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By Wanderlust By Enn - 10:21:00 PM

I got this product months ago but its only now I will give my review. First, I planned to make a sit down review about it on my youtube channel but ended up not being able to film and the product being consumed. 

(I will be posting the videos of my unboxing and updates at the end of this blog.)

F4U is the company name which also means Formulated For You, a company based in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. They specialises on healthy meal replacements meaning committed in using nutritious ingredients instead of food fillers. (More about this on their website). 

My very first time to try meal replacement and I recommend you guys to do some research first if its okay for you to try it. For me, it definitely fit my lifestyle. As I work and study sometimes preparing breakfast or dinner can be very hard or tiring for me. But with this replacement, I just need to grab my protein shaker, put 250mL of icy water or milk then 2 scoops of the powder. Then a shake here and there and my one meal is done. 

Remember to replace only one meal a day, either breakfast, lunch or dinner. It cannot be your total diet replacement. 


I don't notice it at first but basically it helps with my metabolism. I tried using it before work at it become a hassle for me to do my thing at my workplace. I then used it after gym or after work when I am not really hungry or if I am tired to cook and I think that is the best time for me. 

Flavor wise I love it. Its not too sweet and so addictive. I want to have my second one right after I first tasted it but that is not allowed. It taste so natural and very refreshing too. 

The packaged I got can make 10 meals and that would cost you $49.90 AUD but then they gave me two 1 meal to try first. 1 meal of Choc Cacao and 1 meal of Vanilla Malt which cost $5.95AUD each. 




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