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Good food is good mood!

Indeed, its true, especially to the girls who loves to eat. 
Let's talk about the #ENNFOODHUNT at 3:16 Food and Chill Out Park that opened last December 9, 2017 located Diversion Road, Balagtas, Batangas City (behind Figaro Batangas). 

Food stalls are at the ground floor while KTV rooms at the second. You can choose a wide variety of food with the different cravings in your family and friends. 

*Shou out to the prints on their tshirts. It can be seen on the video I'll link below. 

GOBBLE UP is a family business. 
They want to let the customer have the original taste they invent. Actually they were inspired by the Taiwanese street food crispy chicken cutlet. By then they came to a really nice idea to have 4 kinds of meat (pork, beef, chicken, fish) and different sauce as well (chili cheese, garlic ranch, flaming red, hickory bbq). They have soft drinks, UPpetizers and beers too. 

While EGGCETERA are owned by a group of friends from Batangas and Manila. 
The Eggs Benedict was the bomb! It's filled with muffin bun, onions, canadian ham, egg, hollandaise sauce  just like the original benedict's only for 149 pesos. Loved the texture of the muffin, its perfect for my taste. 
While the other recipe is a scrambled egg, both cooked with Virgin Oil. 

BULDORI from the word BUL means FRIED and DORI means BLESSED. 

The reason for choosing the menu to offer is that they want to let the customers know that Korean Food doesn't have to be complicated. 

For the Bibimbap, I love how the original spiciness and the authentic Korean flavor is there. The only downside is the bones together with the meat into the ingredients. The wings is salty for me, I love the wing part but not the sauce. Ramyun? Thumbs up for the toppings for the very cheap price! Love its spiciness. 

KA MEO derived from the owner's father name offers PINOY foods. Its the best for all the balikbayan who missed these kind of foods abroad. And there Ensaladang Pipino? Its the best! 

Plus. More foods will be offered from them soon. 


Its their second branch here in Batangas, the main is at Lipa. Their best seller is the Beast Mode Burger which costs 290php good for 2-4 person. Consists of 1/4 kilo of patty and overall its a 17inches burger. They have a wide variety of Stigma burger you can pick. 
You can also choose their classic burger which is by one take one. 
The Extreme Milkshakes were inspired by a chemistry lab theme. And the milkshake is pure ice cream. 

COLD SNAP say hi to the ice cream lovers. 
I super love how creamy all of these are. The banana chocolate, strawberry and mango graham are all superb! I'm not a fun of strawberry but I fell in love with this one. Its super creamy! I can't explain how delicious these are but its a must try!

SKEWERS! For just 25php you can have 3 sticks of this streetfood that we, Filipino love! The reason why they choose to offer these kind of food because Pinoy love these as a "pulutan" and 3:16 stalls offers different kind of beers and drinks. So thumbs up for this idea! And their vinegar? Its sour, salty and sweet and spice in one! its 4S! 

Time for some sizzling from SIZ'L SIZ'L DU. Their Pork and Tofu combo is not salty and have a perfect taste for me. I also love their achara, it makes me eat more. While for the famous sisig, I'm not a fan but I tasted it. Can be a "pulutan also".


That's all for the Food Review of the 3:16 Food and Chill Out Park. 
It still depends on your tastebud if it is likely for your own taste. 
All of these were from my POV.


Open every Tuesday to Sunday
From 3pm to 12MN
Sunday up to 10pm

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