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From the City in the Forest we arrived at the place they call Heaven on Earth. 

Indeed it feels like paradise in here! 

For our 5th day in Palawan, we traveled for almost 6 hours including all the stops for eating from Puerto Princesa to El Nido. I booked a van a day before and they already fetch us at the hotel in the morning. Luckily we were seated in front, the best position when traveling by van full of tourist. 


1. You can search and book a tour to El Nido and vice versa thru online. 
2. Lots of Hotels in El Nido have an airport transfer
3. Lots of tricycle driver offer you a tour (TRUSTED)

I booked at El Nido Four Seasons hotel thru Agoda that time. It comes with a free breakfast of your choice, Filipino style or American style. I finished my meal just before we start our tour. 

For our 6th day on the island, our transfer to El Nido also booked us the El Nido Tour A which consists of Small and Big Lagoon, Secret Lagoon and the Commando Beach. We only have 1 full day in Palawan so we can't try other Tour like the B, C and D. 

I was in awe the whole time we set to explore the lagoons. And my breathe was really taken away when we arrived here at the small lagoon, my favorite from all we've stop. The upper photos was taken outside and inside the small lagoon. The clear water welcomes you and you'll feel like you can't get enough of this island already. 

The big lagoon just by the name is really huge! The water was darker and we were not allowed to swim. I won't take a dip in here tho cause I'm a bit scared I can't really see what is under the sea. . 

We set to find a place not too crowded to eat and luckily we found one. It's only the people in our boat in here! The water was really crystal blue! 

The crew set the tables and the dish they prepare while we enjoy the small and big lagoon, they cooked unto the boat. 
Thumbs up for the food! It didn't only filled me up but it was really delicious! 

I even got time to change swimwear! Yes guys, beyond the rock and the trees of that island. 

As we eat, we realize that we were almost all pharmacist who attended the convention in here, except for my cousin and the two couples with us. It was really a fun end enjoying trip and we got to be closer from one another. 

After lunch, we went inside the secret lagoon which I don't like the inside because it's already muddy!  But it was the funniest stop because of the way all the tourist help one another in entering and exiting the super small entrance. Good thing the outside was crystal clear, I even found a heart shape rock formation under the water as I snorkel the area. 

Then for the last stop the Commando Beach. 

Its our chance to have our picture taken with the Japanese couple with us that looks like the Korean Hallyu Star Gong Yoo of Goblin. Actually lots of tourists asked a picture with him that day. Lucky us, we belong in the same group. 

Thirst Quenchers. They have store on that island. 

They gave us time to swim at the beach and enjoy the sand Palawan offers!

This one was really for the books. Still amazed from the beauty of this place, and would definitely go back to explore more!

Time to delve into the downtown proper. So after we took a bath and fix ourselves at the hotel, we rode a tricycle and arrived in just 10 minutes. We bought ice cream and fruit shakes to keep us cool from the summer heat, we were exhausted! 

As we walked along different alleys, we found a perfect place to eat dinner. Everything was really picture perfect. 

And the day come for us to leave the island. I again chose a Filipino style for breakfast as we waited for our van transfer back to Puerto Princesa Airport. 

I really love this place as it was really relaxing, btw there is a pool at the backyard so you can just enjoy dipping and conversing with other tourists. 

Thank you so much for a heavenly experience El Nido! 




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  1. Oh wow. That was a nice experience. We are planning to have a visit to El Nido with my parents and in-laws next year, after our wedding. I have a friend who has a resort there. I'm really looking forward on our trip.

    Thank you for sharing! :D