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By Wanderlust By Enn - 5:15:00 AM

As I am browsing my files, I realized that I have lots of pictures that I haven't have time to blog. Now that Winter left and another season is coming, which is the Spring maybe the outfit that I wore last Summer-Autumn would be applicable. 

We all know that when another season is coming the weather can be a bit tricky. You'll think its going to be a hot day but suddenly its going to be very cold or chilly. I'm wearing the Hype With Stripes, that I previously posted on this blog, in the morning but after a little bit of shopping at Emporium I changed to another street style ensemble when the weather in Melbourne got chilly. The texture of the clothing is so nice that I don't feel sweaty even the sun is still up. Plus the fact that its getting breezy and breezy. 

I'm so excited that its getting warmer and warmer again and I can wear one layer outfit. 

Cap - Stussy
Sunnies - Sunnies Studious
Hoodie and Pants - Stussy
Shoes - Adidas


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