Pangasinan: Home of the Hundred Islands

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We went to Hundred Islands last June 2016. But its never too late to blog about it especially that summer 2017 is coming. So here is our story and few tips when you want to visit these VIEWtiful islands. 

First thing first we went there a bit late, its already afternoon, our travel time is from Baguio City. If you want to visit the islands from the main land of Alaminos you should be there as early as 6am as possible. So we planned to push through the island visitation the next day. 

We looked for a place to stay, many locals will offer apartments for rents but they also have resorts in the area. My family decided for a apartment for rent for 24 hours with a very good accommodation. 

Up early and we get ready for our whole day trip on the Hundred Islands. 

Some of the houses for rent offer a boat service also. So its like hitting two birds with one stone. 

We Filipinos studied it when we were in our elementary but seeing it for the first time gave me a surreal feeling. With every islands' uniqueness from its name to whatever it features. 

Governor's Island

For the first island, we chose the Governor's Island which the PBB house is located. It was featured during Kim and Gerald's season, back then I really wanted to go here. Btw you can rent the house overnight if you want. They also have a zip line in here. 

Can't let the chance to have a touch down shot and even forgot that I'm still wearing my life vest. 

It took my breathe away! Everything was perfectly located like a jigsaw puzzle made by God. The water and the clear blue sky, the green surrounding and the white sand. I can even live to a peaceful place like this. 

On Governor's Island you can check and have a good look on the other islands near you. You can climb like you're in a hike but no matter how tiring it is it will be worth it after seeing the end point of it. 

It was really a breathtaking sight. The one you keep on seeing on lecture books during elementary was right in front of your own eyes! And it was even memorable that I shared this experience with my family. 

Marcos Island

You can find the Imelda's Cave in Marcos Island. You'll climb up again but it was easier compared to the ascend you'll make to the Governor's Island.  The Cave was at the end of the the steps and right there and then you can experience cliff diving! And end up exiting at the sea. You'll be amaze on how it was made. 

I won't let another chance to slip away to try jumping so I decided to try it even though I'm a bit nervous plus the fact that I don't know what is under the cave (the water is clear tho). When almost all of us jump, my mom took forever to decide but ended up having no courage to jump in the water. 

Quezon Island

All of us were already starving from all the activities we made. So we decided to head to another island where almost everyone go to eat, the Quezon island. A three-storey building will welcome you that holds a venue for the tourist to eat. You can bring your own food (their food is slightly pricey). You can also try different sport activities there like the banana boat (php 250 per person), zip line, kayaking, jet ski and many other water sport activities. It was also a great spot for the picture takings. 

We even visited the Children's Island where the water is not deep and was great for all the kids to swim. That's why it's called the children's island. 

Cuenco Island

The last island was a very unique one. First we thought that it was also a cave, but then as the entrance from where our boat deck, it was connected to a place which you can also eat plus try cliff diving as well. We were the happiest when we're here because my mom tried jumping! Well after all our efforts to convince her. 

You can check our youtube video regarding our trip. 

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