Staying Cool feat. RegattaXSperry

By Wanderlust By Enn - 6:38:00 AM

Sunny afternoon and I wanted to go out and be productive because I’ve been idle for the past days. The hotness made me lay in bed for the reason that I’m getting too lazy to function. Nevertheless I wanted to feel cool and comfortable once I go out of my shell. The temperature in Batangas City during that moment was 32° C around 3 o' clock in the afternoon, the extreme heat was not a joke. 

Right choice of ensemble is the answer to fight the drenching temperature. I make it to the point that I really wear something refreshing this summer. I bought sets of light clothing just to brush off the blazing heat. Dressing every summer can be a lot challenging but you only have to stay cool and cozy and play everything simple. Use thin layers and hopefully you avoid dark clothes and choose to wear white these days. You can still be stylish by playing with your sunglasses, loosen up your clothing, and focusing on good fabrics. 

Me and my sister fell in love with Regatta and every time we go to the mall we checked their boutique to find any new set of clothes to buy. This top really caught my eyes and as I continue to walked inside I found the perfect shorts to pair it. Having no second thoughts, I bought it and waited for this day so I can wear them. From all the shoes we got I knew for a reason that my white sperry was the ideal match on my #ENNsemble. 


Eye wear: Sunnies Studios
Top: Regatta
Shorts: Regatta
Shoes: Sperry
Bag: H&M

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