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Winter officially ended and we are welcoming the Spring season here in Australia. This made me think and ended up with an idea of summing up all my favorite #ENNsemble for my first ever winter experience. 

Burberry and Hoops

Its July and my mom is with me for the whole month which made me excited of roaming the City of Melbourne with her. To be honest, I only have 3 coats in my closet and what filled my wardrobe are hoodies, sweaters and jackets.  

Luckily, my mom brought me lots of coats and one of them is the Burberry I am wearing on the top photos. I really don't know why but I don't expect Melbourne to be colder than Bendigo. Me and my mom ended up buying beanies, gloves and my bag from H&M during our hop on hop off tour. 

I matches my outfit with hoops earring and and I tried wearing a sunnies that I never knew would look good on me. 

Beanie - H&M
Earrings - Sports Girl
Sunnies - Oakley
Coat - Burberry
Pants - Uniqlo
Shoes - Nike


This one is actually I think the best of my ensemble. Never imagine the matching will look good on me. It is raining so I wore a heat tech inner and my not technically waterproof-but-can-still-look-good-even-wet-jacket. Plus my favorite pants and the shoes that I recently brought from Red Cross Australia here in Bendigo. It is so comfy that even it is slightly heeled I love using it for walking around. 

Beannie - Kmart
Inner top - Uniqlo 
Jacket - Berskha
Pants - Uniqlo
Shoes - Zensu

Blonde and Roses


This is only my second time to wear this skirt from Thailand. It is really a bright day and my blond hair is looking so good on my outfit. I purposely choose a green top to go with my skirt that have a roses emboidered on it. I am really feeling the nature vibe on my mix and matching today. I wore a light make-up featuring the Coca-cola lip tint from the Face Shop.

Sunnies - Oakley
Inner Top - Uniqlo
Bag - H&M
Shoes - Zensu


Its my second time to see snow, the first one was just over a month ago when my partner fulfilled his promise to bring me and have my first ever snow experience. This time around after our trip in Sydney we drop by Falls Creek for my mother's first time experience. 

Didn't have much sleep I only tied my hair in a messy bun. But during the photos above, I put my coat's hoodie on after our quick but fun snow fight. Unlike my first time, the snow already grew on huge amount as we went back during the peak of winter. And I fell inlove with the snow more. 

I never failed to mix and match with the nature again this time. As my surrounding where almost all white and green here I am wearing a brown coat. This one really helps me to keep warm on that very cold day. My pants were alright and didn't get too wet. I can say I prepare a lot better on this one rather than my first snow outfit. 

Pants - Uniqlo
Shoes - Nike




Last but definitely not the least on my ensemble, is giving off a somewhat Christmas look vibe in the end of July. My favorite among all of them, even though its sunny that day its really cold in Melbourne. I wore a heat-tech inner that made me comfortable even the coat is quite thin. I fold my white pants to give a smart casual look. And I don't forget to have a simple make-up that day. 

Beannie - Kmart
Coat - Elegant
Bag - Urban Status
Inner - Uniqlo
Pants - Kenneth Cole
Shoes - Zensu


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