The Taproom - Castlemaine Brewing Company

By Wanderlust By Enn - 1:04:00 AM

Before uni started last March, or even the Orientation week last February, the on-campus accomodation planned different events for the on-campus students to attend just before the class starts. 

One of these is the Chill @ The Mill. 
We visited a brewery at Castlemaine and tried 4 kinds of beers and 4 flavors of pizza. And as far as I can remember this event is for free. 


What I like about the place is how cozy the interior and the calendar of free music let you plan your next visit to them again. They also have nice and pleasing attendants that you can talk and joke around with. 

My favorite of all the beers and pizzas we tasted is the Honey Beer and the Pesto and Cheese Pizza. I am craving for it every now and then for its taste. I always wonder when I can go back. 

Last thing that is for free that day is an ice cream. One scoop of salted caramel for me. Now I changed my favorite ice cream flavor. 

This blog can be a bit lacking for some but I hope you can check The Taproom - Castemaine Brewing Company


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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I checked it and find it so good. Maybe, I'll get here one of these days with my friends.