STUSSY VIBE #EnnStreetStyle 

As I am browsing my files, I realized that I have lots of pictures that I haven't have time to blog. Now that Winter left and another season is coming, which is the Spring maybe the outfit that I wore last Summer-Autumn would be applicable. 

We all know that when another season is coming the weather can be a bit tricky. You'll think its going to be a hot day but suddenly its going to be very cold or chilly. I'm wearing the Hype With Stripes, that I previously posted on this blog, in the morning but after a little bit of shopping at Emporium I changed to another street style ensemble when the weather in Melbourne got chilly. The texture of the clothing is so nice that I don't feel sweaty even the sun is still up. Plus the fact that its getting breezy and breezy. 

I'm so excited that its getting warmer and warmer again and I can wear one layer outfit. 

Cap - Stussy
Sunnies - Sunnies Studious
Hoodie and Pants - Stussy
Shoes - Adidas



Winter officially ended and we are welcoming the Spring season here in Australia. This made me think and ended up with an idea of summing up all my favorite #ENNsemble for my first ever winter experience. 

Burberry and Hoops

Its July and my mom is with me for the whole month which made me excited of roaming the City of Melbourne with her. To be honest, I only have 3 coats in my closet and what filled my wardrobe are hoodies, sweaters and jackets.  

Luckily, my mom brought me lots of coats and one of them is the Burberry I am wearing on the top photos. I really don't know why but I don't expect Melbourne to be colder than Bendigo. Me and my mom ended up buying beanies, gloves and my bag from H&M during our hop on hop off tour. 

I matches my outfit with hoops earring and and I tried wearing a sunnies that I never knew would look good on me. 

Beanie - H&M
Earrings - Sports Girl
Sunnies - Oakley
Coat - Burberry
Pants - Uniqlo
Shoes - Nike


This one is actually I think the best of my ensemble. Never imagine the matching will look good on me. It is raining so I wore a heat tech inner and my not technically waterproof-but-can-still-look-good-even-wet-jacket. Plus my favorite pants and the shoes that I recently brought from Red Cross Australia here in Bendigo. It is so comfy that even it is slightly heeled I love using it for walking around. 

Beannie - Kmart
Inner top - Uniqlo 
Jacket - Berskha
Pants - Uniqlo
Shoes - Zensu

Blonde and Roses


This is only my second time to wear this skirt from Thailand. It is really a bright day and my blond hair is looking so good on my outfit. I purposely choose a green top to go with my skirt that have a roses emboidered on it. I am really feeling the nature vibe on my mix and matching today. I wore a light make-up featuring the Coca-cola lip tint from the Face Shop.

Sunnies - Oakley
Inner Top - Uniqlo
Bag - H&M
Shoes - Zensu


Its my second time to see snow, the first one was just over a month ago when my partner fulfilled his promise to bring me and have my first ever snow experience. This time around after our trip in Sydney we drop by Falls Creek for my mother's first time experience. 

Didn't have much sleep I only tied my hair in a messy bun. But during the photos above, I put my coat's hoodie on after our quick but fun snow fight. Unlike my first time, the snow already grew on huge amount as we went back during the peak of winter. And I fell inlove with the snow more. 

I never failed to mix and match with the nature again this time. As my surrounding where almost all white and green here I am wearing a brown coat. This one really helps me to keep warm on that very cold day. My pants were alright and didn't get too wet. I can say I prepare a lot better on this one rather than my first snow outfit. 

Pants - Uniqlo
Shoes - Nike




Last but definitely not the least on my ensemble, is giving off a somewhat Christmas look vibe in the end of July. My favorite among all of them, even though its sunny that day its really cold in Melbourne. I wore a heat-tech inner that made me comfortable even the coat is quite thin. I fold my white pants to give a smart casual look. And I don't forget to have a simple make-up that day. 

