Stripe x Boyfriend pants

By Wanderlust By Enn - 6:36:00 PM

Manila's weather has been so moody this passed few months. Let me scratch that, It is the Philippines' weather that changes from time to time. It was so hard to choose an outfit for a day. When it is raining in the morning you will choose an outfit that will protect you from the cold temperature, but later on the sun will come out and gives undying HEAT! Or vice versa if you know what I mean.

Anyway, Saturday and good thing it has a good weather. Wearing a stripe top and partnered it with a boyfriend pants which I both bought in a Bazaar. I also have my shoes from So Fab! It matches my basic look anyway. I just let my hair down. It looks good on what I am wearing plus the messy and soft wavy hair added a value and the color looks stunning that makes me love it more I haven't done any pampering session for my hair for I think a couple of months. So stay tune for that.

Good thing I have a boyfietographer, yeah right guys! My boyfriend has been my photographer all the time, plus sometimes he is the one doing my make-up or helping me on it! And also I have him as my fashion critic. Great right? I know guys, I am blessed to have HIM!


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