Travel Diary: Bohol

By Wanderlust By Enn - 6:18:00 PM

Around 6:10 am in the morning of the next day me and my sister were already done fixing our selves and getting ready for today's adventure. We have our full meal at the hotel's restaurant and then off to Pier 1 to buy ticket to Bohol. We chose the Ocean Jet and bought the tourist ticket for a price of 800 pesos only for the reason that they have a Balikbayan promo. The price of the tourist is 600 one-way and for the business class was 1000 for one-way. Off to go to Bohol for our 1 day adventure.

At 10:07 am we were already at the Tagbilaran City Pier. We rent a van with the driver that turns out to be our guide. If you forgot to book an advance tourist guide service don't worry they have so many drivers roaming around the Tagbilaran port. 2k each of us three. Our first destination is the Loboc River Cruise for our lunch.

 What I ate during the buffet meal. It was all delicious. Some of the foods were so different or I can say, unfamiliar to us but the taste was all worth my taste buds.  So I have here the pancit, rice, chicken, sweet and sour fish and BBQ. Lots and lots of BBQ! 

As the cruise goes along, you can take a picture with the tribes singing and dancing Filipino Local Songs when the cruise stop by. You can even dance with them. The cruise will take you about 1 whole hour. 

Souvenirs and Gift shop were around the area, you can buy "pasalubong" for your love ones.

After the lunch at Loboc, We went to Carmen for the famous Chocolate Hills. How legit it is that when I was young I only saw it inside the books that we study but now? Face to face! I want to eat it! Kidding! hahaha! It was surreal to be even be here! 

That is how my sister took photograph of the landscape. 

On our way back, we passed by this Ship Haus at the Butuan - Poblacion Norte. This was owned by a seaman. You know my Dad is a captain so my mom love it here. This can also be a hotel, you can check it at their Captain's Cabin, First Mate Cabin and many other room inside a ship. 

On our way back is this Man-made Forest. This was an unexpected tourist destination because our tour guide told us that this was only a tree planting project of a student, but then as time passed by it grows so legit. It was so extraordinary. Yes guys, we are still in PH. But at first you may think that we were not. 

We went to see the tarsiers first before heading to this Twin Hanging Bridge. I was so afraid walking into this, really. Unlike my mom who was so fast in walking. Me and my sister were holding the handle of the bridge and we walk I think 30 second each step. hahahah! I felt the butterfly in my stomach while crossing this back and forth. 

Bohol was surrounded with so many Church that you can see in every city. Every church has its own story. This was the Baclayon Church at Tagbilaran, the only church that we dropped by. It was ruined during the earthquake last 2013. The tourist was allowed to go inside the church and tour around the museum. 

Right after we went to Panglao Island to stay just for a night, but that is in another story. 

The next morning we went back to Cebu.
For that, Thank you Bohol. I have a lot of fun. 

BTW, check my youtube account (ennvlogs) for our CEBU/Bohol tracel vlog.


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