Travel Diary: Summer Capital of the Philippines BAGUIO

By Wanderlust By Enn - 12:45:00 AM

Baguio City was everyone's favorite destination especially every summer and Christmas holidays to experienced its cold breeze. But our summer was a bit late, I spent my entire summer reviewing for the board exam. June 14 when the result of the board exam came. As a gift my parents decided to have a vacation trip for me. But I wanted to have lots of people with me. So instead of Coron Trip I asked for a Baguio and Pangasinan trip. 

They set off to Manila around 2am to fetch me and my aunt. Then off to Pangasinan for a sunday mass at Manaoag church, which is just a few drive to Kennon Road. From Kennon Road we arrived here at the famous Lion's head. Good thing its already June, few people were travelling and its not a crowded place to relax. 

First destination to Baguio City Proper was the Camp John Hay. Guys its my first time in Baguio and I'm super excited about this trip. Actually it was not too cold in Baguio that time so I'm not wearing any jacket. It was just cool but it was just perfect. 

Second stop was the Philippine Military Academy. It was my dream to join the military. Good thing during our visit, there is a ceremony on-going to welcome the new sets of students, or what you call them, joining the military. 

After watching them, we found a tree house made of stone inside the PMA. It was a good spot for travel photos. So we grab a chance to have a few shots, even my mom and aunt climbed up. The view was even refreshing.

Then off we went to the place we will be staying for the next few days. At the Baguio TipTop Vacation Homes.

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