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My trip to Puerto Princesa, Palawan is a much awaited one. I booked it on January this year for the reason that Pharmacy Natcon has a 5000 participants limit. It was also a chance for me to be with my friends after being busy with our life after board exam. Plus the mere fact that I'm always missing out our group dates. Days passed and eventually months passed, I even posted count off days until my D-day vacay. 

All of us booked early flights to sign attendance as early as possible. We want to have more time doing city tours for that day. We actually have 1 but made it 2 days free time before the days of the seminars. After having our lunch, of we go to visit the hidden gem of Palawan. 

We hired a tricycle driver for only 200php each of us. The locals were so kind and you can have a much cheaper rate depending how you talk with them. Our first destination was the Butterfly Eco-Garden and the Tribal Village. 

They houses not only butterflies as we expected but also different insects as well. Some of it was my only the first time seeing them. Especially this "Tuko" (last pic), who the keeper told us, doesn't make a single sound. We even cracked a joke that maybe because this one is an english gecko. 

The rain poured that afternoon so the keeper told us that the butterflies we're seeing were just a few among all they have. Luckily as all of us were busy capturing moments I saw this butterfly resting on this bowl of flowers. What a wonderful moment of freedom. Sadly they only have weeks of a life span. 

A chance to meet the native locals of Palawan, the Palaw'an. They still treasure and preserve their culture and having a chance to actually meet them is a one in a million moment. Philippines' tribe were getting fewer each year, as many of them adapts to the modernization. 

We then set off to visit the crocodiles of Palawan. (Didn't posts pictures of them tho). This is just me beating the heat off with my smile as we finished sight-seeing the crocodiles. 

The places houses week olds crocodile until they were ready to be released into the wild on the different part of the country. 

Picture of me and my girls as we were about to exit and go to our next tourists spot. Look at the queue of people at our back waiting for their turns to go inside. We even took this picture as for you to see the mountains at our back (sadly the picture doesn't justify its beauty).  

A bit scared but faced my fears on riding this horse without kuya the helper. Hahaha! Actually felt I'm at Tagaytay as I ride on it. While we the singles enjoy riding the lovers went to explore the ranch on feet. Sweet! 

Last destination for me was the Baker's Hill which actually looks like Korea's Everland! I really loved it here, many tourists took turns on taking their travel photos beautifully. Well, I got mine enough tho. Thanks to my friends. 

My friends head off to Palawan's baywalk as I set off to the airport to fetch my cousin who's going with me on this trip. 


Watch my Puerto, Princesa travel clips here. 

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