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Hey guys, sorry for posting this so late as its already winter here in Australia. I've been slacking off in blogging as decided to focus more in adjusting on uni works on my first semester here. But here I am trying to catch up a lot and hope to soon update you guys with a proper and on season blog update. 

But for now I'll post a picture taken last April during Easter 2018. 

Its Black Saturday and its a hot day in Melbourne but its also our first full day to feel the tourists life. One place I've been wanting to go is the Street Art in CBD. I actually don't know where exactly it is but then our foot lead us at the Graffiti lane near Flinders Station. There are heaps of people in taking shots of the different corners on that lane. Above photos are the only few solo shots I got. 

I am wearing a comfy black and white stripe tops which I actually found a group of friends wearing black and white stripes as well and I do get a chance to have a picture together with them. Just a plain beige shorts and my white shoes to for a long day of walking in CBD. 

Tips: Do not miss going to this place, its worth your IG feed


Cap: Stussy
Sunnies: Sunnies Studios 
Shoes: Adidas 


Shots taken last April as Fall season is just coming.


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