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Before travelling to another country I make it to the point to have an advance research about everything I need to know in that country. I already book a Angkor Wat with sunrise tour before the trip, I knew that I need to dress with such respect, meaning? No sleeveless, no shorts. On our 2nd day in HCM which is the shopping day for us, the only thing on my mind is to buy even 1 set of clothes for the Angkor Wat because I can buy another one in Siem Reap for Thailand. 

For the #ENNsemble, I have a slim fit sleeveless all black dress and cover it up with a crop top and knot the side to style it. Its also perfect for the sweaty and humid weather here. For my shoes, I use my white topsider with brown strings. Sunnies shouldn't be left out cause its very sunny that day. And I'm all set! 


Dress and Cover Up : From Saigon Square
Shoes: Sperry
Sunnies: Top Shop


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