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For my fist blog entry for the year 2020, I would share with you guys my experience in using the Clay Baby Beauty Pink Clay Mask and the Invigorating Coffee Body Scrub. 

Clay Baby Beauty

A company from Newcastle, NSW, Australia that specialises in home-made skincare. You read it right, HOME-MADE with love for environment and animals not just our skin. They are cruelty-free and plastic free (as seen on their packaging). 


All over the social media, pink clay has been trending
as an essential to our skincare routine.
So if you are thinking, what is the ingredients of the
PINK CLAY that we all fell inlove with!

Clay Baby Beauty have 4 star ingredients for their formulation.

1. Australian Pink Clay - this ingredients that is rich in silica helps in cell renewal that makes our skin, brighter and clearer. The kaolin components helps with the detoxification and stimulation effects.

2. Lactic Acid - a natural AHA that you can find in most cosmetics that works on the blemishes and pigmentation as an exfoliant.

3. Aloe Vera Gel - also one of the skincare essentials that a lot of people has been using nowadays for its anti-inflammatory property. This one work wonder alone but what more if you mix it with other beautifying ingredients.

4. Organic Rose Geranium Essential Oil - helps in reducing the pore size that also helps with the balancing of the skin natural oil.


As I've received this product months ago, I've been using it as a treatment for my blemishes! You can actually use it for a maximum of 3 days a week (5-10 minutes every use) but I actually failed to do so (sometimes I get tired and not do my routine). But nonetheless, with my amazement I am happy on how much it gives my skin a brighter and glowing result even with the amount of time I've used it. I can feel the softens that it gives the moment I rinse them off my face.


I also love using exfoliating products for my body. This is not the first time I use a scrub but definitely my first in using a coffee one! 


First of the list is the cellulite reduction, as it helps with the dilations of the blood vessel. Another thing to love about caffeine right?
It also decreases the redness and fine lines that gives anti-aging benefits to our skin. It can also help in fighting the bacteria as an acne treatment in our body.  


I used this one twice a week and what I noticed is how it treat some pimples on my body. I do have a hormonal imbalance ad using a coffee scrub helps me on treating them. 

You can check the website here:


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