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Last Dec. 20, 2014 me and my cousins went to Enchanted Kingdom. A check on our #cousinsbucketlist. We really love going on different trip so when each and everyone of us had a money then the plan was always pushed through. That is one of the thing I love about our family. We always make it to the point that being together is the most important thing that we should always put in mind. 

Our first ride was on EK Ekstreme, haha! let me correct that their first ride was the EK EKstreme while me, Aeri, Vince and John Rave was the Roller Coaster. I rode the Ekstreme once but I know to myself that it won't happen again. It felt like my soul was left above the ride. Swear! After the rides, now off we go to Anchor's Away. Of course I know the feeling but then I rode it because it will always be the favorite! 

After that, picture taking will never be forgotten. Nowadays? it is a must! Plus the fact that we love to take pictures. Even most of my baby cousins are boys, they love taking picture more than us. 

We also tried this newest attraction which is KUBOT! I was super scared during the whole time. I just hug my cousins. Sometimes I peaked but I was just so scared so I end up hiding from their back. Lots of screaming and laughing happened. And then when we comes out of the attraction we burst out laughing. Even while walking we continued talking about what a memorable thing just happened. 

NYC with LOVE. 
After KUBOT is the RIALTO. Just you know, a little relaxing ride for us. But then can you imagine having some pictorials and there was a costumed-man trying to scare the hell out of you! Really it happened! We also end up laughing because of my reaction. You can check my youtube account (ennaira perez) for the video of our EK trip. 

After FLYING FIESTA we end up getting really really hungry. So its time to EAT! I bought the rice mixed with pork adobo, I really don't know what you called it. Then some of my cousin buy hotdog on stick and hotdog sandwiches plus softdrinks.  
 (The you can't sit with us photo). 

We spend time at EK until 12 midnight. We watched the fireworks during 10pm. The best thing right? They rode the JUNGLE LOG JAM before we rode the RIO GRANDE 3x. You read it right. 3x! And then Flying Fiesta again and then the boys rode the Space Shuttle. Last ride? The WHEEL of FATE. 

Few of my OOTD's A jumper with a lacey top and my flyknit max shoes. 

Credit to my cousin Tram for taking my OOTD. 


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