Beannie - Kmart
Coat - Elegant
Bag - Urban Status
Inner - Uniqlo
Pants - Kenneth Cole
Shoes - Zensu



Its Black Saturday and its a hot day in Melbourne but its also our first full day to feel the tourists life. One place I've been wanting to go is the Street Art in CBD. I actually don't know where exactly it is but then our foot lead us at the Graffiti lane near Flinders Station. There are heaps of people in taking shots of the different corners on that lane. Above photos are the only few solo shots I got. 

I am wearing a comfy black and white stripe tops which I actually found a group of friends wearing black and white stripes as well and I do get a chance to have a picture together with them. Just a plain beige shorts and my white shoes to for a long day of walking in CBD. 

Tips: Do not miss going to this place, its worth your IG feed


Cap: Stussy
Sunnies: Sunnies Studios 
Shoes: Adidas 


Shots taken last April as Fall season is just coming.


3790 Miles Away from HOME

Many of you does't know that I am now living in Australia. I will take this opportunity to let my readers know my life update, here on my first blog since moving 3790 miles away. As I am very busy with all the life adjustments, I can't even save enough content for my youtube channel that is why I thought that maybe I can focus more on posting something for my blog as a monthly basis. Writing is easier for me than filming and editing for my channel. (But still, I will take every opportunity to still post on youtube) 

I didn't really struggle on my first week here but I felt alone (not sad) as people my age who's gonna study at the same uni hasn't arrived yet. But after two weeks, I met people and some of them became my trusted friends in an instant. There are also some of them who I just met and we clicked in just a second with no feeling of awkwardness. How good was that? I felt lucky that we shared the same feelings of being miles apart from our home country. So we treat each other like family. 

I live 2 hours away from Melbourne and the food choices here is not that many. I craved for milk tea, Korean bbq and Starbucks coffee (tho its not popular here). I'm also looking for the familiar designer brand of clothing I want to shop. 

With the weather, I get easily cold but in Bendigo mornings and nights are pretty cold but sometimes afternoon can be very hot so you should always be ready to wear versatile outfits. 

At first I always convert currency but as time goes by I should stop doing it as I'll think everything here is expensive (which it is 'cause I still I don't earn money from here). 

The thing is every corner of this city is Instagram worthy place. So even if I'm just going out for grocery, to uni, to attend events, I'll just post somewhere and then I can update for you guys. (As I've mentioned before, blogging is my way of relieving stress. Plus having great photographer and supportive friends is a must! 


I am wearing Beanie, Sunnies, Top and Shorts from Jay Jays
Shoes - Adidas Superstar



Before travelling to another country I make it to the point to have an advance research about everything I need to know in that country. I already book a Angkor Wat with sunrise tour before the trip, I knew that I need to dress with such respect, meaning? No sleeveless, no shorts. On our 2nd day in HCM which is the shopping day for us, the only thing on my mind is to buy even 1 set of clothes for the Angkor Wat because I can buy another one in Siem Reap for Thailand. 

For the #ENNsemble, I have a slim fit sleeveless all black dress and cover it up with a crop top and knot the side to style it. Its also perfect for the sweaty and humid weather here. For my shoes, I use my white topsider with brown strings. Sunnies shouldn't be left out cause its very sunny that day. And I'm all set! 


Dress and Cover Up : From Saigon Square
Shoes: Sperry
Sunnies: Top Shop



After a long and tiring day for the Underground River Tour we need to head out for dinner my friends planned. Heading to McCoy's Pizza House I took a quick dip to the pool (maybe that cause my sickness) before I fix myself. I already chose an #ENNsemble to wear day by day prior our trip to Palawan. So for the 2nd day night time I wanted to wear all white. Its texture was smooth perfect for the weather. I even bring my bag for the camera. I brought 4 sneakers for this trip and chose a perfect pair. 


