Uses of my Statement Pouches

By Wanderlust By Enn - 6:07:00 AM

I love having set of things organize by its uses. Like here is for my make up, another one for my scrapbooking or my art tools, chargers are also separated. I am for that blessed enough to collaborate with Robin Casey statement pouches. Did you know that she is only 16 years old now and started the business when she was 15 years old. According to her website she like the thought of having real life moods and words that inspire her to be expressed in a creative way. 

I like to share with you guys what I did with the pouches I got and maybe provide you tips on how you can use them as well. 

For the first pouch I used it for my everyday make-up. I care for my make-up a lot and I always bring them whenever I go. I did not want them to scatter all around my bag and have a hard time finding them and even damage them. Take care of your make-up they are precious. 

Toiletries are essential for traveling and I do make it to the point that all the things I need to use is complete and in one storage to easily get and use it when needed. You should try it too. 

Most important thing is our chargers! For me all my chargers were in one pouch and even my headset to easily search for them when I'm going to use my chargers. Plus I take good care of them so much because they are part of my daily life.  In addition you won't damage the cord too. 

For people who loves to do crafts like me, you can use this pouch too for stash your art tools. If you make journals, pens can easily fit in also. 

Do not forget that emergency medicines are essential for tripping. You should always be ready and prepared by bring them and putting them in one place like the pouches for example. To easily find them in different situations. 

Thank you for reading my blog on how I use my different statement pouches. You can check Robin Casey Instagram account at @robincaseyph for more. 


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