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By Wanderlust By Enn - 6:08:00 PM

I was given a chance again to collaborate to another shop with a very unique product, the Anouk Natural Skincare. 

Milk Bath Luxurious Soap is one of the three series of the milk bath soaps. It was consists of Pink Himalayan salt, epsom salt, milk, oatmeal and essential oils. It can stimulate circulation and relax body, even soothe, and relieve sore muscle plus it whitens and moisturise skin.

It has a strong milky smell plus the rose aroma, I've been wondering on how does it feel to try and use it but I hold myself to the fact that I'll be giving these products again as a giveaway. Lucky you guys. 

This one is a beer soap, extraordinary right? So the "BEER has the ability to clean skin because of its alcoholic nature, it acts a natural SKIN ASTRINGENT and also contributes to refined looking skin, smaller pores. BEER can clear up your complexion." -(from their IG post). This one is all natural, made by the hand with no artificial additives. 

Having cracked lips? Help your lips heal with the Green Tea Lip Exfoliator. Your lips can be have more moisture and healthy looking. Trust this that it was chemical free. 

Its definitely oily and you'll have the first impression to hesitate and not to use it. But then it can have a very good benefit for you especially on your lips. 


It's going to be included on the Anniversary Giveaway so stay tuned! 

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