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It's my first time to attend a food tasting event in Batangas with the KaBatang bloggers. Actually there were a lot of burger houses in Batangas City that opened last 2015 and until now. I'm even thinking that it can be called the Burger Capital of the Philippines. But with all the burger houses I went to eat wth my family and friends, this one have a different taste on it. And even when typing my food review makes me crave to it even more!!!

Gillians Diner is a London inspired burger house due to the reason that the owner went to London for 5 years and have work in a burger restaurant. The best thing about their burger is that it is charcoal-grilled. And it has a very unfamiliar lavishing taste!

Let's get down to business. Beef patty plus egg plus bacon plus veggies plus pineapples plus fries finish in 5 minutes and its free. But I suggest that you don't try the challenge on your first time eating this to experience its real taste! Stonehenge will surely satisfy your tummy! It is so juicy and full of flavor that you love! Everything is in it.  

Not an ordinary fries! At first I thought that it was topped with bacon chips but no! It was pure onions!!! With a spicy but sort of sweet taste then the cheese added a little bit of saltiness, DAEBAK!! I can't get enough of this one. It's my favorite! 

The Oxford Street is my favorite among all the burgers they have. The Grilled patty with chili con carne and their very own home-made sauce perfected the taste! Every bites makes me wonder what's with this burger that it has a taste that you can't really explain. 

They have platter that you can ask for a serving of rice if burgers don't fill you. This is the Led Zeppelin, haha they even offer The Beatles and One Direction. Consists of a very big sausage, Chicken Nuggets, Onion Rings, Fries and Buffalo Wings with 3 different dips!!! 

This one is a combination of the Meaty Spaghetti and the London Bridge burger, its two full menu in one!!! You'll surely need a lot of cardio in here, but the taste is worth all the cals! 

They also serve us the Hyde Park which is a burger with hash-brown. The Tacos with a refreshing taste because of the cucumber and the cabbage. As you can see all the menus were named after the different places and icons in London. They are open every 3pm to 1pm located at Calicanto Batangas City beside Petron gas station. 

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