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Botanical Trader

This company have a GREEN BEAUTY standard in their products. 

What do they meant by Green Beauty? Basically their products are CLEAN and is totally free from non-toxic ingredients. It also comes from NATURAL and breathing sources. They use glass, tin cans, bamboo, and cardboard which is very SUSTAINABLE. ETHICALLY SOURCED by doing proper research in where they get the product sources. They do not use animals to test there product, certified VEGAN AND CRUELTY FREE. Though not certified ORGANIC how they grow the plant sources is on its natural way. This company is SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE by believing that ethical consumerism can impact a big change. 

First is these 30 mL hand and body lotion and 30 ml hand and body wash. 

The lotion is to nourish and hydrate the skin. The aroma is woody, herbaceous, grounding. Totally agreed to that, I am very familiar with the scent of Jojoba. Before using it feels like the smell is minty? You might think that if you put it into your skin it has the minty feeling but nah. I love the smell and I love the feeling. My hands get totally dry that is why I am using it a lot of times. Totally recommend this one. 

The body wash looks like a gel. Smells peppermint and rosemary which gives me a refreshing feeling after shower. Just sad with its small packaging but would love to try the bigger one. 

You might think guys its so small its because if you want you can try them out first with the sample sizes which is 30ml for $4.00 and the 500ml for $29.95

To be honest with you guys I am not a fan of using perfume. I am allergic to strong smell giving me sinusitis attack and headache but surprisingly I love to use this one. With its very nice packaging, I mean in a glass and bamboo, I love bringing it anywhere I go. Its actually long lasting so I'm just using it once a day. 

I got the 30mL of the Tuscan Sun scent but they also have 10mL for this. What I love about this smell is the floral and citrus scent combine in one. Its a scent that can calm and relax you down when everything stresses you. 

10ml: $19.95
30ml: $29.95

The other scent they gave me to try is the Rose Thief which I am actually not a fan. Its more of older women would love to use. It actually have a elegant and feminine smell into it. 

The sun-kissed have a yummy smell for me. It have that delicious food smell which I cannot figure out what. It is very sweet and exotic. 


It is not recommended for the pregnant and breastfeeding because of the high concentration of natural oils used. 

And if irritation occurs stop using. 


You can actually check there website BOTANICAL TRADER and have a good read to all the products that I mention plus the other products that they offer. I really love how they care for the environment and nature and to all human-kind. Thumbs up to this company for that. 

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