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We arrived at Ho Chi Minh City around 1 in the morning because the flight from MNL to HCM were always at 10pm. We booked at Sunland Saigon Riverside Hotel 2 nights but had our early check-in that day. 

We took a nap (actually I'm not feeling well the whole flight, luckily I feel much better afterwards) and fixed ourselves around 6am. The whole purpose of this vacation is to visit our Vietnamese grandmother, uncles and cousins whom we haven't seen for the past 12 years. 

The view at the hotel's restaurant for breakfast was so amazing! It could fill you up already. 

The famous pho! This one was my favorite. You should not miss this for the world! Plus, its an authentic local food. Must try? The one on the streets. 

Travelling was not hard especially if you had an advance research for your vacation. Plus the fact that they also have Grab like in the Philippines. It was a lot easier and safer. 

Less than an hour of travel and we were so nervous. We only have the old letter that was sent from us tons of years ago from our grandmother that contains their address. Hoping that they still live there was our only wish. 

Giving glory to God that our Uncle and his family still lives at that address! The moment they saw us both of us got teary eyes! I can't believe we finally meet again and be with them again! 

The next local food I tasted was this Vietnamese coffee! They sell this around their neighbor and I was literally blown away by the taste! You know I live for caffeine right? 

And of course, to commemorate this happening we have to take pictures. Sadly, our grandma lives with her sister a long drive from the city so we can't see her but we will schedule another trip just to be with her. 

We head to eat lunch at Seoul Garden that houses cheap Korean style buffet with extra Vietnamese cuisines. Most of the group of people who eat here were families because of the cozy and friendly atmosphere. 

My mom told me that way back in 2005 Uncle Phi really protects her so much. Look at the both of them? I wished our grandfather can see this. 

After eating our lunch we need to seperate ways because this was an unexpected meeting and they also have work so we planned to meet at 6pm that day. 

Back at the hotel with Ate Beben (our oldest cousin) we were so bored that we wanted to head out for some bonding thru shopping! 

Along this street that we went around to shop lays this cafe called Paris Baguette. It was so cozy and I'm actually regretting not to take photos of the shop. I really love how the coffee tasted plus their pudding too! 

Presenting to you guys my #ENNsemble that costs 270,000VND a bit pricey but it was okay! I wanted to shop more! 

Two of the menus I love when we ate our first dinner as a fam here. We ordered many but then I had it filmed and not shot so I'm a bummer guys.  

You can't deny the fact that we're cousins right? Except for the two boys seated they're our cousins' husband. Anyway, we have the same eyes that were actually proud of. 

Our family picture. It was really a fun night. Language barrier is not a hindrance for us to communicate when our hearts were bind as one. 

For the next day, its time to tour the city by feet (not actually we took a cab). But what I meant was the tourist spots were close to each other at District 1. 

First destination, the Notre Dame Cathedral Basilica Saigon, no wonder its called the Paris of Asia. They hold mass every Sunday and first Friday of the month. Don't forget to take shots like the one we did. 

Our #AApose feat. The Saigon Post Office. The inside was actually giving me a melancholic vibe. I mean you can send post cards to anyone all over the world. I wish post cards last forever. 

Just a few steps and then you can find the Independence Palace, use google maps friends, its really useful. 

We just roam the place on our own, took shots everywhere. Actually my mom enjoyed this place and took lots of pictures. 

We went inside the Palace and I was in awe of the place. You can imagine the happenings and the people that went here. 

Lunch time came and we're super hungry. But before that we went to Ben Thanh market to check some souvenirs to bring back home. And just a few walking you'll end at Saigon Center and buy more more more cheap stuffs to buy.

We went to Saigon Plaza to eat lunch and choose a Chinese cuisine. The same taste as the one I've tasted in the Philippines but thumbs up for the noodles, its new to me. 

Lastly is the dinner with the whole fam, the only two missing is my two older boy cousins whose in Military and an Artist here in Vietnam, but all in all it was indeed a night of fun with tears cause we will miss each other again. 

The good thing is that there is social media now so we can talk with each other from time to time. 

Well, we will see each other soon! 

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Ho Chi Minh In Just 3 Minutes

Indo-China Travel Diary

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