Busy as a Bee Life as of October 2014

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Report in P.Chem 1

Wine Presentation in Pharmacognosy

My sister Aeri Mae

Finals Review

My twinny. My Mom

#ittakesgutztobeaPEREZ at Lola Rose's 70th birthday

My mom's birthday 

license #ootd

Night Sky Cinema #ittakesgutztobeaPEREZ

Yey! It is october already and as the month started it means that sembreak is near. So reports and school works were over here and there. My report was all about Oxidation Involving Carbon Hetero-atom System. E! I really had a hard time explaining it tho because I'm a lil bit nervous and I got a mental blocked! But atleast I got a good grades on this subject. 

Our wine presentation, so as you read my blog post last June 2014 we prepared a wine for the last few days of the sem. And the time has came for us to present it. We named it Juarmidade, which came from our name. Julienne, Arianne, Mikka, Dayan, Deniel. Our wine was a Melon Apple flavor. And we got the best wine and best presentation. So all in all we got the number 1 grade. 

I went home for the weekend and we spent our Sunday afternoon on my grandparents' grave. It was my grandmother's 10th death anniversary. So I'm teaching my family how to become slim on a picture using your face. Don't smile wide! haha! 

Finals came and it is again our time not to sleep. YES! Every examination, we seldom get a sleep of 3hours. We got a max of 2 hours or less. And still, we don't think we have a lot of information learned, because of tons we have read. And it is harder for me who have a pictographic memory. 

 This was also taken last Sunday, she's my twinny mom. Hahaha! She asked "Sino mas mapayat samin" so they took us a photo. And of course I have a technique to look slim! hahaha! And when she saw the photo she exclaimed "MADAYA KA!" hahaha. See? 

My lolo's sister celebrated her 70th birthday and because we are really family-oriented and we treasure our family first I went home to have fun with them even when my exam is not yet over. We even spent the night together in our lola's house. We have tons of cousins groupie with her. She's super close to all of us and we love her so much! 

My most awaited happening every october is of course my mother's birthday. We celebrate 3 days in a row! And we call it Brgy. Days! This year was indeed very fun because I have my cousins with me plus my bestfriend in MNL spent her vacay here in Batangas. There is the blessing of the brgy chapel which is my mother's project, the celebration of her birthday, the october fest, the singing contest, and guest singer Nikki Gil and Kris Lawrence, the brgy dance contest with guest Joshua Garcia and the Ms. Teen SRA 2k14.

Learning how to drive legally plus getting a license is the highlight of my sembreak! My cousin was the one who taught me how to drive and our driver was the one who accompanied me to get a license. Hopefully my dad buy a matic car for me. It is really hard to drive a manual one. Plus the 2 cars he brought early this year was rented by a company so I can't use it! I want my own. 

And before November 1 we watched a Night Sky Cinema held at Nuvali Sta. Rosa Laguna. Bucketlist checked! We watched 3 horror movies. It was really a fun experience because we just lay down 2 mat, we have tons of food plus a lot of stories and trippings happened! Hopefully on our next Night Sky Cinema we are complete. 

So this sums up my october. Cheers and Gonna blog November happenings soon. 


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