A21 #WalkForFreedom PH

Last Saturday, October 15, 2016 was the first ever A21 #WalkForFreedom in the Philippines. An annual walk happening for about 3 years now. "A21 exists to abolish human trafficking in the 21st century through a comprehensive system of preventative measures, victim protection, prosecution of violators, and strategic partnerships." 

Human trafficking is a serious problem that is neglected. And we wanted that through every step on this walk Modern Day Slavery will be ABOLISHED. This is not just a simple walk because every step equals FREEDOM for all the victims going to be survivors from 270 walks in 39 countries. 

Can you imagine children locked up and not knowing who they are or their identity anymore? I grew up as a child who experienced playing near the shore with my cousins and my friends. I enjoyed my childhood being a 90's baby but can you imagine those young children whose freedom has been gone? But its not too late for them. 

A21 shelters? Yes they do have shelters for all the survivors of the human trafficking. 

11 pm of October 14 we were already at High Street, BGC, Taguig to set up all the tents for the booth for that day. I have Leo with me who also volunteered for the said event.  It feels good that you're going to be part of something that CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. That no matter how sleepless you were, you still have the energy for the day because you know in your heart that you're helping someone even if you don't know him/her. 

As I've said we set up tents for the booths. The booth are as follows:

#WelcomeFreedom is where we can register and check-in.
#WearFreedom is where we bought our #WalkForFreedom merchandise like t-shirts and caps. 
If you want to have further ideas and know more about the A21 there is a #KnowFreedom booth for all of us. 
For the donation there is also a #SupportFreedombooth.
and #WriteToFreedom booth which we wrote letters for all the survivors on the A21 shelters. 

Don't worry, the A21 is an annual walk. If you missed being a part of the event there will always be a next time and we hope to see you there with you friends and family.

Hands up to all the people I experienced the event with. Especially to my Achi Cielo because of her I became a part of a something. 

Want to know more? Check their site A21

ADHOC2014: Resurgence

I don't have the time to go back to Batangas for the weekend last week because it is my friend debut party last Sunday so we planned to attend the Adhoc2014 happened the day before Sunday. It was really the biggest and official college party because it was organized by UPJMA. Hand ups to you guys.

I came there with my precious friends, Mikka, Nagui, Jannet her bestfriend Rommil, her clasmate Jury and Nina and the latter cousin. This troupe is really awesome. We share a lots of tripping that night. Ice and beers are showering from out of nowhere but it is really a fun night. Just like what happen when I attended the #Unleashed2.

This are the random photos taken when the fun already started. These are iphone taken photos because we don't bring any bags we literally like to party like there is no tomorrow that moment. 

#sepanx for this troupe really. Hoping that we made it to #unleashed3 this November. 

And we made our TWINNY TRADEMARK again. SANDWICH-BY-THE-KISSERS. My twinny and I always do this (if you have read my previous event post you can see another friend we sandwich). 


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