Dress: @lovewearyourstyle
Shoes: Converse Jack Purcell
Bag: Anello



Exploring Puerto Princesa, Palawan or what they call "The City of the Living God" it is a must to visit the Philippines' representative of the New Seven Wonders of the World, the Underground River. We booked our tour since April and our Palawan adventure was a much awaited vacation for us. Wearing blue swimsuit inside I top it with my white lace-y cover up with red embroideries. I choose my black shorts with a rose patch on it. and just a slipper will do. Even I'm wearing a long sleeve top I don't feel sweaty because the weather was humid that day, or maybe because we were surrounded by nature and we were embracing its soft breeze. I took a before and after tour shots of my outfit, you can see the haggardness on my face on the first three picture and the morning face on the last. Tho I can't do anything on my messy hair. 


Cover up: Forever 21
Swimwear: Trendsetter Bazaar (forgot the shop)
Shorts: SM GTW
Slippers: Havainas 
Sunnies: Leon of Sunnies Studios


I was having a hard time lately to fuel up my mind and come up with another blog update. But I know that I have to get back on track because tons of blog update will pile up. Still can't get out on Korean system, its hard to try their fashion cause of the Philippines climate. Summer in the Philippines keep on getting hotter and hotter every year and right now I'm on my nautical mood. I know that popcorns and fries is not a match cause it should be anchors or something stripes. But its white and pairing it with navy blue shorts give me that vibe. I added my seaman's shoes, my sperry white on my outfit for that day. Just let my hair down and put my black and white headband and off to meet with my high school friends for a long night talk and get-to-gether.  


Top: Mango
Shorts: Mango
Shoes: Sperry
Headband: SM accessories



Sunny afternoon and I wanted to go out and be productive because I’ve been idle for the past days. The hotness made me lay in bed for the reason that I’m getting too lazy to function. Nevertheless I wanted to feel cool and comfortable once I go out of my shell. The temperature in Batangas City during that moment was 32° C around 3 o' clock in the afternoon, the extreme heat was not a joke. 

Right choice of ensemble is the answer to fight the drenching temperature. I make it to the point that I really wear something refreshing this summer. I bought sets of light clothing just to brush off the blazing heat. Dressing every summer can be a lot challenging but you only have to stay cool and cozy and play everything simple. Use thin layers and hopefully you avoid dark clothes and choose to wear white these days. You can still be stylish by playing with your sunglasses, loosen up your clothing, and focusing on good fabrics. 

Me and my sister fell in love with Regatta and every time we go to the mall we checked their boutique to find any new set of clothes to buy. This top really caught my eyes and as I continue to walked inside I found the perfect shorts to pair it. Having no second thoughts, I bought it and waited for this day so I can wear them. From all the shoes we got I knew for a reason that my white sperry was the ideal match on my #ENNsemble. 


Eye wear: Sunnies Studios
Top: Regatta
Shorts: Regatta
Shoes: Sperry
Bag: H&M


Korean wave hits its most peak in the Philippines last 2016 and even until now through the heart of the millennials. The reason is that they have the most epic Korean drama with unimaginable stories that catches not only Asians but the whole world's heart. From K-drama to the debut of different kpop group and the continues sway of the old ones that makes 2016 the korean hallyu wave. 

And I won't be the last for it. Ever since I'm in my second grade in elementary education I've been into Korean drama. Watching Save The Last Dance with the lead, the S.E.S member Eugene. Highschool, College and even now I forget where did I put my sleep because I can't help my self getting hitch up to it. I can find myself googling and having my own research to the leads and wanting to know more of their personal life outside the drama that is why watching Korean variety show hook me in. 

(Credits : @kyo1122 and @tomgreyhound)

I also got my styling influenced just like the Korean stars would do. I got my researched that Yoo Ah-In, a great friend of the Descendants of the Sun leads Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo, releases his own series of 1-10 apparel. Lots of Korean actors and idols supported him having photos taken and uploaded it to their respective SNS account. 

Just then I realized that the clothes I got from the instagram account my cousin followed was inspired by Yoo Ah In's apparel. It is when I stalked Song Hye Kyo's account and found out that on one of her post she is wearing the clothing. I never got a chanced to wear this one during the Christmas Holidays because our Bacolod-Iloilo trip was cancelled. But gaining weight won't stop me in wrapping this one up. 

