Travel Diary: Clark, Pampanga

By Wanderlust By Enn - 8:09:00 AM

This trip happened last year, during my sister educational trip. And because this year, her field trip is getting nearer I planned to blog and share our sister bonding moments at Pampanga. 

We arrived at Clark before 7am. Our first stop is the ZOOCOBIA. This one houses different animals, wild or farm animals (you can found in The Barn). They also have birds (Birds in the Paradise) and we are also allowed to feed them. They have different activities to try on also, like zip lining, gravity car racing (The Zooc) , horse back riding, giants slides and many other more. 

I also get the chance to feed this Ostrich, I'm a little bit scared because he might eat my whole hand but the experience was all worth it. It was really nice and exciting. 

Or course we all try this gravity car racing, my sister is scared to try it alone so yes, we are together in one car. Her teachers also tried it, and her classmates and their mothers. It was the only gravity car racing in the Philippines as of that time. 

My sister and I won the race. We finished it first, though it doesn't have a price it is fun to try. 

I also tried the longest zip line in the Philippines. This is my very first time ever to try zip lining and guys, it is really long, and very high! Plus, you will also have the chance to ride a kalabaw when you will go back to the starting point. So from that view I see the lahar that ones covered the whole north when the volcano erupted. 

Next destination, NAYONG PILIPINO. We watched the musical play presented by the locals before we tour the whole place. 

This museum showcase the different Tribes or different Filipino groups living then and now. They show us how they live and what kind of house they stay. Ifugao, Kalinga, Aeta and the Tagalog. 

Nayong Pilipino is really big, locals also sell souvenirs. You can also eat in their restaurant inside. And many youth choose this place to practice school activities. 

Last stop, is the Dinosaurs Island, World of Fun at Clark Land. This was the best part, I never imagined a world where dinosaurs are still  walking with us. But this place really amazed me cause the dino are in there life size and they move if the sense people watching! 

Can you see the dinos? Sad to say we have few videos of them moving. And its on my sister IG account. (@bebeelicious_220820). 

And we took a picture to the ones that don't move. Hahaha! We think they will eat us. Kidding! 

I hope you guys have fun while browsing this trip and I also hope you notice my different ways of using the scarf. 

Thank you guys.

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