Time Capsule

By Wanderlust By Enn - 8:04:00 PM

Just like a Pandora bracelet you can have a time capsule filled with your own choice of CHARMS. It was a good thing that Personalized Accessories which started on 2011 came to this product. They started with personalized keychains but then they decided to add products to their store in order to maximize it. 

How did I came to this time capsule?

First, I chose my own capsule, the gold with rhinestones. They have 3 colors, silver, gold and the rosegold. Then you can choose your chain. btw it can be a bracelet also. I have the Gold Rosary for me. 

Next is the plates. I choose the Gold one also. Colors was just like the colors mentioned for the capsules.

For my lockets I can choose whatever charms I want. I chose a passport cause I love to travel, lipstick for being obsessed with make-ups especially red lippies, shoes for being a fashion blogger plus the fact that I'm really into shoes, a phone cause of being a social media babe (according to my friend cause of being so addicted to it) a heart cause I'm not gonna lie I'm such a loving person, and a doctor/medicine symbol cause it will always be my dream to be one. 

All I can feel right now is that I've been so blessed with everything that is what I chose to have a gold plate with a lettering of BLESSED onto it. 

Check their website for more details. 


This is my own time capsule but I will also be giving one for the giveaway in collaboration with Personalized Accessories. 

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