It's already 5pm on that Sunday afternoon but because summer already started that is why watched for long days and short nights to happen. The fact that I'm wearing a light clothes made me feel refresh during that moment despite of the sun light that is striking near me and the warm summer breeze embracing me. 

Watch for more Korean inspired post here on my blog. Kamsahamnida readers. Annyeong! 


Top : @streetstarph
Pants: Forever21
Shoes: Old Navy


Don't you think summer 2017 has started already? The hardest part is choosing what clothes to wear to feel comfortable despite the intense heat. Plus the fact that I'm also bringing back my 2014 body (you can check my 2014 blog post), unintentionally. Gaining weight is so hard for me because my clothes were in their small or medium size, but with my shape now? I can hardly make my outfit look good. Few of you already know that I have hormonal problems that is why there is a time that I have pimple break out plus doubling body size. 

Nonetheless, it won't stop me in sharing with you guys what I wore when we eat at a Korean BBQ Restaurant here in Batangas. We went grocery shopping that day and have our late lunch. The sun is at its peak. 

I already knew that it will be a scorching heat from Mr. Golden Sun so I planned to have a thin texture white top cause wearing dark colored clothes can add a sweltering feeling. Coupling it with a navy blue shorts that matches my top's prints. I got my sunnies with me every time I'm going out everyday because its a must for this season. I even wore a necklace out of the blue, its from the event I attended last year with Shoppee. Be sure to dress light this summer and beat the blazing heat. What's more on April and May right??


Top: Forever 21
Shorts: Mango
Shoes: Adidas
Sunnies: Sunnies Studios 

White Christmas 

I'll apologise for blogging my outfit late. I thought I'm gonna start blogging at wordpress but I still be needing a lot of time. 

White Christmas has been the everyday of the holidays theme for 2016. Its the most awaited season in a year. The Christmas spirit in the Philippines will always be a long, unforgettable and a warm vibe one. Ever since you're a child, you must been anticipating Christmas holidays. Christmas songs on every houses, delicious appetising food, and the heartfelt smile of the people is what you can see and feel throughout BER months especially on the day itself. 
This is also everyone's chance to slay their outfit especially on Christmas day. Well, I chose to be more of a boyish but have the lady like clean look. Wearing just a plain white jumpshort with a slightly bohemian style plus the white sneakers and a sunnies was the ensemble for the day, no accessories again. As you can see I went on with the current trend of off-shoulders. Its a hot day during Christmas, I know everyone felt excited about New Year afterwards. 


Sunnies - Leon by Sunnies
Sneakers - Adidas flocks

Shades of Blue 

"See the line where the sky meets the sea it calls me" 

White clouds in the clear blue sky, the horizon, the calm beach waves and the fine white sand, everything is so peaceful. And just being in the midst of everything is so perfect. The best place to be if you want to clear you mind from thoughts and get-away to all things that keeps on bothering you. 

We don't plan on being here but I can say it was a memorable one. Searching for Mc Arthur in the middle of the day and found nothing but the beautiful landscape here at Lingayen Gulf. 

Wearing this small checkered sunday dress I wore from Baguio to Pangasinan and pairing it all up with my white sneakers perfected my versatile outfit. 


Dress: Shapes
Shoes: Adidas Superstar

Blending with the Pines


Touchdown Camp John Hay, after taking few videos for the travel vlog, I also did few outfit shots for the blog. Its not really cold that time so I'm not wearing any jacket or cardigan or sweatshirts but still I can smell the comfiness of the pines soothing and relaxing my mind. Its a refreshing escape.

Wearing just a plain white basic tee and a green pencil cut skirt. and pairing it with my plain white superstar, black socks out and that sums up the Day 1 outfit.


