Morning Rush in Cebu

By Wanderlust By Enn - 4:52:00 AM

Super late blog post so now? Let's head back to Cebu. First thing we did after getting back to our hotel from Bohol was to eat our breakfast then fixed our self for the last agenda for the day. We planned to go to the Taoist Temple in Beverly Hills Cebu and our personal driver was already there. I'm in a bit rush on choosing what to wear for the whole day and end up wearing my white semi-turtle neck tank top and my so called boyfriend pants plus my Airmax 90. As I've said the weather in Cebu was breezy and what I wore that day was refreshing for me even tho we went to so many different places. 

Wearing basics is my comfort zone. You can raid my closet and find tons of white/black/gray trendy clothes that you'll think "It was all the same" but no. Right now I'm planning to try something new cause as we know "there's no harm in trying". 


I still have a lot of blog waiting to be publish. Stay tune peep

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