Chapter 4 of Book 2016

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Shopping for the Baccalaureate mass and Graduation Day

The Supportive sissy and the OOTD


The supermom

1/2 Accomplishment done

The supporting actress goes to.


The 90's and 20's baby up for the Rave party

MRN plus James



Who's not excited about graduating? The weekend before graduation my mom head to MNL to do shopping spree with me and my sister. We went to Rob Mag and check different boutiques for the whole day. I chose to buy one black dress in Mango and another black dress in H&M. Sorry for loving black so much, can't resist tho. My mom bought herself a Dorothy Perkins black dress for my graduation day. For my shoes I just bought a heels at Payless. And that's it. 
Ps. Its me a my sister doing our sister pose. 

April 5, 2016 our Baccalaureate mass and the CEU Sampaguita Interlude. Good thing my mom allowed my sister to stay at our condo this summer so she attended the ceremony. Sampaguita Interlude is an annual formation of sampaguita and the passing of responsibility of graduating students to the incoming seniors that started since 1938. 
My OOTD that day, dress from Mango and shoes from Payless. HMUA: Me.
And of course with the mains. Lerrice Tanyag and Alyssa Marie Ong

April 8, 2016 together with the supermom on my graduation day. #ACHIEVE After all the hardship in college at last I'm officially unemployed plus the board exam. Yes, 1/2 accomplishment done. Praise God for unending blessing He gave me. And this blessing of course is for my mom who has been there for me from the beginning. The person who never stop understanding me. And to the very supportive sister I have that will always be there to cheer me up whenever I'm down. 

Home for the weekend for my Thanksgiving dinner. Me and my sister wearing a matchy matchy dress from Burberry which my my bought in Subic last year. And our sister pose the AxA or ArianneXAeri.

After the dinner is of course the party. Good thing there is a Rave Event at Euphoria Bar and Resto in Batangas City, in front of SM Batangas. My cousins head there first because the dinner was not yet finished and then after that my dad drop me after. It was a blast party for us because it is the first rave event we attended. The 90's and now few of the 20's came with us. SOON, more rave event for us. 
It became more memorable when two of my favorite cousin came with me. Remart and Nicole with our photobomber Kuya James. A night to remember right??

The next day before heading back to MNL which is slightly a sad thing for me I attend the Basketball opening in our baranggay. With my little sister who wear another matching outfit with me. AxA slash ArianneXAeri


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See on the next update

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