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I am so excited when I received my tea for a collaboration with Sassy Organics cause love to drink tea and any other methylxantines like coffee. My blog review about their tea took up a month before I am able to put it up because of me moving houses and be able to settled everything down. But I've been working on it from tasting and figuring how it works on me. I don't drink them all at ones but I did during the times when I need it to be able to have a proper review. 

A little introduction about the company, SASSY ORGANICS have a wide variety of products, from make-up, hair and body care, health, for men, for babies and so much more. They have lots of different brands which is also certified organics. You can head over their website to check their organic certifications. 

Let's get down with the tea that I got. They sent me the Organic Merchant's Restful Tea, Chakra Tea, Energy Tea and Cleansing Tea. They are all organics and doesn't have toxins or any additives  and flavorings. I actually agree with that cause I've already tasted it before even knowing all of these about their tea. 

These tea are actually in one box packaging that you can buy. Its called the Organic Wellness Tea Gift Box with a tea infuser. They say this set is for people who needs some relaxation and treat for themselves. I've been drinking this tea together with those times of moving and cleaning and I can say it really is a big help for my system. 

Purifying plus Renewing

What I noticed is that it is minty and gummy. Then I found out that it really contains spearmint, ginger, dandelion root, lemon peel and others giving it a floral minty flavor. Its looks like every other tea but have a strong yellow color. It can be served as hot or cold. Good for detoxifying your body and really made for cleansing the organs in our body. 

Uplifting plus Revitalising

This is what I first tasted. Very unfamiliar for me to see a red colored tea. It has a sweet taste at the end of every sip. Then I asked my partner if he can taste it and determine what is something I'm tasting that is so unfamiliar with my buds. And he said, "I can taste cinnamon". I don't like eating it but with the tea I can actually drink it. Then I went to their website to look up the ingredients, it really contains cinnamon together with hibiscus that makes the red color, liqourice, orange peel and others. This one can help regulate your blood sugar levels that can help you during toxic days. What I drink during the crazy times of moving house. 

Harmony plus Healing

When I first tasted this one want I jotted down that its taste like chamomile with a mint at the end. But it smells floral. And when I checked the ingredients, it contains chamomile flower, peppermint, basil, lavender, rose and others. The thing they really gave distinct characteristics. This is actually my favorite of all the tea I received. I drink this one during normal days. 

Relaxing and Restoring

What I love about this tea is how it actually helps me calm down at night. Especially when I can't sleep at night thinking about random things. This contains chamomile, lavender, lemon balm, passionflower and others. I know that chamomile, lemon balm and passionflower are some of the teas that can help relieve anxiety.  And all together makes it perfect for me. I would definitely be buying the big packaging one. 

All I've said about is my honest review about the products I've receive. Check their website link above, for many more exciting products for you. 


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  1. Omg, I like tea in the morning. Currently loving camelia tea. This intrigued me tho ❤