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If you have been busy on studying or perhaps getting toxicated from work you should make yourself stress free even just in a while. There are a lot of weekend places to go to relax especially around Manila. With that Bonifacio Global City can be on the top list, malls everywhere like SM Aura and Market Market, night clubs like The Palace Pool Club and Valkyrie, parks like Track 30th and Turf BGC, its like a mini country after all and well you can imagine living in Singapore while you're in BGC (own opinion). 

Back to business, High Street have it all if you want to unwind and you can even start it off in the afternoon. Lots of restaurants to choose from and different cuisines that can satisfy your tastebuds. Even roaming around the place can loosen you up a bit. Plus you can watch an event happening if you got the perfect timing. And meet a lot of familiar people a long the way. 

Its already 4pm when we arrived at BGC and I can already feel my stomach grumbling. Actually I really wanted to go to Sunnies Cafe cause you know I've been a fanatic of the It Girls and my barkada chooses one each to be our equal, mine is Bea Soriano. Anyway from Sunnies Studios which I really loved to buy an eye wear they opened up its cafe. They have a motto that says "Brunch to Dinner, Coffee to Cocktails" just by reading it you know the versatility of the place.  

As I make my coffee my water (cause I can't live without it) no wonder I ordered an Iced latte because you know that I always order latte on a cafe. And one cappuccino please for your partner. 

If you're dating a fit person who watch his/her diet they can order the Shrimp Quinoa Salad with a powerful citrus dressing! Yum! But for me? It can't satisfy my big stomach. No diet please. Hahaha! 

Not for breakfast but for an afternoon delight, the Chicken and Pancake is just for me! Now I can go back to roam around High Street with full energy! 

After all the twisting and turning throughout High Street (kidding) I felt so tired and need to fuel up again! Now I needed a full meal! And as we go back the perfect place beside Sunnies Cafe catches my tummy I meant my eyes, The Pound by Todd English. And correct me if I'm wrong but Eric Dee (husband of my love Bea Soriano) is one of the person that made Todd English Food Hall possible here in Manila. 

The Pound is for Burgers and Sliders; Poutine and Fries. 

For me you can order just the Crispy Chicken Sliders (2pcs). You won't imagine that these two mini buns can make you full already. Plus matching it up with a wine of your choice and its a 100% and a 5 star rating. 

And the Todd English Poutine won't be off the list. The fries and caramelized onion and ground beef plus the gravy and cheese are all superb! I never visualized it tho. I ordered a ladies wine fit for me. 

And you can end a night with a drink with your partner. You can also call few of your friends to join both of you. Lots of restaurants in BGC can be a dining and drinking place and one of them is the Kabisera. They have a place for an open window area with fresh air or the air conditioned one plus a second floor. 

I have my tequila sunrise and I ordered fish ball on their street food menu for my appetizer. Don't get shock on their prices people. 

But the fish ball was not enough so you can add the Street Food Basket. And you can end the weekend of unwinding with a blast. 

You can enjoy BGC with your own choice of activities and places to relax. 
Here is the website of BGC so you can check it out and plan for your weekend date. 

For Sunnies Cafe
Branches at BGC and SM Megamall


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