19 last August 5 but before my birthday, I had a very epic celebration with my cousins. The 90's batch to be specific. We really had a lot of fun that night. Actually I didn't expect that many will join my celebration because I really don't plan it. So we ended to be 12 people inside 1 car. hahahaha! But we still enjoyed it. We had a lot of drinks that night plus two of my cousins added drinks because they will also celebrate their birthday a week after mine. Cocktails plus beers equals what? We really got tipsy. :)

Because few of my baby cousins plus my sister wasn't able to join the night celebration, we ended up going to Taal for a little player. We even tour the downtown Taal and took snapshots for my blog. (You can see my older blog update. hahaha). The 6 of us are really very close from each other. Maybe because we only have 1 year age gap, except for my little sister which is 2 years younger that Kristina. Then after our little getaway we went back home because my mom prepared dinner for us. 

And then my birthday came. It was tuesday (fortunately) and we have a break time during lunch. We decided not to celebrate it after class because many of us have a lot of errands to do. I am happy because it is really hard for us to be complete, even the girls can't be complete. But thanks God they really find time for me, though the boys was late and some didn't make it, but it is okay. Still we had a lot of fun and we eat a lot!!! 

And because I have the sweetest friends ever, I received the gift from the same boutique from them. hahahha! I wanted to post what they have given me but they are also naughty so I think no. But I would like to thank them. It is my first birthday to be with them and I really had fun. 

It is Sunday but I don't go home to spend weekend in Batangas because I am very busy. I also miss my bestfriend and thanks goodness she is free at that day. She's even the one who came to my area to have a coffee and chitchat that afternoon. And she recommend me to read this book The Secrets, I will recommend everyone to read this one also because it made me a very positive person which is I am right now. And we matched it with a good hazelnut coffee from Footzees Cafe and Spa. 

Our almost complete BEBS photo. Almost because Beb Andrea can't attend the debut party of Beb Prei. I really love this group because I can be who I am here. We have no dull moments. We treat each other like brothers and sisters. Hahaha! We never get complete like this before so it is really an unforgettable night for all of us though it has a little tensions among the boys. 

TGIS is my first ever group in MNL. They were also my first blockmate. We are 8 in the group consisting of 4 girls and 4 boys. But then, 2nd sem came and we got seperated but the thing is we were still friends with each other until now. Even if we seldom bond, we seldom talk when we have a chance of coping each others life we grab it. I think this picture happened when we were at the white chairs and Andrea came then Anj saw me and Mikka then boom, a picture together. hahaha

I think it took so long when I last posted a selfie picture on my IG account. Maybe because I am busy and I really look wasted all the time. hahaha! But then I feel so pretty that day and just that moment I took a lot of selfie pictures. hahahaha. 


I hope you catch my busy life as of August everyone. 



Debut Party 101 (Jerille at 18th before her 19th)

I was invited by my kapatid Jerille few days before August ends. She was about to turned 19th on Sept. 8 so she planned to have her 18th birthday debut celebration the night before her birthday. Cool and extraordinary isn't it? The debut happened in Century Park Hotel and was themed Winter Starry Wonderland Night. 

The party started at 7 pm and I was so happy to see few of my HS friends, even most of my really close friends doesn't make it. 

I was really part of 18 Fashion. All of us doesn't have any idea on what will happen or what are we going to do on that part of her 18th. But then when our names are called, we will just walk and pose as if we are a runway model. I was really shy because look how fat I got. So here is our pose as the 18 Fashion with the debutant. 

I was not really a part of the 18 wine but then most of our classmates weren't able to come as what I've said, Jerille called me to be a partner of Adam on this part. So the partners have to play Jack en Poy to know who will answer the question about Jerille, if the one who have to answer, answered it correctly the other one will drink, and if not he/she will the one to drink the wine. 

Still, few of our friends arrived late but still able to make it. And we are all happy about it. The more the merrier. 

This is our Mercyless and Wacky pose, we love to remember our HS days. We even talked about it during the party. If only we can turn back time. People you meet in high school are the most awesome and cool ones. Hope to bond with my closest HS friends tho.


Maxi dress - F&H : Shoes - Figlia

Busy as a Bee Life as of July 2014

1. BEBS selfie

2. My #DOTD 

3. Selfie with the balloons. 

4. Santorini at P. Noval

5. Unwinding with my twin.

6. Selfie with Axel Torres at Unleashed 2

7. Sweet tooth craving for a cheesecake jars. 

8. New friday habbit. Biking around MANILA. 

9. Shopping date with my best friend. 

Another time to be together! So me and my twin Mikka went straight to my apartment after eating lunch when my other friends arrived. We literally miss each other every time because we lack of time to bond that is why we spend our time talking about school and random stuffs. 

