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One of the places you can eat early in the morning at Crown Melbourne is the Cafe Baci. I am not really a fan of Continental breakfast but this cafe serve good food. I've been living here in Australia for only 8 months and this will be my first food blog update, and I will take this as an opportunity to say that there serving is a lot and big for me here. I always cannot finish it. I am a small eater but eats so many times a day. Most people say its actually good. I haven't research so much about it. 

One of my partner favorite food is the Eggs Benedict. I even told him that he can go to different restaurant just to taste them and blog about it. Most of the time that is the only thing he orders. 
The one is Crown serves it with 2 poached egg, ham with Hollandaise sauce on a toast. I really love their sauce I don't know if its homemade. 

What my partner got is just like my Eggs Benedict but instead of ham he chose salmon. I don't taste it because as of my previous food blog you know I don't eat uncooked meals (or not thoroughly cook ones). But he loves it and finishes it, so I bet it tasted good. 

My mom got a big one that she almost didn't finish it. She ordered omelette that have ham, tomato, cheese and spinach on it, but they are also serve with a toast. It is cheesy and creamy at the same time. 

I can say that if you really need a big and full breakfast to explore Melbourne you can go at this Cafe.


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  1. Omg the generous amount of salmon😍 must try when I visit the Phils again❤