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We took a bus from HCM to Siem Reap on the 3rd of June for our IndoChina tour, its a DYI tour so from 8am we were travelling already.  Its our first time for this so we're having mixed emotions and feelings. Day time travel doesn't offer sleeping bus which my mom wanted so we're seated for so many hours. 

Arrived at Hotel Somdevi Angkor Resort and Spa for our accomodation past midnight and woke up at around 3am to fixed ourselves for the Angkor Wat Tour with sunrise that I actually booked online. 

Got out tickets after a long queue of tourists.  

We crossed this man-made bridge because the old one was being renovated for the tourists to use. I'm super excited to see what Angkor Wat offers which I can only see at different travel vlog on youtube until that moment. Its a good thing that during June-July there isn't much tourists travelling in Cambodia so it isn't that crowded for picture takings. 

We shouldn't miss any instagrammable spot to take a picture on. 

This was taken right before the main entrance of the Angkor Wat. The sun was just starting to shine so we can also see the orange sky in the background. We should hurry to go inside the largest religious monument in the world (according to the net says). 

This was taken at the left side of the Angkor Wat and also of the lake in front. Lots of tourists even though not that crowded gather to capture the moment of the sunrise just above the temple. It was really a surreal feeling to be able to see such a beauty. 

Because it was national election in Cambodia, before we continue our tour we need to head back to the hotel to eat our complimentary breakfast.  And wait for our driver again to continue our tour. 

This was the south gate to the Angkor Thom, which was the last city of the Khmer empire, it houses different monuments like the Bayon, the temple with smiling faces among it's towers. As you can see the gate have faces pointing to different directions and if you'll see a closer look two elephant was on each side of the gate. They say that elephant was the means of transportation during the era. 

We shouldn't miss taking photo with them in the background cause riding one costs a lot! 

Just after a took a sip of the water I realize that the product name was so funny I can also post on my instagram. 

Our guide let as take lots of pictures while touring the place while lecturing us the history of the temples. Here is the link of the tour Happy Angkor Tour, you can request Mr. Khouch as your tour guide as well. 

Kissing the face was the idea of our guide. He told us that many tourists were trying this. 

We visited have many areas and monuments inside the Angkor Thom and one of these was the famous Tomb Raider named after the famous movie scenes were shot in here. 

We didn't finish the tour because of exhaustion from lack of sleep the night before but we was supposed to head back to Angkor for our afternoon tour. 

The driver and the guide drop us off our hotel and we gave them tips for a very nice tour. 

You can watch my YT video of our tour on the link below. 

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