 My drink of the day is this Godzilla from Infinitea. That one was there latest menu last July. It was made in Milo and it really taste good. I recommend you to try it. 

So once again I helped someone surprise her love one. This time is my twin's bae who happened to be my friend also. We planned it to happen in my apartment and thanks God it is successful. This was the video of the surprise for Ser Lorenz's 19

Then after the surprise we head to his birthday dinner celebration at P. Noval. We crave for some Korean/Japanese food and we want it on a new environment. We don't mind the hassle things we went through just to go there even though it is raining cats and dogs. 

As a pharmacy students at CEU, you really are going through a lot of stress in studies. So a a reward for our self me and my twin found this new Coffee/Spa that was originally from Boracay. The footzees Cafe and Spa has a branched in Bora, Lipa, Mendiola Manila and Morato QC. There service was really good and relaxing. We tried their coffee in a mason jar, unique and very tasty!

It was July 5 and I have 3 debut party that I need to attend. But of course in order for them not to make jealous of the other because I can't cut myself into 3, I decided to play safe and not attend any of them. But then UNLEASHED 2 is happening at that moment in Mega Tent Libis, and because I haven't attend any wet party in my entire life I called any of my friends and lucky me, they joined. The fire track plus the heavy rain plus the foam plus the DJs plus cool and fun activities equals ONE EPIC AND HELLA NIGHT!

Won't let slip a month without trying something new so when I saw this one on IG I really ordered a lot for my sweet tooth. It is really worth gaining weight. If you like to order follow @sweetlittlecakes19 on instagram.

I know I really gained weight so I found this new habit of biking. When a friend asked me to joined their usual Friday Night Ride I gladly wanna try it. It helps me lose carbs even in a small amount. And it was really fun. Usual rides and from Mendiola to MOA, Mendiola to Marikina and and epic experience, Mendiola to MOA to BGC! Yes! I tried biking at C5!

Having my long time best friend with me in Manila was the best! Even she's from Espana and I'm from Mendiola, we find time to bond even once or twice amount. We are really busy so when I had a chance to bond with her I called her and ask if she want to go shopping with me at a bazaar happening in WTC. So yes. we spend a lot of our money shopping and bonding and having fun. 


I hope you are all updated to what happened to me during the month of JULY. 


Busy as a Bee Life as of June 2014

1. My book in Knetics and a Periodic Table plus the Infinitea

2. A test tube flock

3. Picture at the labaratory

4. Wine Making

5. Lunch with my King

6. Picture at our fav. resto near the school

7. Spending breakky at my apartment

8. Involving myself at a surprise party

9. A family picture

I was really busy this school year because I'm already on my 3rd year, and I was a regular student so my schedule was really loaded and I have only 1 minor the rest are major subjects So last June 13, friday was really the start of the classes I have that day which is Kinetics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry. That was my only free day, the rest of the days my classes was from 8am to 6pm.

During our first meeting in our Microbiology class we were asked to make a test tube flocked. This is for the culturing of bacteria. While I am counting the test tube done, I realized that I made a heart shaped flocked. 

I saw in instagram that Kryz Uy pose is trending, and I was unable to be in Cebu or have her pose taken at the beach. But still I grab this opportunity to have this photo taken even in one of our labaratory rooms. Sneakky sneak sneak. 

I was really confused at first, why we made wine on our Pharmacognosy class. I am not an HRM student or what. But then you need to use yeast on making wine that was part of that subject. We even need to create our own flavor so my group decided to use Apples and Melons, ohhh, I don't know how will it taste. Let us wait until the end of the semester. 

June 17 my papsy visited me in Manila, I was unable to go home because the class just started last June 8. He had his check up at Manila Doctors and gave time to pay for a visit and of course have our lunch treated at The Old Spaghetti House. 

Before I order my food at the counter I ask my friend to take a picture of me, why not? I love my hair that day. 

Having same break with my friends was the best time to catch up. We are divided into two sections, it was just me and Mikka that was on the same section while the rest were together. Tuesdays and Thursday from 12 to 2 is our time to bond because we have the same breakky! Yey!

I was asked by my friend who is at the same apartment with me , just different unit to help them on a birthday suprise of their friend. So why not help? I think I am not busy that time. 

