Busy as a Bee Life as of August 2014

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Crafts from @theladiesclub 

#19thENN celebration at Frolic

Taal getaway

My birthday lunch celebration with my bebs.

Few of the gifts I received. 

A good book to read.

Our almost complete bebs photo.

The TGIS girls

My selfie 101

Another thing I saw on my IG explore feed is this cute little letter standy. I checked their account and found this cute washy tapes that I got obsessed with since I was in elementary. So I ordered the animal prints and the travel prints one plus the name standy of course. I put some on my ballpens so it will look cute, it also helps me to do well in school. hahahha. ! My purpose also is to design my study table and put a life on it. And I also put one on my pocket wifi but then I removed it after 1 month. I'm planning to buy another design of the tape. Soon!

Yey! I turned 19 last August 5 but before my birthday, I had a very epic celebration with my cousins. The 90's batch to be specific. We really had a lot of fun that night. Actually I didn't expect that many will join my celebration because I really don't plan it. So we ended to be 12 people inside 1 car. hahahaha! But we still enjoyed it. We had a lot of drinks that night plus two of my cousins added drinks because they will also celebrate their birthday a week after mine. Cocktails plus beers equals what? We really got tipsy. :)

Because few of my baby cousins plus my sister wasn't able to join the night celebration, we ended up going to Taal for a little player. We even tour the downtown Taal and took snapshots for my blog. (You can see my older blog update. hahaha). The 6 of us are really very close from each other. Maybe because we only have 1 year age gap, except for my little sister which is 2 years younger that Kristina. Then after our little getaway we went back home because my mom prepared dinner for us. 

And then my birthday came. It was tuesday (fortunately) and we have a break time during lunch. We decided not to celebrate it after class because many of us have a lot of errands to do. I am happy because it is really hard for us to be complete, even the girls can't be complete. But thanks God they really find time for me, though the boys was late and some didn't make it, but it is okay. Still we had a lot of fun and we eat a lot!!! 

And because I have the sweetest friends ever, I received the gift from the same boutique from them. hahahha! I wanted to post what they have given me but they are also naughty so I think no. But I would like to thank them. It is my first birthday to be with them and I really had fun. 

It is Sunday but I don't go home to spend weekend in Batangas because I am very busy. I also miss my bestfriend and thanks goodness she is free at that day. She's even the one who came to my area to have a coffee and chitchat that afternoon. And she recommend me to read this book The Secrets, I will recommend everyone to read this one also because it made me a very positive person which is I am right now. And we matched it with a good hazelnut coffee from Footzees Cafe and Spa. 

Our almost complete BEBS photo. Almost because Beb Andrea can't attend the debut party of Beb Prei. I really love this group because I can be who I am here. We have no dull moments. We treat each other like brothers and sisters. Hahaha! We never get complete like this before so it is really an unforgettable night for all of us though it has a little tensions among the boys. 

TGIS is my first ever group in MNL. They were also my first blockmate. We are 8 in the group consisting of 4 girls and 4 boys. But then, 2nd sem came and we got seperated but the thing is we were still friends with each other until now. Even if we seldom bond, we seldom talk when we have a chance of coping each others life we grab it. I think this picture happened when we were at the white chairs and Andrea came then Anj saw me and Mikka then boom, a picture together. hahaha

I think it took so long when I last posted a selfie picture on my IG account. Maybe because I am busy and I really look wasted all the time. hahaha! But then I feel so pretty that day and just that moment I took a lot of selfie pictures. hahahaha. 


I hope you catch my busy life as of August everyone. 



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