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The team woke up early and prepared just in time for the full pack second day in Baguio. 

The first stop was the one we heard at the news recently. The Valley of Colors along the highway of La Trinidad Benguet. It was just the houses of the locals painted with different colors and if you will look at it, the aerial shot will be a beautiful flower. 

Welcome to my farm! The Strawberry Field at La Trinidad. Sadly, there is no strawberry to harvest that moment but a red and green cabbage. Nonetheless strawberries were already picked and ready to sell. 

Still, I got a chance to taste what the locals here are proud of. This time its not a Strawberry taho or strawberry ice cream but a strawberry bread. A must try everyone. 

After La Trinidad farm you can stop by the Bell Chinese Church, Baguio City one of the tourist destination here. You can add it up in your itinerary once you plan to visit Baguio City. It has a very beautiful garden worth your Instagram feed. 

Check our OOTD. We really planned to have matching shirts which we bought at the store in front of our place to stay. It also matched our preferred titles. 

Marines, Army, Navy, Airforce was all the available titles you can pick. 

As we continue our trip, we passed by at Lourdes Grotto. A place you can meditate in Baguio. You can reach the top while climbing the 252 steps but you can also use your car and drive all the way up. We also left prayer intentions on the church right beside the grotto. 

You can even see a beautiful sight from the top on our background in this photo. It was a peaceful place to be. To stop by and relax. 

Just then on our way down, you can't just go to Baguio without trying the Ifugao Costume. So the team decided to try it and have our photo taken with the Locals. 

Another tourist spot well-known in Baguio was the Mines View Park. The view showcased the gold and copper mine of Benguet. The entrance to the park sells different flowers and plants, restaurants were also there, and the famous dog COCO. As you can see we bought our matchy matchy cardigan before we ascend the Lourdes Grotto. 

During Forevermore airing at ABSCBN we don't have time to visit Baguio, plus the idea that it will be so crowded and won't be a relaxing sight to see. But still we wanted to see what La Presa would look like and experience how cold it would be on the Highest Peak in Baguio City. You can see the fog behind us as we stopped by a store on the way to the top. It was indeed cold and freezing at the moment but the warm smile and laugh during our bonding moments lessen it. 

Last stop for the day was the Burnham Park. The place was a bit warm so we decided to remove our cardigan as we play the race riding our wheels. We won't leave the park if we don't try the rowing a boat here. The unripe mango or what I mean was the green one was also a must try. 

That sums up our second full day in Baguio City. 
I hope it helped you with the itinerary you can visit in the Summer Capital of the Philippines.



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