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By Wanderlust By Enn - 5:48:00 AM

Another celebration from the family. It is my cousin's baby boy first ever birthday at Mc Donalds. Not a very formal 1st birthday party so I wore my V-neck shirt from Uniqlo that my my bought at Robinsons Manila together with my sister shirt the same as mine and their couple shirt same design but different color. 

The party started from 2pm and it was a kiddie party actually but we also had fun. Pat became the photographer at the party using my camera. The food was plenty, we ate Chicken and Spag, Fries, and Sundae. It was a good day after all I spent another time with my family.

Back to the shirt I am wearing, I love the texture of the cloth. It also feels good during hot and humid weather. One of the things that I love at the Uniqlo clothing line is how smooth their products are. Plus this one is one sale. They sell 2 shirts for 499. My mom bought 4 for us. 

I am also using my LIPS #WanderCharm check out my my online shop at @wanderlustfashiononline. My boyfriend also does my make up plus he is now my official photographer. Lucky me. 


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