May to June Favorites

By Wanderlust By Enn - 6:41:00 AM

Hi everyone, this is my first ever beauty blog post. My May to June favorites, but all of this are make up only. Anyway I also started to have a youtube account and I have there my beauty and everyday vlog post. 

First is this Petit BB Cream Shimmering effect with SPF45. That I super love because it touches my skin so well and matches my skin color so good. This is my first ever BB cream and I will definitely buy another one when this already empties. Anyway, in my case I seldom use BB cream only if I am in the mood to do some make up in school or simple events or everyday make up. 

From Holika Holika again, is my multi blending puff that I use for my BB cream. This is a multi purpose puff that you can use the different sides for blending. You can use for your foundation, your concealer and for your creams. Plus the fact that it is super cute! 

For my brows, is this IN2IT eyebrow colour. I use all of this 3 shades for my brows and the end product is the one that matches well with my brow, face and hair.When choosing a brow color you should consider the one that would blend on you. And for me this one is the PERFECT combo. 

  For my eyeliner, that I really had a hard time choosing, is this eyeliner cream from Pinkies collection that cause only 99php. I know, super cheap right. But it is super pigmented and it doesn't messed up while you put it, unlike the liquid one. For the first timer that is trying to make a wing style liner this one is for you. 

Another cheap make up product is my Make up Blushing powder from Shawill that cost 129php. I love this one because it is the one I am really looking for. I love natural blush on that my face won't look like someone slapped me or what. 

For my foundation is this Maybelline Newyork dream matte mouse. I love using this on different occasions like debuts and weddings. You can observe that even for a long hours of having make up your face looks fresh and not messy. Even if you are sweating the make up won't melt because of this. 

My make up powder is from Maybelline Newyork again. I love this one because when I doesn't feel like wearing make-up and I am running late for my 7 am class this one freshens up my face. Plus the fact that it looks so well with my skin color. 

Lastly, is this 8 hour wear lip and cheek tint from IN2IT. I seldom use lipstick in school because we are not allowed esp. in a labaratory class. But I need one too color my lips because I am anemic and I look really pale. So this is the one for me plus it is long lasting makes me love it more. 

Thank you guys and I will post beauty blog again SOON. 

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