3790 Miles Away from HOME

By Wanderlust By Enn - 4:04:00 AM

Many of you does't know that I am now living in Australia. I will take this opportunity to let my readers know my life update, here on my first blog since moving 3790 miles away. As I am very busy with all the life adjustments, I can't even save enough content for my youtube channel that is why I thought that maybe I can focus more on posting something for my blog as a monthly basis. Writing is easier for me than filming and editing for my channel. (But still, I will take every opportunity to still post on youtube) 

I didn't really struggle on my first week here but I felt alone (not sad) as people my age who's gonna study at the same uni hasn't arrived yet. But after two weeks, I met people and some of them became my trusted friends in an instant. There are also some of them who I just met and we clicked in just a second with no feeling of awkwardness. How good was that? I felt lucky that we shared the same feelings of being miles apart from our home country. So we treat each other like family. 

I live 2 hours away from Melbourne and the food choices here is not that many. I craved for milk tea, Korean bbq and Starbucks coffee (tho its not popular here). I'm also looking for the familiar designer brand of clothing I want to shop. 

With the weather, I get easily cold. But in Bendigo mornings and nights are pretty cold but sometimes in the afternoon it can be very hot so you should always be ready to wear versatile outfits. 

At first I always convert currency but as time goes by I should stop doing it as I'll think everything here is expensive (which it is 'cause I still I don't earn money from here). 

The thing is every corner of this city is Instagram worthy place. So even if I'm just going out for grocery, to uni, to attend events, I'll just pose somewhere and then I can have an update for you guys. (As I've mentioned before, blogging is my way of relieving stress. Plus having great photographer and supportive friends is a must! 


I am wearing Beanie, Sunnies, Top and Shorts from Jay Jays
Shoes - Adidas Superstar

Credit to Jessie Pen as my photographer 

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  1. wow so nice that you are there. just for study or for good?