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After Ho Chi Minh Vietnam and Siem Reap Cambodia, our last city for IndoChina tour is Bangkok Thailand. Via airplane we arrived at Bangkok at 3 in the afternoon. Our hotel which is the Twin Towers Hotel was just a few minutes from the airport. 

After checking in and drinking the welcome drinks we passed out inside our room and slept til 9pm. Its already late in the evening so we stay in the room, didn't eat our dinner and went back to sleep to get ready for the next day of travel. 

We had our breakfast at the hotel and after that I asked the lobby personel if I can book a dinner at the cruise that same day. Good thing you can book your tours at the hotel as well. 

For today's trip which is still a DYI trip we wanted to visit the Wat in Thailand.  They are the Grand Palace and The Temple of the Emerald Buddha.

From our hotel, I booked a grab car to the Grand Palace. We arrived around 8 am so we actually waited for about 30 minutes for it to open. 

The entrance fee costs 500baht only. 

The only downside of our trip is that we don't have any tour guide this time to tell us the stories of the different buildings inside which serves us the house of the King of Siam and its whole government until 1932. 

But nonetheless, you'll stop every now and then to take a picture from all the places in the Palace, the entrance, the sides of the buildings, the front, everything in this site will astound you. 

You'll be amaze about the whole place which is consists of buildings, pavilions, gardens and halls in one complex structure and its designs which was inspired and derived from different sources. 

I'm impressed with how this whole Palace was built. 

I also make it to the point that I wear a proper clothes to enter the Palace with respect. I should not show my shoulders and my skirt just above the knee but not that high. We bought the dress from the night market in Siem Reap and just mix and match it with a floral design cardigan. 

We didn't miss every single spot and corner to take pictures, but we were so tired I think we didn't finish touring the whole Palace because its so big. 

We have this saying that when a bird poop over you, it will be a blessing. 

I super love every trip that I'm with my twin, I love to see her enjoy life by travelling. 

After touring the Wat, we went to Platinum mall because my mom and my sister doesn't have any clothes to wear for the dinner. The jumpsuit that my sister and the coordinates that my mom wore that night was bought in there.  

We booked a Thai Cruise Dinner at our hotel lobby and arranged everything for us so I guess any other hotel have the same arrangement for you. 

But if not you can check on this link Thai Cruise Dinner

So there is a van that fetched us at our hotel and the other guest's hotel as well. We arrived there a bit early so we need to wait for our cruise number to decked. Our driver told us that he will be waiting for us at the same spot and that's good. 

Its raining a bit so the open deck of the ship doesn't allow guest to eat there. 

I don't have enough photos of the food but all of it taste so good and I even wanted to go back for more. My mom even went in front when she was called by the entertainer to dance with her. 

It was a really nice experience and a must to do in Thailand. 

I searched for the food to eat in Thailand even before coming here so I really wanted to try there Barbecue and Coconut Ice Cream. 

I was lit and so delicious! You can find them almost everywhere in the famous streets of Bangkok but especially at the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. 

The ice cream is so unique, it has a coconut meat, vanilla ice cream(can vary depending to the vendor) sticky rice, peanuts, and other toppings that is so good. while the barbecue is so meaty and juicy and with that sauce too? It everything I ever wanted!

Damonoen Saduak Floating Market is a bit far but we have our Day 2 for that we also book at our hotel lobby for this. Its a traditional market that lots of tourists wanted to try and experience.  So we just rode the boat but don't buy anything. Well its still a good feeling tho. 

Our tickets include a free ride with an elephant at Chang Puak Camp. 

We have free water when we arrived there that's why I want to rate them 5/5 because its a really hot day. HAHA!

Riding an elephant is a bucket list! And I checked mine off now. At first I was so scared because I'm riding alone and the elephant is so big and tall and I feel that I'm so high from the ground. But it is safe and they walk slowly. 

The elephants can have a rest too, they have lots of elephant there so I think they are not forced to work so hard. 

Down to our last agenda, the shopping. 

So our driver is so good to drive us at the biggest jewelry store in Asia which is actually in Bangkok. Its not actually in our itinerary but he's so good to wait for us. So my mom bought a birth stone necklace for me and earring for my sister . He(driver) even drop us to Platinum Mall after and so we went to shop clothes again and spent almost all our allowance. (So before our trip our mom gave me and my sister individual money to spend on our own things). 

BTW, I also ate a lot there, like the Pablo Cheesecake which is popular in the Philippines as well, the pomegranate juice drink, the SB coffee and the friend quail eggs. Don't miss them in Bangkok. 

You can watch my YT videos as well. 

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