#EnnFoodHunt goes to Puerto Princesa, Palawan

By Wanderlust By Enn - 6:24:00 AM

The first meal I had in Puerto Princesa is this Tanigue cooked in butter with lemon, I usually don't like to eat seafoods due to its fishy taste but I approved this one. It comes with one serving of rice. 

Because we have no time and we were super tired that day we ate at the hotel's restaurant.
(Acacia Tree Garden Hotel)

I must sa that McCoy's Pizza House is a must place to eat in Puerto Princesa. Basically I'm not into pizza (yea right) but I can say that my friends enjoy this the most. Tasty and not that greasy. While I focused on the pasta, the red sauce was my favorite between the two. I'm not really fun of white sauce. The only downside was the bread, I hope they serve garlic ones to match the menu. 

I got sick the following days but sill have to attend the convention. I don't have a great appetite but my cousin ordered food for me. The tinola (chicken cooked with papaya and ginger soup) helps in making me feel better, it has a strong taste that kicks you right inside, the spiciness was just right for me. While I also have a taste of the grilled stuffed squid he ordered, its filled with onions and tomato and I love how spicy it is. 

We just had a room service for this one. 

Ps. I would like to thank the staff who bought bioflu for me. 

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