Chapter 3 of Book 2016

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Passed all the subjects at PharmSem

Last Class in Dispensing with Sir Crisfel

Last class at Toxicology with Mrs. Echano

Last class at Mandarin with Ms. Lee

Last class at Philo with Sir Garcia

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

Last class with our dearest adviser Sir Bryan De Padua

Reviewing at Starbucks Harbor Square. #wheninMNL

With be, bi, and babe.



#SQUADGOALS, so happy that all of us four passed the Pharmsem seminar. It was a subject that most of the graduating students struggled. All the major subject since first year was given one day (3hrs) intended for a review and the next scheduled day was for the exam for that subject. It has a 85% passing rate. 

March and another school year was about to end. And yes, the last year for us, the hoping graduating students. The last class with Sir Crisfel Del Mundo our dispensing class professor. While the next class picture was with our Toxicology lecture professor Mrs. Ivy Echano. Few students for Mr. Josephine Lee our Mandarin subject professor. While only me and my babe Trizza Nebres with our Philosophy Prof Mr. Merylle Garcia. Downside of my section this year, the coding system malfunction and got us all irregular schedules. 

No matter what the obstacle is right now you should focus on your goal. Few days until the last shot before getting on the next road, from #roadtoManilaHotel to #RoadtoRPh. It will always be your choice. If you choose to stay focus no matter who or what makes you down you can reach to your destination in no time. Just have the courage and believe in yourself. 

The class adviser surprise birthday bash with the advisory class. BSP4I. With all your encouraging words, THANK YOU. It makes me drive myself and be more determined on this road I'm taking. All those inspirational comments that makes all of us "gapang kung gapang talaga". 

The relaxing view while reviewing for the finals. Balancing the sedating thick books and the calming sunset view. It feels good that you and your friends help each other towards the same goal. And every sacrifices will pay off. 

Representing my 4th year 2nd semester squad who's been a great help in me especially in my last sem in college. Never know we'll become this close. So blessed that I can have someone to share the tears of joy and pain towards the #RoadtoRPh

And at last summer has already started. Passed the 4th year and just waiting for the graduation day. But the review for the board exam started so I need to focus on getting that 3 letter word added to my name. To God be the Glory. 


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