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Yey! It is time for another favorites blog update. So I already filmed my favorites video for my youtube channel. It will be up SOON. And now we will talk about it here on my site. Let's us start. 

For the skincare products, we have this Evian Natural Mineral Water first on the list. So basically this is just a mineral water, but the good thing is this one is pressurized and put in a spraying can for easy using and handling. I used this one whenever I feel that my face looks haggard already and I need to retouch my make-up or even cleanse my face from the dirty surrounding and activities. I don't need to go into the comfort room to wash my face because I will just spray this Evian and then let it dry. It moisturizes, refreshes and tones my skin especially my face. 

I also knew that there is also an Evian Mineral Water for drinking that you can buy. That cost maybe around 150 php more or less for just 15 mL I think. Not sure of it though because I just saw it at 7/11. 

My lifestyle literally brings me eye bags! And nobody loves eye bags. I remembered using a brightening roll-on as anti-bags and anti-dark circles way back when I was in high school which was effective on me. So then I went to Watsons to buy this product for 250 php. It decongest my puffy eyes and in 14 days it makes my eyes brighter. I also love its cooling effect. And then in 28 days bags and dark circles will reduced. It was effective on me but on some people it doesn't.

I super love this facial wet wipes that I use as make-up remover. As in! This one is from Nivea and you know guys all of their products were amazing. I don't even have to wash my face further after I use this one because it really removes heavy make-ups even waterproof make-ups! And I'm planning to do a review on that for my youtube channel (ennvlogs). It is alcohol free that is why it does not stings my eyes! My face also feel so smooth like the baby skin. And it is also hydrating.

The truth is, I don't know how to keep in shape my brows. I am scared to use the normal size razor because I might shave my whole brows. Good thing this razor is just enough for me. So easy for the beginners and so cute!

This one is my all time favorite! Maybelline NewYork Hyper Curl Volume Express Waterproof Mascara! It is the bomb! Actually I have long lashes and this one makes my mascara looks like I use a curler. Yea it is! Thanks God Maybelline put it in all new product that only cost 199 php. I still remember buying my first hyper curl mascara that cost 300 php or more! It was also waterproof. The only downside of this product is that when I don't wash my face the night before and I take a bath the next day, I looked like I am having eye bags with dark circles! But to sum it all, the product was really awesome!

For my lips, I am really inloved with the Shawill Vivid Colors lipstick. As In SUPER! I have two shades of it. I first bought the coral, orange-gy color. I super love coral colors because it makes me more white. haha! And then I want to have a lipstick that I can use in school plus that fact that I love nude colors then I also bought the shade of nude. The coral color is in the shade of 002 and the nude is in 003.

This are the actual color of the lippies.

For the last product, it a concealer from Bobbie Cosmetics! First is that I super fell inlove with its packaging, next thing is that the product works good as well. That is why I use this one especially under my eyes. It works better than a liquid concealer I think. It is also handy and not messy to use. I suggest you guys buy this.

The End
So this are all the products that hit me during the past two months. Hope you enjoy reading!

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