Brighton Beach Huts | TOUCHDOWN

By Wanderlust By Enn - 10:36:00 PM

Even before living here in Australia, I kept in mind that if ever I can visit this country I will set my feet on the famous Brighton Beach House in Melbourne, Australia. And I did. I started living here last February but only got a chance to visit the beach house last April Easter Sunday. I chose that day because I grew up near the beach and I'm used to celebrating Easter Sunday swimming with my families and the whole community. Its cold to swim there at that time though. Me and my friend take turns on taking pictures but ended up being tired even before reaching the middle of the houses. The paintings and designs of the house is really instagram worthy and I'm happy to be even there and had a chance to take shots. If I will come back, I will start on the other end of the Brighton Beach. 


Sunnies - Sunnies Studios
Shirt - Stussy
Shorts - JayJays

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