Top : H&M
Skirt : H&M
Shoes : Adidas 


Welcoming the flower month with this Boho floral off shoulder top. Filling my vibe with the heat from Mr. Golden Sun and enjoying summer for a bit before heading back to MNL from BTG. The top was from the Bohemian collection of H&M, the Coachella. Even tho the top was a long sleeve, I feel comfortable because of the light texture clothing. 
I haven't have the chance to enjoy my summer this 2016 because I was busy reviewing and stocking knowledge for the board exam. So when I head to Batangas I again grab the opportunity to raid my closet and have an outfit shot. 
I miss this, blogging will always be a part of me. No matter how toxic I am with school, blogging is my only escape to reality and a relaxing thing to do. I love what I'm doing and with that I know it can't be taken away. 


Eyewear: TopShop
Top: H&M
Shoes: Adidas Stan Smith

BRITISH Festival

It has been a while again since I updated my blog because of the busy schedule adjusting from being a student then a board passer then now a working career woman. And when I have time I became clueless on what to say and write. On the other hand, last February 28, 2016 held a Bristish Festival at High Street in BGC. Raiding my black and white closet again, found this new dress I bought online. Straight from a 12 hour duty, at the hospital I'm having my internship with and here I am having a weekend bonding with my mom and sister plus the fave cousin who's taking credit for photos.

It was really a good thing that I can still find time to do outfit shot from being a graduating pharma student. I have lot of new set of clothes just waiting for me to have a free time.

It was a knitted, stripe black and white dress which I paired with a white sneakers. It was a laid back Sunday out after all.


Dress: @lovewearyourstyle (IG)
Shoes: Lacoste
Bag: Tory Burch

Black Day on the VDAY

In this world, nothing is constant but change. People and feelings change from time to time. You just have to deal with it, bear it, go-with-the-flow to it. Learn that people come into your life either to stay or just pass by.

It was Valentine's Day 2016 and all I have is myself, but I think it's the best Valentine I had for the past years. Nothing really special but I can say that my happiness came from within.

I wore black not because I'm devastated or feeling sad or hating that's it is february 14, I can still say that love is in the air that day. My favorite style of top this past months and my legging pants just a slipper and the NY cap. Just simply beautiful.


Pants - Mango

Coordinating with Green and White

I love wearing coordinates. As I've said on my previous blog I'll be trying other colors instead of black and white. This pine green shade color starstruck me and I can say that this will be the start of the colorful wardrobe. The color even reminded me of my high school PE uniform from La Salle Lipa. The co-ords being so versatile can also be a semi-formal or a casual get up that suits the warm weather of our country, Plus the doll shoes given during my 18th birthday. So new right? Cause I seldom use doll shoes.

Free from accessories and trying to play it simple today.


Snow White

It's been awhile since I last updated my blog. So last January I decided to cut my hair short. Starting my new life. Fresh and new for the year 2016

I am at Batangas for the weekend and spent moments with the family. It feels comfy to wear something good for the changing weather. Hot and humid coming from the cold and breezy nights of the previous season. It's hard to have a style blog when you're in your last year in college, so whenever I'll be out for a weekend I make it to the point that I'll grab the chance to blog.

 I wore this white as a snow dress from H&M with few laces on top and below, my net drawstring bag was also from H&M. I matched the dress with my Nike Flyknit max. It's a sunny day so I have my sunnies with me plus the bracelet for the matching accessories. 


Sunnies - Ralph Lauren
Drawstring bag - H&M
Shoes - Nike Flyknit Max
Bracelet - MK 

Morning Rush in Cebu

Super late blog post so now? Let's head back to Cebu. First thing we did after getting back to our hotel from Bohol was to eat our breakfast then fixed our self for the last agenda for the day. We planned to go to the Taoist Temple in Beverly Hills Cebu and our personal driver was already there. I'm in a bit rush on choosing what to wear for the whole day and end up wearing my white semi-turtle neck tank top and my so called boyfriend pants plus my Airmax 90. As I've said the weather in Cebu was breezy and what I wore that day was refreshing for me even tho we went to so many different places. 

