Chapter 5 of Book 2016

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Trip to Manaoag with the Squad



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Lunch date at Gumbo



6 weeks left before the board exam. Done with the in house review. Me and my friends planned to go to Manaoag Church in Pangasinan last May 7, 2016. The only downside of this was we forgot that people will go back to the province because they will vote for the election on the 9th of may. So when we arrived at the bus station to Pangasinan we were shocked on how crowded the place was of the passengers waiting for the bus. No guards or person we can ask on where is the line for Manaoag, Pangasinan route. So we changed station, good thing it have a better off lineup. The travel time was more or less 3 hours. When we arrived there we ate our late breakfast then went inside the church to pray. We even wait for the blessings of religious articles plus our pencils, eraser, sharpener, calculator and everything needed for the board exam. 
We ate our lunch at Hardin sa Paraiso, just a tricycle ride from the church. The food taste so good plus the ambiance is so calming. And cheap price for the menu. 

After a night of relaxation with Leo, my friend and his friends. My sister really loves to take different shots of something good in her eyes, luckily she loves photography and he captured picture of Leo and my shoes. #Adidas.We planned to have a lunch plus coffee date with my sister who happened to be fetching me in MNL to BTG. We ate at Pho Hoa (Clint and Leo treat) and had our coffee at UCC Cafe at Robinsons Magnolia (I super love their iced latte). Then off he went with his friend to meet the others at Greenhills for a Boys Night Out while me and my sister went to Batangas. (May 15) . 

Trio date again. During the review time for the board exam it was really hard for me to be in Batangas for the weekend. So my mom and my sister were the one visiting me. This time we went to UP Town Center to eat at Wingstop because WE LOVE WINGS! We ordered the Meals to share, Wings + Tender set that cost 899, because we were 5 that time together with our driver and body guard we ordered extra rice and drinks. 
We love to pose our signature one. We wear our Twinnie Jumpshort from the Bershka Collection, that time. 

Time for relaxation once again. May 21, 2016 we spent Saturday night again at Greenbelt 3. Shot taken at our elevator and loving our #bloggercouple pose. The good thing of having Leo is that he is so supportive on whatever I do in life. He is so calm while I stress out on everything. He became my stress absorb-er and reliever. We went out that night to wind down from the stress the coming board exam gave. We had our few drinks at Nu-Vo then went to Cafe Havana to dance the night along. 

It is his sister-in-law's birthday so we went to Robinsons Magnolia Gumbo to have our lunch. Fresh from Batangas I am with my favorite cousins Remart and Nicole and we just meet them there. Good food and good company leads to a very good day for all of us. 
A candid shot was taken by my cousin Remart at the very same day when we were about to leave the mall. I am wearing the jumpsuit me and her sister-in-law bought together. A style update for it soon. 

Done with the month of May 2016

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