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Unexpectedly hoard books at the Book Fair hosted by Bendigo Art Gallery today. In all honesty, its my first time to attend a book fair selling old books for a small price. I usually go to bookstore fairs in our school way back in the Philippines. Its actually a very exciting experience. I really thought I won't buy much but me and D found lots of books that we need, mostly about investing, life and few books that has been listed as a must read. I bought a cooking recipe book too. If you go to my social media account I've been cooking a lot more nowadays. Going back, we bought books for investment and property development thing. We re interested on how to properly take care of our money too. I've read lots of novels before so I'm into something life informative now, something I can learn and use not just for myself. 

I remember posting this book before on my Instagram way back 2014 but haven't actually read it cause its my friend's. This is actually the first book that I wanted to buy from the book fair. I've been holding it since then. And D had read it and recommended it too. 

They do have lots of novels and these particularly is a good read. Been wanting to buy and read all but I feel like I've passed my time reading romance novels? or I mean teenage novels if you know what I mean. If I am younger I will definitely buy them all.

Not just that, they have books for your hobbies, business, finance, crafts, biography, history and a lot more. They have magazined and talking books too. Yes they do have a lot to sell. And they have the books for us only $2 each. 

After buying all these books we loved to relax around with coffee at the Cafe Gallery which is open from Mon-Fri 10am onwards but open at 8:30 onwards during weekends. Their coffee is amazing too! 

Yup this is my everyday date looking so good even if I woke him up to join me at this fair and ending up buying more book than me. 

The Art Gallery is free admission but its good if you can donate for entering. 

They hold Book Fair every year so I hope you can visit next year. 


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