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Dreamland Arts and Crafts Cafe-Lipa is a place where you can bond with your friends, family, your special someone without any social media getting on your way. Nowadays, its hard to truly bond because even you, admit it, you always check your social media accounts event on dates. This place have no wifi plus the signal is also weak for mobile data. 

I first visited this place last 2015 with my mom and sis. And then with my friends, different sets of friends, then a bonding with my sister again. My sister even held her 13th birthday here. Even the management have changed, the quality of food is still there or even gets better. 

Plus if you're into boho and gipsy style this place is for you. They even sell items that will suit your taste. Live band was being held also. 

For our first food, the Beef Veggie Nachos. Different from the nachos we've been seeing right? I was a bit shocked at first but then the taste of the dish made me fall in love with it. Actually, I'm craving for it right now. The chips maybe unusual but it matches the beef and the veggies. Cabbage, onions, carrots, bell peppers, cucumber and tomatoes, plus, ketchup and mayo on top! 

We love pasta! But it is my sister who's Chicken Alfredo is the favorite, of all the sauce. But nonetheless, I still have a taste and fill my tummy. It does not turn me down though. I love how milky it taste and how the noodles was cooked. They toast the bread really good. 

Indie Buffalo Wings 

Wings is the chicken part I love the most. Almost every resto that offers wings, I make it to the point its on the list of the food we're going to order. But sadly, I don't like the taste of their buffalo wings cause its a bit toasted and salty for me. But you should try it guys, maybe they'll cook it differently. But a big thumbs up to their detox juices.  

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