Travel Blog: Holy Week at Subic

By Wanderlust By Enn - 11:02:00 PM

It was one great day staying at home during the Good Friday of 2015. While me and my mom were talking about how we could spend moments with my dad because he was assigned to change port from Batangas to Subic. So then we had an unplanned trip to Subic that day. 

So we arrived at Subic around 4 pm to 5pm. But then we had a hard time looking for a hotel because it was Holy Week and we don't have any bookings. So I really recommend you guys that you should really book ahead of time, well this is an exemption because as I've said it was unplanned. Lucky us we found the last one room at Buma Hotel and Restaurant. 

My sister and I spend time swimming and then have dinner at the restaurant of the hotel, they served seafood pasta, seafood soup, shrimp and many more seafoods. hahaha! Late that night we spend time by the beach and just have a small chitchat. 

I woke up early that day  to take shots of the lovely view around the hotel that morning. I watched the breathtaking sunrise. After that I took a quick dip on the pool with my sister of course. My mom is still resting at our hotel room. We wanted to swim into the beach but then me and my sister changed our minds about it. 

I have here few of my OOTD. FYI I am using my mom dress during her "payat days". I so love this one, I saw mom used this when I was I think 6 or 7 years old. And now I am 19 and this fits me. She even told me this one is from Bangkok. 

Everything from the hotel was good. The kind and warm staffs, the relaxing room, the peaceful location, it was all so perfect. 

This was my OOTD after my morning swim. My top was from @stylestunnermanila (IG account). 

The hotel has a good wifi reception too. The lobby was so big and super cute! It was also not that crowded even though the hotel was fully booked. See guys? I have this shot in solo? 

Then after few hours of waiting my father ship arrived and then we had a chance of bonding with him. We had a grocery and pasalubong shopping at Puregold. I bought or I mean my my bought two Burberry Dress for me and sis, each of my mom sibling also have pasalubong for the family. And then eat lunch at Gerry's Grill. But we felt like it we wanted to stay for another night before heading back to Batangas on the early morning of Sunday.

Anyway, we had a great stay at Buma Hotel. I wanted to go back! 

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