Wearing basics is my comfort zone. You can raid my closet and find tons of white/black/gray trendy clothes that you'll think "It was all the same" but no. Right now I'm planning to try something new cause as we know "there's no harm in trying". 


I still have a lot of blog waiting to be publish. Stay tune peep

A thing for BLACK and WHITE 

We started the 2nd part of day 1 a little bit late. I know that it will take time for us to get to our destination and maybe the sun is also setting.The weather is starting to be cold and breezy good thing I always pack everything I need for emergency purposes like this. I dressed up as fast as I can because our service for that day is already outside the hotel, waiting.  I also have a thing for black and white as you can see. Going back to basic was so trendy this time. This mid-cut sweater was so comfy to use tho it is showing my belly I don't feel uncomfortable with it. I also brought the cap from Vigan which my mom gave me as a "pasalubong" that blended with my get up. I am into kicks right now, maybe not just me but everybody, so I bought it during our Cebu/Bohol trip. My origami short is from a bazaar in school. Luckily they held bazaar at least a week every month.  Btw, I'm thanking my sissy because she has been my official photographer the whole vacation. 


Top - Forever21
Shoes - Airmax90 Nike

La Vie Parisienne

What do you wear on a place you've never been? On our first day in Cebu I choose to wear a long maxi dress. It was very sunny in Cebu that day, It was as civilized as Manila but in Cebu it was like breathing a fresh air. It was so calming. And I love wearing clothes that I'm comfortable in. I have no accessories, just my watch and the bracelet from my mom which was my favorite pair of on-the-go accessories. I also choose to wear a slippers because I really thought we have a lot of walking to do and I want to feel at ease. I don't want to ruin the trip because I am tired of roaming around the city by feet. And wearing slippers was the best choice. I do enjoyed CEBU. And good thing that I have my nails done on the 24th of December. 

Dress - Folded & Hung, Watch - Casio Vintage, Bracelet - Tiffany&Co., Slippers - Havaianas


Sunday Dress on Sunny Day

And now I found my new blogging space! As you can see I already blog my style here, and I will again. This is actually the roof top of our condo building. So I wanted and I am trying my very best to have a style post or any update on my blog, hopefully. I am still on my last year in college that is why it is so hard for me to have a new blog about my outfit. 6 days a week I am in school and on Sunday, sometimes I study, but for sure next semester I will be very busy in school. 

So here it goes, I also had a chance to have few shots of my outfit before heading to Robinson Magnolia cause me and Pat wanted a massage. It has been a very busy day in school and I think I really need one. I found this massage place beside RobMag and we decided to try it. Their service was really good, I already talked it on my youtube vlog. Also, good thing I have this new dress I brought from my friend's online shop. And I paired it with shoes from Human that is a gift from my mom. It was a very sunny day also that it was it was really a must to dress depends on how comfortable you are. 

Dress - (@lovewearyourstyle IG account) Shoes - Human 
HMUA - me


Stripe x Boyfriend pants

Manila's weather has been so moody this passed few months. Let me scratch that, It is the Philippines' weather that changes from time to time. It was so hard to choose an outfit for a day. When it is raining in the morning you will choose an outfit that will protect you from the cold temperature, but later on the sun will come out and gives undying HEAT! Or vice versa if you know what I mean.

Anyway, Saturday and good thing it has a good weather. Wearing a stripe top and partnered it with a boyfriend pants which I both bought in a Bazaar. I also have my shoes from So Fab! It matches my basic look anyway. I just let my hair down. It looks good on what I am wearing plus the messy and soft wavy hair added a value and the color looks stunning that makes me love it more I haven't done any pampering session for my hair for I think a couple of months. So stay tune for that.

Good thing I have a boyfietographer, yeah right guys! My boyfriend has been my photographer all the time, plus sometimes he is the one doing my make-up or helping me on it! And also I have him as my fashion critic. Great right? I know guys, I am blessed to have HIM!


