Chapter 1 of Book 2016

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Wall post at SM Batangas

Roadtrip to Tagaytay

Conti's Breakfast C and D

Job Fair at CEU 2016
"If I listened earlier, I wouldn't be here. But that's just the trouble with me. -A"
The caption for the 1st photo? It goes by like these..
I've been fighting for a relationship to work for the past few months and it made me a broken woman. My heart is broken into pieces and it felt like it was in a powdered form already. I prayed to God that If he wasn't really for me let my heart rest ans save it for the right person. 
So when it finally gave up I felt like there is something in my chest that has been removed. I can now smile and laugh from within. And I can say that I'm not hurt but instead I feel so hearten. 
I have the supportive Family ever. My mom who's been my best friend ever since and my sister who the best supporting actress goes to. Actually we are triplets. hahaha!

If you keep updated on my blog post you can see that I always love to be with my cousins. We been very gutsy whenever we are together. This time after our Auntie's burial we were so overwhelm that we were almost complete, being this family oriented so much the first thing that came afterwards was "Saan tayo pupunta?" "Ano plano" "Bihis lang then kita-kita na" Without any specific itinerary our plan was pushed through. 4 cars was already set for this roadtrip to Tagaytay. We stop by the Fantasy World to take a few pictures then again we're all set but then some vendors told us that the way to Tagaytay from there was closed and we still have to go back to Lemery in able to go to Tagaytay which will take us more than an hour. The next thing we do was to find a place to eat before heading back home. We got home around 7pm and I'm still going back to Manila. 
(To tell you another story related to the road trip, our family got mad to us because "Takas lang talaga kami" plus the news came of the high school graduating students who died because of the car crashed in Tagaytay. "Lalo kami napagalitan lahat" Almost half of us were graduating that time" God is really Good to blessed the all of us) 

Weekend in MNL with the family again referring to my mom and my sister. We went to Robinson's Magnolia for our breakfast and ordered the Conti's breakfast C and D. Breakfast C consist of Chicken sausage with Caramelized onion, Pork Tocino, Bangus Belly Adobo, Scrambled Egg, Tomato Slices, Garlic Rice and Pickled Ubod for 600 php. While for Breakfast D have Hamonado Longganisa, Beef Flakes, Salmon Belly in Olive Oil, Egg Salad, Tomato Slices, Garlic Rice and Atchara for 650 php. 

CEU held an annual job fair every 2nd semester. And our college required us to wear a Green Top to have a distinction among different courses. I am wearing a necklace from @prettylittleblings that matches the corporate I am wearing. It was really an fun and exciting experience for all of the graduating student. We just passed resume and business cards (consist of our name, contact number and the url of our online resume). 


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