June 28 was the 7th birthday of my nephew, son of my cousin. So I went home to Batangas after I think 3 or 4 weeks. I even surprised them cause I don't tell anyone except for my mom that I was coming. This is a family picture why? Because I treat Ate RA a friend and Kuya Darelle a friend also, both work for my mom, a family. 

I hope you guys catched up with my busy life. 



When I was still in high school, I really really love to take pictures everywhere, when I have nothing do or just when I saw something that catches my eyes. Right now, I do love photography but as much as I want to take pictures I really can't find time or I am really having a hard time.  
Just then when I'm viewing some of my album, I saw some pictures that I took in the past. 
The above photo is the JLC building in De La Salle Lipa when I am a senior. That moment the construction was still on going, right now that building was the bomb, it is so beautiful. I took that during our PE class. 

I got really amazed by the trees around so I get a lot of pictures of them.

Now , this is something I really love, watching the sunset literally everyday of my summer, when I'm at Batangas. Sunsets are really the best thing to watch, it reminds me of something that even the day ends, no matter what happen there is still beauty on it.
This sunsets are taken at Sta Rita Aplaya, Batangas City.

Well, flowers are the next thing that I love to take. Even they are in the picture you can feel something in it. I can still imagine their sweetness.

Candles are beautiful too, plus they reflect on the camera. They are so lovely to take.

That coconut tree catches my attention when I am accompanying my sister at UP LB. Then I took a picture, using only a DIGICAM.

Lastly, is playing with your DSLR. I know many of us have done this, and love doing this. Abstract photography is also the love of my life then.

So happy that I shared with you guys pictures I took then. And reminiscing moments also of those photos make me smile.


On the very first day of my vacation, my dear cousins planned for a getaway. Actually it was not really planned well because they haven't decide on what resort we will go, so we actually look for 3 resort then we ended up at Innlad Resort like the usual place we go. It was indeed fun because starting from my older cousin Paolo, then me, Remart, Nicole, Troy, Monique, Kirara, Aeri and Kersten were together, sadly we were not complete most of us have work that time. I hope all of us will be complete next time.

Wearing my white swimsuit covering it with a purple flower jumpshort plus the sunnies. 

PS. Sorry for the late blog


This is what I wore on the New Year's Eve. Dotted sexy dress and a P-plum like skirt with matching jelly shoes. 

My cousins. ( Right Pic - Marge Perez) (Left Pic - Nicole and Remart Perez)

Here are we having fun after our PEREZ FAMILY PARTY and after the loud noise welcoming this new year. 

Sorry for the late blog. 


Last Dec.22 was the Christmas Party of the Brgy employees. 

I wore a white boxer shirt and a military short. I also added a medic kit on my belt so i look like a nurse and a black military like shoes to complement my attire. 

Look how they cooperated for this year Christmas Party Theme: Military Attire

Me and MOM. 

We eat like them and act like them. 

Christmas Day

Our Family Pic this Christmas 2012. On the day of Christmas of course I should celebrate it with my family. Yearly, we start the occasion in attending the mass. After that we went back home bacause many kids were already looking for my mother to get the Christmas present. 

My special gift to my mom :) Our picture taken from the Christmas party of the baranggay workers with this year themed "Army"

Cousins are LOVED. Having a big family, it is really hard for us to be complete every christmas. All of us have so many things to do and people who want to be with this day. But one of the things I love about our family is being family-oriented. Even though we were having a hard time to be complete all the part of the family ALWAYS visit the house of our Lolo and Lola. 

So this is my all-over look for this Christmas Day. With the saying and inspired of this tag NEW ME. P-plum Dress, FLAT SHOES and long  curly hair with bonnet. 


Christmas Eve

So on the Christmas Eve 2012, I celebrated the party with the Cunag Family because it is also the families' exchanging of gifts. The party was filled with laughter and good vibes of the Christ birth because of the fun games, the delicious food and the lots of catching up that the family did. 

With me is ( L-R )Ate  Gem, Erika, Me, Aey taking few pose. Actually I'm a little bit shy in here. 


With my Bunso Eka that is super sweet. I am with her the entire night. Of course she is my baby. 

And of course with our real baby. Rein. That is super adorable and cute. 

This is one of the best happening with the family.

Pharmacy Night 2012

This was my whole body picture for our Pharmacy Night held last December 15 at Centro Escolar University Manila. 

So fatty me -.- (close up)

My 2nd sem classmate which to whom I shared the fun. 


This was the BEST FIRST Henna Experience at the Luneta Park last night. 

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