Basicer xx Uniqlo 

Another celebration from the family. It is my cousin's baby boy first ever birthday at Mc Donalds. Not a very formal 1st birthday party so I wore my V-neck shirt from Uniqlo that my my bought at Robinsons Manila together with my sister shirt the same as mine and their couple shirt same design but different color. 

The party started from 2pm and it was a kiddie party actually but we also had fun. Pat became the photographer at the party using my camera. The food was plenty, we ate Chicken and Spag, Fries, and Sundae. It was a good day after all I spent another time with my family.

Back to the shirt I am wearing, I love the texture of the cloth. It also feels good during hot and humid weather. One of the things that I love at the Uniqlo clothing line is how smooth their products are. Plus this one is one sale. They sell 2 shirts for 499. My mom bought 4 for us. 

I am also using my LIPS #WanderCharm check out my my online shop at @wanderlustfashiononline. My boyfriend also does my make up plus he is now my official photographer. Lucky me. 



A day to blog again.
 I fell in love with this muscle shirt from BALLOW when I'm looking for a cropped top to be given from my friend debut. I imagine using it with a white short but I have no shoes to match it. So I bought this new arrival black wedge from my VENUS and it matched perfectly with my outfit. 

You can laugh on how I make a pose with this outfit but I really love how it goes with my body. 

Fell in love with this shoes and it will catch you :) 


This was a PROMISE shot from my friend Mizuki Chiba because she can't be the photographer of my pre-debut pictures. We plan to have shoots to serve as her gift so I steal moments from the pictures for my outfit blog :) I really love posing for this dress because it is so comfortable to use plus it really blend to the nature background. I love how my hair cooperate for this pictorial. 


It was another day of celebrating a birthday with my family one Sunday afternoon. I am also the co-host of this party and it was indeed fun and exciting. Plus during this event almost all of my cousin were there so we grab some time to have a picture because you know, almost all of them were busy on their works. 

 I also get the chance a to have some shot for my blog this weekend during my cousin's party.I just wear this simple two toned flowing dress (white/blue) to look simple yet elegant because its a 7th debut party. I also matched it with gold accessories because silver won't complement with the color. I also love my shoes a lot because it looks good with my dress. 

(c) - Remart Perez


The sun is good and warm, after a week of rain pouring at last it feels so comfy. I know animal prints are running out of the fashion list but styling depends on YOU. You shouldn't depend on the new trends, you should make a new trend. But for me the most important is dressing to be comfortable on your style. 

PS. Wear simple make up cause the sun will add much better look of you. 

Genevieve Gozum dress. 


I think this is my first time to dress a pastel color and it really suites me. I just love how it compliment with my nature and natural theme. I really planned to look simple without any accessories on me. We had this one at Paco Park Manila because that park really had the nature effect. I also had that demure pose. And c'mon guys judge me really nice on it :) hahaha! 

I just pair my look with these so cute shoes. Net like look on side a ribbon on top and pointy heels :) I know I have a good taste on shoes. JK guys. It will always depend on how comfortable are you on what you wear. 

Plus you should also wear simple slash elegant make up. I am the one who did my make up :) Excuse for my face because it was very sunny that time. 


Me and photographer/sis friend feels like we want to have a shoot so when we texted each other and we were both available we planned to meet at the Wildlife. 

For me she is really the best ever. I am the one who did my very simple make up and thanks God it matches and looks good on the theme. BOHEMIAN. Even though I really had a hard time looking for a dress that will complement the theme. (Hahaha! I have no boho outfit). But I can't buy any aztec because of the lack of time, so I wore this. With any gladiator like heels, with aztec bracelet and hair dress. Then yey! I have my AKA Boho outfit.

With the posing, my photographer helps me a lot. Side look with one foot (that is super hard), in the middle of the road (many people were looking at me), we saw a brown gate and I also pose in front of it. It really looks legit though, of course the wildlife bridge that will never be out of the picture, and I even lay on the brown dried leaves! 

I love all her shot of me but for me STOLEN shot were the best because it captures who really are. 

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